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What makes so many Generation X & Millennial generations of women to rely more o

  1. gmwilliams profile image86
    gmwilliamsposted 2 years ago

    What makes so many Generation X & Millennial generations of women to rely more on their beauty

    & other forms of physical appeal rather than their intellectual acumen to succeed as opposed to the Boomer generation of women who believed in primarily relying on their intellectual acumen to succeed?


  2. Anna C Taylor profile image90
    Anna C Taylorposted 2 years ago

    I'm curious. Where is the evidence of this? Because I would argue that Millennials have to use their intellect just as much as physical attractiveness to get ahead.

    I've never seen any study or survey that suggests that this is true.

  3. dashingscorpio profile image87
    dashingscorpioposted 2 years ago


    I'm not sure if there are any hardcore statistics to back that up.
    However history has shown the best way to pacify a group is to give them what they ask for. I remember when 18 year olds were pushing for the right to vote back in my day. "If I'm old enough to fight in Vietnam I'm old enough to vote." The legal age to vote is now 18 and I bet percentagewise only a small number of people under the age of 25 vote on a regular basis. The glass ceiling is cracked for women.
    Today's culture is more based on beauty and using it as a shortcut towards fame, success, or attracting a man who has those traits.
    Not every woman dreams of being the CEO of Fortune 500 company
    Studies have revealed that extremely beautiful people are given more breaks in life. The fact someone can amass a multi-million dollar fortune for being a model illustrates just how much looking good is worth.
    Gisele Bundchen made $44 Million last year and her career earnings total over $430 million according to Forbes Magazine.
    Also per Forbes Magazine : "Kim Kardashian has monetized fame better than any other. The reality star made more this year than ever as her earnings nearly doubled to $53 million" for 2015.
    What is her talent?
    And yet none of this is really new. If a woman is considered "hot looking" there have always been (rich men) who would gladly buy her drinks, gifts, take her on trips, and marry her.
    I also imagine most Millennial guys would rather be with an incredibly beautiful woman even if she's a restaurant hostess over a "plain Jane" doctor, lawyer, or business woman who looks like Carly Fiorina.
    However relying on great looks to get ahead in life comes with limited shelf life or expiration stamp date. Old rich men still pursue younger women and there is a new crop of eligible women every 10 years.
    Robin Thicke (38), girlfriend April Love Geary is (20).
    Hugh Hefner is (89) wife Crystal Harris is (29)
    James Woods was (66)  when he met girlfriend Kristen Bauguess (20)
    Johnny Depp is (52) wife Amber Heard is (29)
    Dick Van Dyke was (86)  when he married wife Arlene Silver (40)
    Kelsey Grammer was 56 when he married his Kayte Walsh (29)
    Donald Trump (69) and is Melania Trump (45)
    There's a whole industry out there for helping women find wealthy men to date and marry. Being a "Sugar Baby" has always appealed to some women.
    This may explain why plastic surgery is a multi-billion dollar industry.

  4. Lipnancy profile image92
    Lipnancyposted 2 years ago

    I think that they grew up hearing and seeing so much about sex that they equate it with happiness and success. In fact when they use the word sexy, it means pretty or good-looking. How many times have we heard a millennial say, "I have to feel sexy"?