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Updated on September 19, 2011

Taking Care Of Business...

Just Another Day At The Office...
Just Another Day At The Office...
Note: The Weekend Standing for Parent Companies... so check often for current placement...
Note: The Weekend Standing for Parent Companies... so check often for current placement...


Top Parent Companies Doing Hugely Successful Business Online Are - Note: These are not in a perfect order as they fluctuate continually, and are reported on much like the stockmarket.



  • YAHOO!


  • News Corp Online

  • eBay

  • InterActiveCorp.

  • Apple Computer


  • RealNetWorks

  • Walt Disney Internet Group

Remember - these are Parent Companies, and combined - their posterity are truly outrageous when uncovered. These umbrella companies are doing a major majority of all online business worldwide via their children. Quite the family business going on all over the world...

You just might be surprised "who" or "what" companies are enjoying family relations with these 'Power Parents" which have become online mega Corporations - doing massive business worldwide!

What Is A Parent Company?

The Parent Company - Is the highest level company of a group of companies. It is the company that is reported on the stock exchange - The company owning the majority of the companies stock, owning more than 50% of the total then gives the parent company power above that corporation in the family. Thus, the "Parent Company" either owns or hold the control of all assets for a company under its umbrella.

Todays Business Is Unlike Anything We Have Seen In The Past - The Internet Has Caused Big Business To Explode!

The information gathered for this report comes from none other than the Nielsen Ratings Company, that has consistently brought the most credible reporting for media and consumer generated commerce statistics for years - prior to the online need for reporting of consumer generated media.

This reporting of consumer generated media, etc... has been an imperative information source for the business world and their marketing efforts regardless of the way media is delivered.

This newest division of the Nielsen Rating Systems Company is the online reporting company, which has already become the same credible source - now online, that consumer driven business is still relying on for gathered information.

Nielson-NetRating has become for business online a major source of information which then drives marketing strategies for these types of companies now doing business online worldwide.

Clickz was also another of the resources for gathering the information found in this brief report and are an excellent source for acquiring many types and kinds of accurate reporting.

  • Note: Again - the positioning of these "Parent Companies" will fluctuate continually - due to the constant changes in their "families".

Microsoft - "Your Potential. Our Passion"

CEO Bill Gates - Microsoft Corporation
CEO Bill Gates - Microsoft Corporation


Bill Gates is Microsoft Corporation. Say Microsoft and one cannot help but think words like - BIG - INFLUENTIAL - EVERYWHERE!

Who has not heard of Microsoft - or is not in some way connecting through the use of the "world" of Microsoft?

Microsoft as a company is dedicated to finding creative solutions through software development. They are a leader in communications, entertainment, mobile solutions and overall business development.

Some Popular Microsoft Brands that you are most likely very familiar with are -

  • Windows XP

  • MSN

  • Xbox 360

  • DirectX

  • Microsoft TV

  • Windows Media Player

  • Internet Explorer

  • Office Home and Student

  • Computer Security

YAHOO! How Big Can You Think?

Yahoo! Believes that the biggest dreams have yet to be dreamed!
Yahoo! Believes that the biggest dreams have yet to be dreamed!


Yahoo! claims a code of integrity and believes that hard work coupled with integrity are a winning combination. So far - so good.

Yahoo! as a company demands ingenuity as they go forward meeting the needs of their clients. They are straightforward recognizing that clients choose them and that means respect and commitment to a positive and humorous relationship for Yahoo! and their customers.

Yahoo! Life Quote:

  • Yahoo! Began as just another site for "Jerry and David's Guide to the World Wide Web," but received a new moniker with the help of a dictionary. The name Yahoo! is an acronym for "Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle,"...

They pride themselves in having fun and being at times, a little irreverent! Yahoo! believes that they are the most essential internet company online in building your business and bringing the right targeted customers to you. They scream Web 2.0 as they move forward into the future.

Yahoo! is the number one Internet brand and the most trafficked online destination, as of this report and thier homepage:-)

Google Everything And Everywhere...


Google began in a Stanford dorm room... Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin developed a new approach to online search - and the rest is a "mystery" that business after business continues to strive to unfold!

"Google" is one of the best know brands in the world!

  • Nielsen Online: Google Number One Site, Brand

  • Date: 02-21-2008

  • Google was named the top brand and the best parent company for a website in terms of its ability to reach an online audience, according to data compiled by Nielsen Online for the month of January.

As a business, Google generates revenue by providing advertisers with the opportunity to deliver measurable, cost-effective online advertising that is relevant to the information displayed on any given page.

Behold.... Google Adsense and Google Adwords, The list of Google related products is becoming mind-goggling! Here are a few that you probably are experiencing in your own online life!

  • Google Homepage

  • iGoogle

  • Google Reader

  • Google Toolbar

  • Google You-Tube

  • Google

What's a Google?

"Googol" is the mathematical term for a 1 followed by 100 zeros. The term was coined by Milton Sirotta, nephew of American mathematician Edward Kasner, and was popularized in the book, "Mathematics and the Imagination" by Kasner and James Newman. Google's play on the term reflects the company's mission to organize the immense amount of information available on the web.

