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What's the worst excuse you have used to be absent from work?

  1. instantlyfamily profile image80
    instantlyfamilyposted 6 years ago

    What's the worst excuse you have used to be absent from work?

  2. tosha11 profile image75
    tosha11posted 6 years ago

    Well I have only done it once and I called in and said I was sick with the flu. In reality I just had a bad hangover. Never going there agin. Haha

  3. Dan90017 profile image57
    Dan90017posted 6 years ago

    I feel really, really bad to say this but I once said my sister was in the hospital. I immediately regretted it after, knocked on wood, and prayed (even though I'm sort of an atheist) for her safety. I would probably hate myself for life if something actually happened to her that day. Luckily nothing happened.

  4. homesteadpatch profile image80
    homesteadpatchposted 6 years ago

    I've never provided a reason, most employers want one, but quite frankly it's none of their business.  I've always just told them I wasn't going to be there.

  5. kripkrip420 profile image61
    kripkrip420posted 6 years ago

    None. At one point, I didn't even show up. I recommend you don't do this. It is very unprofessional and likely to get you fired. If you need time off work due to stress or other reasons not requiring immediate attention, it is best to speak with your manager directly. They will be happy that you are honest and upfront and will likely give you time to get yourself together.

  6. jainismus profile image72
    jainismusposted 6 years ago

    Once I told that I am not alive....So can not come today

  7. profile image0
    MP50posted 6 years ago

    I was employed by my Younger Brother at this point in my life, He called me up and asked where I was today, I explained that I was running late, because as I drove over the small stone bridge crossing the river through our local town. The river was in flood and the water level was high on the bridge. A salmon had jumped out of the river flew through the open window of my truck and landed on my "lap"!  I further explained that I was late due to the fact of taking the salmon home cleaning it up and depositing it in my freezer. My brother replied you are so full of S..T!!. When I finally got to work, my brother demanded that he call around to my house that night and take a look at this Flying Salmon, I replied no problem, I left work early, called into a local Supermarket and bought a whole fresh Salmon, raced home and put the Salmon in the freezer. When my Brother called around to see me the evidence was right in front of him LOL.....My Brother does not know to this day!!!!. He keeps telling everyone all about my "Flying Salmon" incident LOL. Sorry Bro..........