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New Approach for Teachers

Updated on May 9, 2011

The new breed of children...

Are you ready to face them?
Are you ready to face them?

Changes are inevitable and things of the past must improve for the better.

Our students seemed to be caught in the transition process and most of our teachers are unaware of it and also caught in the labyrinth filled with potential debris that poses threats in dismantling the present teaching methods. --- Being a teacher requires a lot of things to be effective and productive. You must have the right attitude to fit well in this profession, character to survive all types of challenges and odds that will test your mettle, determination to get all job done with good results, resilience in handling and managing students and staying power, a well felt presence that commands you the respect of your students, colleagues and superiors, and brilliant mind to come up with solutions that works and think out of the box approach to yield exciting innovations and novelties that will get the interest of the students.

Teaching is a low paying yet rewarding job. You have this inner joy every time you become part of the students’ success in and out of the school. It is a difficult task too, since it requires a lot of paperwork and burning of midnight oil to study and review lessons to be imparted. To be effective teacher one must have the necessary skills and techniques on his teaching arsenal to prevent any problems from happening and control any effects/damage the problems have inflicted that already occurred. Poor performance however can be attributed to poor preparation and passive reactions to several problems that can be big or small usually encountered by a teacher like misbehaving class, communications failure, lack of mutual respect, goals and objectives not met, low scores and grades of students, complaints on the part of the student and/or parent, and failure of parents to follow-up learning.

Moreover, there is now a big change on the part of students especially here in the Philippines. Traditional teaching of the past has lost its teeth in dealing with today’s students. I am lucky to be part of the old ways of teaching for I learned a lot from it, our teacher then, would rely on thorough explanations, and more on the student factor side. Now the students are completely different. They are reluctant to learn and most of them have low scores and grades. Worse cases of spoon-feeding are now widespread.

What has gone wrong, the transformation of the well behaved and study-oriented students of the past to the passive students of today was so swift and unnoticed. This development was indeed very rapid and bane on the education mainstream. Now if you’ll look closely at the picture, you’ll discover that the causes are too many to mention. Here are my observations after years of teaching: most parents nowadays rely more on the teacher for disciplining and imparting necessary knowledge, wisdom and skills. Most parents now are busy with their work and follow-up of their kid's performance in school are no longer given importance. Parent-student-teacher collaboration is now disintegrated into just student-teacher relationship. A role played by parents in the learning triangle is missing and left a very big hole which is hard to fill with just mere teachings and disciplining tasks of the teachers and that big gap casts added obstacles to the teachers. The missing link is very essential; the parents could reinforce learning further in their children by giving them further explanations to some topics that were discussed and by giving those guides in answering assignments with accuracy and efficiency. Now a teacher must exhorts to solutions that will bridge this widening gap left out by parents. It requires perseverance, persistence and resilience to make this happen.

Another alarming threat in today's students is their poor study habits. The presence of many distractions like television, video games and radio, computers, movie theaters and discos are already present several years ago, now these distractions evolved into a more fearsome forms as far as our students are concern. There are more exciting channels to divert to and often taking their studies for granted, and these are: cable TV is now widespread, video games now morphed into arcade games and internet cafes, radio has turned into a much smaller and sophisticated mp3, mp4 and even mp5 that can download pictures, files, and video clips, computers are now slowly being replaced by notebooks and laptops that are equipped with awesome features like wi-fi connectivity making them easily connected with internet, movie theaters now housed in a big malls and discos now have gone more entertaining and far more attractive than their predecessors.

The traditional ways of teaching has now lost its firepower and now a thing of the past. Time has changed the same with our students, we must win back their attention, we must evolve with them so that we can understand their world to know what strategies and techniques we’re going to use on them, and utilize modern techniques that are badly needed to bridge this widening the gap. We are aware that the student’s parents are no longer doing the extra job of reinforcing learning on their children, but we as teachers are always a master in mapping out strategic plans to lick the problems we’re facing now and we’re called to teach and our part is not enough. Remove the barriers that slow down learning, were built to withstand any problems that will arise in our class, for we are innovative, creative and indestructible.

My fifteenth hub in the hubchallenge...

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