TIME WARNER - The Center Of The World!


Time Warner is one of the most sucessful media and entertainment companies in the world. Their businesses include interactive services, cable systems, filmed entertainment, television networks and publishing.

Time Warner is -

  • AOL
  • HBO
  • New Line Cinema
  • Time Warner Cable

  • Turner Broadcasting System
  • Time Inc.
  • Warner Bros. Entertainment

Not a bad family tree...


There is a saying going around that once you experience "Mac" - you will never go back:-)
There is a saying going around that once you experience "Mac" - you will never go back:-)


Taken from Wikipedia...

American multinational corporation with a focus on designing and manufacturing consumer electronics and closely related software products. Established in Cupertino, California on April 1, 1976, Apple develops, sells, and supports a series of personal computers, portable media players, mobile phones, computer software, and computer hardware and hardware accessories.

I confess right here and right now - that I am a Mac lover and will do almost anything to convert others! And Perhaps this is precisely why, Apple Inc. has found its way into the upper online business of these major parent companies just recently! I am so proud:-) I guess I should watch the personal input here, huh? OK...

But, Apple Inc. just makes the cooolest products one after the other - and people buy them because of it. We also pay a bit more too, because of the less amounts of manufacturing for product, like software, etc... as compared to Microsoft, but hey... most Mac or Apple users are fine with the trade off for great products... that are just so cool!

eBay - For Old, New, Used... You Name IT!


Who is NOT familiar with eBay? Who has Not purchased through eBay in some way or another? I personally do not know that person.

eBay is the number one place online for auctioning that which "you" don't want, or need - but the public will buy. This to the great shock of founder Pierre Omidyar, -

Upon finding that the first item auctioned on the original website, then known as AuctionWeb, which was a "broken" laser pointer selling for $14.83 - Omidyar decided to contact the buyer and make sure he understood that the pointer was "broken".

To Omidyar's great surprise - we now "know" that the old cliche' that "one Man's junk is another Man's treasure" is not only true, but worth a whole lot money in the form of "fees" that eBay collects when either buyer or seller transact business through eBay.

And of course, today, eBay is an avenue for every kind of e-commerce, from broken laser pointers to expensive cars being auctioned everyday. Old is just a word for eBay... because the buying and selling of anything is just fine on eBay - as long as it is legal.

EBay today - has grown into a credible auction house with a system of ratings to ensure the safety, happiness and positive experience that users have every day. What at one time seemed a bit risky - is now just "everyday" business online...


  • Kijiji

  • MicroPlace

  • PayPal

  • ProStores



  • Skype

  • StubHub

  • StumbleUpon

Are you amazed? Well, you should be.

InterActiveCorp - Hot!

Architecture To Talk About...
Architecture To Talk About...


Barry Diller is the Chairman and CEO of this American media conglomerate of this power business, which deals primarily with everything in and about the "online" world.

Under the umbrella of InterActive are approximately 60 brands. Many of which you would be quite familiar with. Nielsen's online reporting states that the InterActiveCorp is the number ONE buyer of online advertising in the world.

InterActiveCorp was recently recognized being named -

The #1 Most Admired Company in the Internet Services & Retailing sector by Fortune magazine in 2007!

InterActiveCorp is an online Power Business to be reckoned with when considering that they are doing business with companies that many of which were in past brick and mortar houses...

A few family members that make up InterActiveCorp:

  • HSN

  • LendingTree


  • Ticketmaster

  • Citysearch




  • Home Loan Center

  • Cornerstone Brands

  • Evite

Did you know? And this, is why they are HOT!

AMAZON CORPORATION was one of the few iconic businesses of the 1990s to survive the "bubble-burst" which occurred - causing Jeff Bezos to question their innovative idea of online shopping - that today they are enjoy being a Number ONE!

  • An Amazing Amazon Adventure!

By 2003 showed its first profits... Now that is perseverance in online business and a model for all who desire to do business online! currently maintains its global location in Seattle, Washington's Beacon Hill. Although they are planning to move to another location in Washington by the end of 2010, as they continue to expand their business needs. has many acquisition and spin-off brands which enjoy the umbrella of

Amazon's most well know and truly their success story that is is AMAZON.COM. is every-ones dependable online shopping destination... with the feature of user ratings on every product sold through the Amazon house - this maintains the integrity and credibility of sellers and Amazon for future success.

If you have a question about "which" product you should buy - and want to know the positives and negatives - before your purchase... is now the authority in consumer driven reviews.

Consumers and not sellers... and that is again, Power Shopping Online, compliments of!

real - RealNetworks


RealNetworks is another Seattle based company - who are in business to provide Internet media delivery software and services to consumers worldwide.

RealAudio - RealPlayer - RealVideo are each brands of the RealNetwork family - that are most likely familiar to many online users of media today. Each of these brands are known for their ability to compress media into a format that is easy to then download, upload and transfer from one location to another point online.

