How do you stay motivated in your work when the other executives are not (i.e.,

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  1. ReneeDC1979 profile image60
    ReneeDC1979posted 5 years ago

    How do you stay motivated in your work when the other executives are not (i.e., CEO and CFO)?

  2. DreamerMeg profile image86
    DreamerMegposted 5 years ago

    Your motivation does not depend on them. Motivation has 3 components, passion, energy and ability. Passion is where you LOVE your job. Develop your passion and you will have no problem with motivation. Work on reasons to love your job - not just the money you take home, but the people you work with, the customers you meet, the type of work you do, the contributions you can make, the personal pride you take in the job you do. Any and all of these can be developed to improve your passion and increase your motivation. And how about aiming to TAKE that CEO or CFO job? Work hard enough and you could be the person motivating others.

  3. SoundNFury profile image83
    SoundNFuryposted 5 years ago

    Let's be real...I am paid hourly so a large motivator is overtime pay!  It makes the long days and nights more worth it for sure.  I believe one should work hard anyway though, basically because I believe in doing the best at whatever one is doing as a way of life.

  4. samazi profile image71
    samaziposted 5 years ago

    I stay motivated in my work when CEOs and CFOs are demotivated because I am a self starter. The idea that I will be doing the job that I love is enough to motivate me and to keep me going. CEOs and CFOs are unable to stay motivated because they work  according to deadlines and targets whereas myself I  won't be in a hurry to meet any deadlines and targets. I work at my own pace in the comfort of my home. Whereas these other guys spend the whole day seated on swivel chairs answering phone calls and attending to company problems - Indeed it is a bit stressful to spend the whole day in an office that is why these guys are demotivated. There is need to enjoy some fresh air whilst one is working. As with my job I can just take my laptop and go into the woods and start writing a story whilst listening to the sounds of  wildlife. It is very difficult for me to be demotivated when working in such a conducive environment, thanks.

  5. Bishop55 profile image92
    Bishop55posted 5 years ago

    I'd sure like to know this answer myself.  Where I work, it's an epidemic.  It's disgusting, and morale is crap.  I can't wait to see what solutions are to this problem!

  6. CZCZCZ profile image83
    CZCZCZposted 5 years ago

    If the CEO or other key executives are all demotivated and create a work environment that is not pleasant to be in then I would be looking for every opportunity to hit the door and find another company.  Those individuals have the most to gain or lose depending on the success of the company and if they are not motivated to grow the business then you should find a team to work for that is driving hard to succeed every day.

    Stay focused on your existing projects, do the very best you can in every activity you have with the company with your driving motivation to use the experiences and work product on your resume to find your next job move.  If you are working with people in other companies let them know you are looking for a new position and use your current position to help find a job with a team that has their stuff together. 

    When just dealing with a middle manager that is hard to be motivated to work for, but overall you enjoy the company than focus on networking with other departments and make friends with people in other parts of the company, that is your best bet for being able to learn about possible openings for a lateral move.  Again the same driving motivation for me in these situations is to excel and get noticed by others as someone that is reliable, does good work, and is in general nice to work with and new opportunities will likely present themselves and you can get out of the current demotivating situation.

  7. chenrong profile image72
    chenrongposted 5 years ago

    Here is my life’s philosophy.

    The moment we take our first step into this world, we begin life’s journey with learning how to manage the many daily challenges of life on earth. If we treat them as tiresome chores, our lives will go down the dumps. If we go about exploring life choices and directions and engaging them with passionate enthusiasm, every mundane task may turn out as a masterpiece that may inspire others to action. Encouragement from people around us may be an important motivation force, but the most powerful locomotive that provides the motive force comes from within ourselves. The presence of this motive force may even drive the inertia out of those able bodied and able privilege workers around us.


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