Do you believe in God ,The father and Jesus the son and the holy spirit? If not-

  1. Ruthlessishere profile image60
    Ruthlessishereposted 20 months ago

    Do you believe in God ,The father and Jesus the son and the holy spirit?
    If not- whats your input?

  2. Laurinzo Scott profile image73
    Laurinzo Scottposted 20 months ago

    Yes... I do... it took me a while before I did ... but they are three entities and yet they are one...   why is it so hard to wrap our minds around this... only God can make us to understand it... we see a caterpillar become a butterfly and take it for granted and yet some don't believe the God that created this whole process can transform and by multi-personaged

  3. bradmasterOCcal profile image28
    bradmasterOCcalposted 20 months ago

    The biblical God is the fabrication of Man, not mankind to control people. The biblical God didn't created Adam and Eve equally. And that is because, it was Men that wrote the bibles. Just as it was Men that wrote the US Constitution, and once again, women were not equal to men. They didn't get the right to vote, and it took a constitutional amendment to get that vote, in 1920. While black men got their amendment in 1868.

    No one has seen God, not even in the biblical stories.
    Does a God act like a human? That is exactly what he did by putting his failure to teach his creations, Adam and Eve. Then he blames them for his failure to protect them as a Creator. And who puts the devil in Paradise.

    Then he puts the "sin" of Adam and Eve on the entire human population. That is something Hitler like.

    Even his angels in heaven couldn't bear him, and one third of them left. How good could heave be when angels leave.

    He apparently created Evil, and evil is the default mode of all humans in history. Since recorded history people have been evil and committed evil acts, and they have not changed before AD, during Jesus, and since then.
    Today, humans are the same evil people from the past.

    The bibles were not written contemporaneous with the events depicted in them. They contained information that was available to them at the time.

    Over a 100 billion people have been born, and yet the biblical God is still waiting to see how the experiment is working out. Guess what, it failed.
    It failed when Cain killed Abel.

    This is not compassion, but persistence not to acknowledge failure, another human trait.