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I need backlinking help! Can anyone direct me to good spots to baclink and just

  1. shelly_ramasocky profile image37
    shelly_ramasockyposted 7 years ago

    I need backlinking help! Can anyone direct me to good spots to baclink and just general advice?

    I am currently using my social networks, ezine, and stumbleupon

  2. shaekelly profile image64
    shaekellyposted 7 years ago

    Yes you should try socialmonkee.com, shetoldme.com, bestreviewer.com, goarticles.com,xomba.com. I have wrtten several hubs, on the topic, also i have hubs on how to gain followers. also use your social networking sites like stumbleupon.com, facebook, twitter,digg,myspace,facebook, reddit delicious.com. I also have a few lenses on Squidoo.com on backlinking. I hope this info is helpful follow me please. Let me know if i can be of anymore assistance to you.

  3. DellaBiz profile image60
    DellaBizposted 7 years ago

    Hello Shelly - You ask the classic question for those interested in internet traffic.  In some ways it is really easy.  The most difficult aspect is time and discipline.  I notice that, like me, you have eclectic interests.  Good for you!  However, when it comes to backlinking, try to pick one track as a theme and stay with it for several articles and postings.  Then, when you write a hub that relates to your blog post, link to the blog post in your hub and link to your hub in your blog post.  Use your social network postings to link to one or both of those posts including an extra tidbit that expounds on your idea.  Keep interlinking within your own "network."  Then, when reading related blogs, post meaningful comments that point to your blog or hub.  Build your circle of interwoven interlinks steadily.  Then, if you want, change to a different subject and stay for a while, doing the same kind of interlinking between places you've written and contributing to places where other people have shared on a similar topic.  See my own hubs, which link to my new blog and back again, about anchor text and the tools of internet marketing.  Good luck!

  4. CJ Andrews profile image90
    CJ Andrewsposted 7 years ago

    Shaekelly gives you some good sites and DellaBiz tells you the reason why and explanation.  I don't think we need to say more.  Good luck, hope to hear more questions.

  5. delonix profile image57
    delonixposted 7 years ago

    There are a lot of things for getting backlinking, like, blogs, forums, but, the most important thing is to get the back link from .edu and .gov sites, i am providing some links, which are really really important if you use it carefully.

    Here, goes the list of websites with instructions :

    Commenting in dofollow blog pages can get you some really fast backlinks but you should post useful and relevant comments if you really want to keep that links.
    1.JiscDigitalMedia PR6
    2.Scri PR6 – Create an account.In your account you can add a link in your signature with an anchor text after that just go and reply to published posts.
    3.BuToday PR6 – DoFollow links only in comments so if you have related posts on your blog you can get a link by showing it and give your opinion if not, write an article related to that topic and get a quality permanent link. Don’t Spam, you’re wasting your own time!
    4.eLearning PR5 – You must create an account to be able to comment, add your link to profile.
    5.SheilaMacneill PR5
    6.KnightCenter PR5 – Really nice blog, keep it clean!
    7.UCSB PR5
    8.GamingPSU PR5 – Same steps as number #2.
    9.InvestPromo PR5 – Same steps as number #2.
    10.Boykin PR4
    11.Asimong PR4
    12.Pah1 PR4
    13.Humboldt PR4 – Same steps as number #2.
    14.WomenSpeak PR3
    15.DavisNY PR3
    16.MySole PR2
    17.Title3 PR2

    Forums :
    Placing your link with desired anchor in forums signatures can get you some quality backlinks.Most people say that forum signatures are not holding much value when comes about SEO and search engine rankings but i strongly disagree and my fellow blogger Andy Black proves them wrong with his article “Are Forum Signature Links Good For SEO? ”
    Join these forums, place your link with your anchor text in signature and be active:
    1.Scratch PR5  Alexa: 1,304
    2.GuildHall PR5  Alexa: 34,861
    3.Falmouth PR5  Alexa: 230,493
    4.BuffaloState PR4  Alexa: 82,603

    Profile Links – Angela’s Method :
    This method is quite simple and only require time to search high authority sites that let you make an account and let you place a link on your profile page.I know,  you will say that your link will sit on a page with PR 0 but over time maybe your profile page will gain some pagerank and even PR won’t increase some credit will be given to you for having your link there.
    1.ALTC Ex

    Use this, this will definitely help you.

  6. LuisEGonzalez profile image86
    LuisEGonzalezposted 7 years ago

    For the quickest ways (although noting is better than writing quality hubs)

    To post your links use Traffup, Redgage, IMAutomator: these are free and they post your links to social media sites