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If money was no issue, would you still be doing what you do today?

  1. Rebecca Saunders profile image60
    Rebecca Saundersposted 7 years ago

    If money was no issue, would you still be doing what you do today?

  2. mrpdg profile image64
    mrpdgposted 7 years ago

    I don't do anything so, yes.

    Although I might do nothing somewhere hot. With you probably!

  3. Holly J. Russell profile image55
    Holly J. Russellposted 7 years ago

    Yes I will still keep going after my dreams!

  4. LADYGIRL profile image61
    LADYGIRLposted 7 years ago

    If my career is at the most high and I'm very happy with my life and happiness, money would not be the issue.  The point is do you love want you do, and the main thing is are you happy with yourself.  It's all base on self...So I'm doing the same thing for the last ten years and I love it...

  5. 13thGemini profile image58
    13thGeminiposted 7 years ago

    Passion has no price. If you enjoy doing something that make you happy, the reward is in it self. An even greater reward is sharing the wealth of your talent with others. Many have died not experiencing the true meaning of passion, because they allowed the "chase" of the buck to hinder their goals. Thus. becoming frustrated and missing out on a true calling. Although, money is a great incentive, which provides for our needs and wants, but it shouldn't be the main source of doing something you love. There are other important factors, such as; faith, tenacity, perseverance, drive and motivation. All other else will follow suit, including monetary gain.

  6. Right On Time profile image62
    Right On Timeposted 7 years ago

    Nope because I make lots of money and enjoy it.

  7. MohamedKhamis profile image40
    MohamedKhamisposted 7 years ago

    Many people would stop doing what they are currently doing if they had the choice. Of course, money is not everything, but no one will work for hours and day after day just to fulfill his passion.

    Yet, it's better that money is the issue because this keep our lives from falling apart.

  8. nightwork4 profile image61
    nightwork4posted 7 years ago

    if money was no issue i would still be doing what i'm doing but for people who can't afford my services. i hate when helping out someone isn't feasible because i can't afford to though i try whenever i can.

  9. thougtforce profile image88
    thougtforceposted 7 years ago

    Maybe, althoug I love my work! But I am also very curious and want to try new things. So if I had a lot of money, who knows! But if I continued to work I would have given myself more free time! I wouldn´t work fulltime as I do now. Life is to short!

  10. Wayne Orvisburg profile image75
    Wayne Orvisburgposted 7 years ago

    Absolutely Not!! I really wish I'd have pursued something I liked and not for the money. In the end, I still don't make as much as I hoped I would and hate getting up everyday to do it. Working on downsizing so I can do something I enjoy.

  11. Aeryn profile image59
    Aerynposted 7 years ago

    lol nope. I'd be jetsetting with my wife travelling and touring the world. I would help my family pay off any debt they may have and help make their lives a little easier. Oh and immediate retirement.

  12. tinaweha profile image67
    tinawehaposted 7 years ago

    Well, I'm basically retired, so writing is a hobby job...however, I would probably keep writing because it's fun.  However, if money were no object, I would have a house on Maui and a place in Switzerland or France, so I would be doing what I do in a different way / different place.

  13. lochsloyca profile image69
    lochsloycaposted 7 years ago

    Haha, most likely not! smile I'd be free to pursue other interests and hobbies big_smile

  14. rich_hayles profile image57
    rich_haylesposted 7 years ago

    Certainly would. I run a retail website and if money was no issue I would take more risks as opposed to the calculated ones I make now. I love working and will continue to do so for many years to come.

  15. Loves to Write profile image53
    Loves to Writeposted 7 years ago

    Nope. I'd quit working completely and just travel if I could afford it.

  16. faria_lupin profile image72
    faria_lupinposted 7 years ago

    money is very important for human life.....without money i cant b doing what i do today.....

  17. WannaB Writer profile image93
    WannaB Writerposted 7 years ago

    If I didn't have to pay back so much that I've invested in inventory that I have to keep selling, I'd devote my time to writing. I enjoy it much more than listing and shipping books and answering complicated questions for people who really have no intention of buying from me -- just to get information they can't get from the people they intend to buy from.

