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Does one has to harm himself first for people to hear what he was saying was tru

  1. Luzi Carbon-dean profile image60
    Luzi Carbon-deanposted 6 years ago

    Does one has to harm himself first for people to hear what he was saying was true?

    a person was called " very emotional' and no one seemed to pay attention to what he was saying. His thoughts and feelings are ignored until one day he took his own life. Then everyone around him blamed themselves. Now, they noticed  and valued him but too late.

  2. elgharib2008 profile image58
    elgharib2008posted 6 years ago

    I agree with you completely on what you are saying, I want to know the opinion of everyone here on this question
    Thanks to Ali asking such questions

  3. onegoodwoman profile image77
    onegoodwomanposted 6 years ago

    I disagree with this train of thought.

    Harm yourself to impress me...........I think not.   It is cowardly.

    Hunger strike?  You will not keep me from my supper.

    Sail off of a building?...........I am firmly on the ground.

    No, harming yourself, does not impress me..........it reads as, well, quite frankly, blackmail.   There are laws against such acts.

    The truth is...........I would have done more, had you made me more aware.

    No...........I will not add guilt to my ongoing responsibilites.   Do not attempt to bully me.   Just do not.  I am too factual;, and too action oriented.  Honestly, I am TOO busy " doing" something, than to figure out your "inner message".   Lay it on the line.  THAT gets my notice.

    We ALL have depth of feeling...........I handle mine, and I expect you to handle yours..............NO GUILT TRIPS TAKEN.

    NO ONE will know of things untold.............

    it is unfair and inhumane to hold us hostage to voices unspoken..........sad, a tragedy, heartbreaking..............but I will not be held hostage to your emotions..........I WILL NOT.

  4. nikki_m profile image83
    nikki_mposted 6 years ago

    I think the answer is no, however from experience this is something that is hard to answer yes or no.

    For people that have never had to deal with depression, anxiety, or very heavy feelings over a long time, it can be hard to understand someone who is in a depressed or suicidal state of mind. We live in a society where physical injuries are the only real ones. Many people do not realize that emotional pain can be just as hurtful.

    People who have gone through those situations, or people that are very empathetic, can see the hurt, and feel how painful it really is.

    On the whole, it depends on who you're asking to address the issue. Even some doctors will not take emotional pain seriously until it is, unfortunately, too late. The only thing someone can do is to keep trying for help, which can be so frustrating when no one will listen, and when someone is already feeling pretty low, being told that their problems are just "drama queen" or "emo" or "attention seeking" can be very hurtful.

    TL:DR Version: It depends on who that person asks for help.

  5. Taleb80 profile image80
    Taleb80posted 6 years ago

    If we just interested in the others, 90% of us will not be here now.
    We should not put in our mind that convincing others is our main priority, same time we should know that maybe we are wrong.
    By time, even we will discover our mistake or others will.

  6. Luzi Carbon-dean profile image60
    Luzi Carbon-deanposted 6 years ago

    It is sure nice to learn how people react to this  question especially the ones that i do not know of in person.. I have been married to a minister for 30 years and the funeral services I had attended lately appeared to have these as  one of the scenarios behind their deaths? ...The eulogies I heard made me wonder  when it sounded like they are well loved and was a hero among the living? ..Why?..As a family, a friend,  a community of  caring people, we seemed to fail to notice  these from the very  beginning or  maybe choose not  to ?,  are we  afraid  to talk that no one  will ever care?,  no one will listen or maybe we all have the same problem ourselves or just plain " mind your own business thing while I mind my own',  sort of mentality.....I choose life and that does not only includes my own but the people around me as well. The profession I love so much...