RealNetwork specializes in online subscriptions that are media based and consumer driven - making it possible for consumers to even become sellers now.

Consumer driven content through the use of these types of media are on the rise in a big big way. It might interest you to know that over forty percent of the content that is online now - is driven by online users, in the form of written content in comment boxes, personal reviews, personal pages, such as blogs, video, digital and audio formats, etc...

This is the exact reporting the Nielsen/Netratings is following with precision - because what is important to you the online consumer better be important to big business - IF they want your business and intend to grown their businesses to meet consumer demand online.

A very good relationship for all of us... but we must understand how to use it while we as individuals are online!

Disney Internet Group


The Walt Disney Internet Group (WDIG), is the online extension and structure of The Walt Disney Company. Within the WDIG there are approximately 45 branded companies worldwide which focus on producing a magical Disney experience online for children and families. The goal of these companies is to give parents and kids an interactive learning experience with the Disney brand, that is fun and educational.

In 2007, WDIG launched a newly designed version of is already the number one online destination for parents and kids for positive entertainment. The website has become a portal to all other online Disney adventures which are part of the Disney Online division of the WDIG.

One of the many new and innovative features of is their usage of new technologies to create a truly unique experience to those who participate in the many features available. Having a personalized experience online for users, has become a powerful component of creating an ongoing and trusted relationship with online users...

2007 also saw the introduction of Disney This beta version, which was introduced has become a powerhouse portal for parents to come together and determine what the best of the best online is, and then recommend to other parents what and how they can best experience entertainment, education and fun exploration in a safe environment with their children.

Clearly, no one yet, does children and family like Walt Disney, who's legacy continues to infinity and beyond! If you say Disney - you mean family, kids, safety and fun!

NewsCorp New York Offices...

News Corp Online

NewsCorp Online is the world's largest media conglomerate company by market capitalization.

The company's Chairman and Chief Executive Officer is Rupert Murdoch and the President and Chief Operating Officer is Peter Chernin.

News Corporation is a public company listed on the New York Stock Exchange. The company was originally founded in Austrailia but was re-incorporated in the United States in 2004.

News Corporation's headquarters is at in New York City.

Pulling the Power of Business With The Online Community Works For Everyone!

When you as an online user - choose to add relevant comments into "my" comment section - I personally want to thank you for your time. Because - the online world of relevancy is triggered to the fact that what I have written now compels you - my reader to add to the relevant content here - increasing the worth of my Hub to big businesses who might want to advertise on this HUB!

Consumer driven media of any kind has become the most important part of our online world and the ability for you the consumer to communicate what is important to you!

So... don't just think that you are a casual browser around here.. to us that publish - you, your time to read and interact with what is placed on a web-page - or "my" Hubs - is critical to my ability to continue doing what I love to do..

So at the very "least" you as the online consumer engage in - "If " you like what you have found online - is to use the technology online to say so!

And of course - IF also you are disappointed by where you end up online - "say so"!

How - By using the thumbs up or thumbs down icons found on most all websites today - on every page. Use them to speak up and ensure that the best content is truly driven by you - the consumer.

You consume in some way everywhere you go online. Did you know that? Whether it is information or products, etc... So speak up and tell us how the meal was and IF you want more:-)

This is a great system for everyone online to engage in for future online success on both a personal and business level.

As consumers of the online world, in the various ways that we move around - we have a voice.

And what the RealNetworks Corporation is adding to your voice is astounding! So - take note - that you are using it right now as you read and interact with this Hub --

GLOOO is a prototype of globe-shaped world browser and communicator.

 This device has globe-shaped screen giving the view of current state of the planet, weather, customized news headlines and online contactsConcept and design: Igor Polyakov .
This device has globe-shaped screen giving the view of current state of the planet, weather, customized news headlines and online contactsConcept and design: Igor Polyakov .

How Can Business Hear Your Online Voice?

Now speak up and use technology to let us know how it is going for you online by either the simple form of a thumbs up or down click - or here on HubPages - our powers that be... (LOL) love it when we are able to inspire our readers to want to JOIN our Fan Club and they reward us because of it.

  • So - please join my Fan Club If you have enjoyed and found my writing to be of value to you online. I would be most honored:0)

I predict that we will see an increase of the power of online consumerism being user generated because of our ability to speak up and get exactly what we want from those who desire our business online.

  • So - here is to you and I - the consumers and generators in telling big business what we want and what is important to us!

Although you may think that you are just one - the worldwide Power of the Internet brings our voices together through powerful reporting systems that big business actually want and need to hear.

So you see - you are in business to - everyday that you use the Internet to enhance your lifestyle - and are part of the family under these parent companies doing massive amounts of business - because your voice is important and our combined voices can be bigger than any one of these Top Parent Companies! After all, we put them there, right?

So, get to business and make sure you get what you want and need from those who are in reality "working it" for YOU!


Please leave your comments here....

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      9 years ago

      Very informative lens. Thanks


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