    I love Hubbing and Squidooing and Zazzling, and taking pictures to use in those activities. I love combining my walks with photo shoots. I would pursue them full time if I didn't have to work the business to pay the bills.  I used to enjoy it, but don't anymore. It's become work.

  18. Terje Sannarnes profile image60
    Terje Sannarnesposted 7 years ago

    If money was no issue, I would still be doing what I do today, but where I, want and when I wanted it to be done. I would have secured the future of my Children and started on my second goal in life to help the deprived and homeless to change the world one person at a time.

  19. smelloftruth profile image60
    smelloftruthposted 7 years ago

    No entirely. If I had some success making money online, I may cut my working hours. No plan of leaving it totally at my age.

  20. profile image57
    tina1234posted 7 years ago

    I don't know, sometimes i like my job, but sometimes I have confusion.

  21. joleenruffin profile image57
    joleenruffinposted 7 years ago

    Yes, I would definitely still do what I am doing. As a community manager for my social network, there is pressure to bring in some sort of income. If I didn't have to worry about bringing in money I could really just concentrate on the social part.

  22. Gayly profile image59
    Gaylyposted 7 years ago

    I will always will. Writing is one of those things making my world go round. When I write, I can feel, see and hear things which lives in my illusions.

  23. mcrawford76 profile image83
    mcrawford76posted 7 years ago

    I would still be writing and Hubbing, but I would definatly NOT be working.

  24. tenordj profile image77
    tenordjposted 7 years ago

    I definitely would...I might take some time off and work less but I could never see myself out right quitting what I do...I love my job and will continue to dispatch as an recreational thing

  25. workingmomwm profile image84
    workingmomwmposted 7 years ago

    No. If money was no object, I'd be staying home with my girls. I'd still try to make money online here and elsewhere by writing, though.

  26. garyyoungberg profile image61
    garyyoungbergposted 7 years ago

    If money were not an issue I would only be doing the fun and fulfilling aspects of my businesses.  HubPages and internet marketing are things I enjoy, by the way.

  27. jobister profile image60
    jobisterposted 7 years ago

    Definitely not, I like what I do and where I work, but I would rather work with animals and focus more on giving back. Right now I don't do enough and would love to really get involved especially if I don't have to worry about bills, debt etc.

  28. Suzanne Levac profile image60
    Suzanne Levacposted 7 years ago

    If money was no issue I would still be doing what I do today but I would hire an Assistant and I would only do the fun part of my internet marketing business such as writing, reading, connecting and sharing with people, and going to events!

  29. elielarrey profile image57
    elielarreyposted 7 years ago

    Oh yeah! somethings don't have to be money driven and others money can't buy.  I love my career and my family, I could do it all for free....

  30. Wayne Brown profile image82
    Wayne Brownposted 7 years ago

    Not after almost 35 years of it.  I really don't have anything else to prove in terms of work and career...I am happy with what I have achieved and the legacy that I will leave. I don't think I really ever just worked for the money...luckily I always had a job that i liked which was very challenging and quite interesting in scope. But, at this point, I would like to have more time to write and grow. Work gets in the way of that and it would be nice to focus on it fully for a change. WB

  31. Joesy Shmoesy profile image60
    Joesy Shmoesyposted 7 years ago

    Ahhhh, if money was no issue.  I certainly would not work anymore, at least not at my current job.  I would continue to write and I would spend a lot more time with my two children.  I would find the job of my dreams which would have something to do with facials and/or spa treatments. Lastly I would redo my house and have lots of fun while did!

  32. profile image0
    Baileybearposted 7 years ago

    I'd be happy to keep working part-time, but I'd take some time off and travel

  33. Ross Harrison profile image60
    Ross Harrisonposted 7 years ago

    This is a great question! 
    I think if money were no issue, I would never have come to Japan, never have met my wife, nor would I have the great friends I have today.

  34. chisom emmanuel profile image60
    chisom emmanuelposted 7 years ago

    probably, some how we will realise that we just have to continue living, how do you say "life goes on"