Is it worth it to put up with a verbally abusive mentor just to earn your advanc

  1. Zocordaro profile image60
    Zocordaroposted 3 years ago

    Is it worth it to put up with a verbally abusive mentor just to earn your advanced degree?

    I am working to pursue my advanced degree and have come across set-backs when dealing with a verbally abusive mentor.  Is it worth it to continue to pursue other options?

  2. lisavollrath profile image97
    lisavollrathposted 3 years ago

    Having been in a similar situation, yes, it's worth it. Take the abuse, mutter under your breath, grab that degree, and run!

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    Daveadams36posted 3 years ago

    Yes mate & the best way to go about it, is to use them for your vital practice..The practice is simple, but will completely change revolutionise your life if you keep practising/training..The training you'll be doing is your own emotions & feelings control practice/training, the very same practice/training that Bruce Lee mastered (no kick boxing required!lol)..No, your training is to see if you can find a way to stop yourself being affected by his words, because it's not actually him that's causing your negative emotions when he's abusive it's you by how your reacting to his words..Now i know it's a stretch of the imagination, but you can have 100% control over all of your emotions/feelings & thoughts..& so if you want to learn how to deal with a dick head like him, & hit him where it really hurts (in his ego)..You "have" to look at him & everyone else who annoys you or tries to upsets you etc, as vital practice for you to learn a way of how to not let their words affect you ever again..& so they lose "all" power over you & you gain full power over them, because they won't have full control like you because they haven't trained..I mean if you can get the gist of what I'm saying & try it for yourself, you go from dreading those kinds of people to actually relishing the challenge..The challenge of seeing if you let their words or actions have any power over your own emotions & feelings, & to see how well you did on that occasion because it takes time to get the knack..I know it sounds very hard, but it's just practice & understanding how your mind works....Also very important to think about this, until you fully understand/realise this 100% fact..Anyone who has a go at you or is abusive to you for no reason that you can think of, & there are no exceptions is someone who is having a bad day or bad life..So feel empathy for your mentor because he hasn't learned yet, & use him for your own emotions & feelings control practice (grass hopper!lol). :-)