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How to advertise for free with Google Adword Tool

Updated on May 10, 2014

A beautiful blond executive putting her business on Google for free advertising

Going hard to make money grow

Make money grow by advertising for free with Google
Make money grow by advertising for free with Google

To make grow online, you must learn how to advertise for free with Google using Google Adword Tool. This tool is freely offered by Google. It is not there for a reason. That is to make your money. Use it effectively to grow your money. This is complete guide to boasting your online earning. If you are like me, someone who writes online for income, this is the most important article you will read it. There are many articles similar in nature to this article. That is why I promise this make this article as concise and practical as possible, extracting most of the content of the article from my experience. You read, understand, and the most important thing is to try it out yourself. Growing your money online is your sole responsibility.

To make grow online, you must learn how to advertise for free with Google using Google Adword Tool. This tool is freely offered by Google. It is not there for a reason. That is to make your money grow. Use it effectively to grow your money. This is complete guide to boasting your online earning.

There are thousand and even millions of people out there in the cyber world earning handsomely online just by writing. I make few dollars here and there. As they say, “DON’T THROW YOUR EGG INTO ONE BASKET”. Just enough to pay my room rent. Not bad huh!

So if you claim that ‘making a single cent online isn’t possible’, let me boldly dismiss your claim. The truth is there is money there to be made online. Only if you learn how to earn those money and be little bit smarter than those who are there before you.

Possible reasons why you aren’t a single cent online

Yes, I do make money online as a freelance writer right here with Hub Pages. From my experience, I can tell you that the most possible reasons why you aren’t earning online would be;

1. You don’t know what Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is all about. You simply disregard SEO, let alone experts talk about it is your attitude towards SEO skills

2. You read and understand SEO but you don’t implement what you have learnt

3. You write for sites that don’t pay

Either way, you are wholly responsible for your failure to earn a single cent. To make your money grow, you have to have the right mindset and attitudes. Remember the old saying “Your attitude determines your altitude”. If you want to earn a single cent online, change your mindset and your attitude. I did that. Why shouldn’t you?

I earned my first .3 cents after 3 months of being with Hub Pages. It took me sleepless nights and long hours in front of computer to earn rise from cent to dollar. Its isn’t easy to earn online but when you do it right, rewards are handsome on the long run. Look at Hub Pages. You keep earning years after you publish your article. As long as your articles are out there, people will be reading it and you will be making money. Eight months after I joined Hub Pages, I am happy to wake up every morning and check my Hub Pages earning. Man! The thing never seems to go down a bit after I bypassed mark of 50 hubs. They hubs earn collectively and it’s a beauty. So I guess I have done something right. What is it?

Why aren't you growing your money?
Why aren't you growing your money?

What have you done to grow money on Google AdSense?

If that is the question swirling round and round in clogged-up smog in your mind, than I have what it takes to unclog that smog and release the mites, roaches and bugs in there so you can feel lighter in your mind when you reach the end of this hub.

I won’t give you a magic formula. If you expect a magic formula. STOP READING HERE. I don’t expect you to buy my idea but I expect you to learn from me and make it your own way so you can write another hub write this one you are reading but your version.

To grow my AdSense earnings, these are what I call 5 L online earning strategies I used.

1. Learn SEO skills

2. Learn about Google Adword Tool

3. Learn about keywords/Key phrase analysis using Google Adword tool

4. Learn about Cost Per Click (CPC) and Click Through Rate (CTR)

5. Learn the art of commercial writing

No one will tell you just the right way make your money grow. I wish I could do exactly that but I am sorry I can’t. Why? It may not work for you and you pass the buck to me. So let’s say, the buck stops with you. DO IT or GIVE UP.

How to advertise for free with Google

When I say advertise for free with Google, it may be confusing to some. Let me make it clear. Business owners or entrepreneurs who own a website can advertise for free with Google by submitting their website details to Google Map and being listed and indexed by Google and displayed on Google Search Result for searchers.

In our case here, we will take a slightly different and indirect angle of looking at how we can advertise for free with Google using Google Adword tool to make your money grow. This is by using targeted keywords. Oops! Target keywords. What the heck is that again? This is the key ingredient to making money online. You got to believe me on this even if you don’t want to. Just believe me for your goodness sake.

When people go online, they type in certain keywords to search for what they are looking for. Say if a person wants to know how to make his money grow online’ he may go and type in make money grow or making money online or anything related to this search query. Try it out for yourself. Open a new tab and Google up make money grow and see one of our very own Hubbers hubs sitting on the top position. Cool huh!

Why is target keywords or key phrase important?

As I said earlier, this are the words online searchers look for. Not only that but also, these are the words or phrases Google uses to index articles. If you find and use these keywords/phrases chances are that Google spiders will find your hubs and index for web searchers. More people finding and clicking your hub means more traffic and more money if your keywords/phrases have good CPC monetary values.

How and where do I find target keywords/phrases?

There is no better place to find a better keyword/phrase than in your back yard. What do I mean? Ask yourself. What are you passionate about? Write about that. The bottom line is to write about a niche or topic consistently to make Google realize you are authority in that niche. Simple. I am passionate about making money online so that’s what I write about and I never will run out of ideas. It comes naturally.

A small exercise

Take a note book and pencil and on your way to work or school observe the things people are complaining about. During the day, keep focused and record peoples complain. Repeat the process for few days. Tie up your scores and find out which complains comes out the most talked about. Is it about money, transport, work, houses, government, church, and environment or just about anything. What people complain a lot about has lots of ways to solve. Can you be their light at the end of the tunnel. Can you be the answer to their problems? If you are, you have found and not just that, you are into business like me.

Go back to your computer and use Google Adword tool to determine the search volume and competition and CPC value of your keywords/phrases. Here’s a small tip here, use quotations like “Make money grow”. Using quotations makes brings up specific results.

My suggestions

1. Use global monthly searches volume between range of 5000 and 30 000. I use that and it works fine for me.

2. Use low competition keywords/phrases

3. Use keywords/phrases with CPC value of $2 and above. Knowing that Google takes half of quarter of what you are paid through the clicks


To make grow online, you must learn how to advertise for free with Google using Google Adword Tool. This tool is freely offered by Google. It is not there for a reason. That is to make your money grow. Use it effectively to grow your money. This is complete guide to boasting your online earning. You have read it. Good. But you must do it. That is the only difference between who becomes successful and who doesn’t not.

How much do you know about making mony online?

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    • Ian Dabasori Hetr profile image

      Ian D Hetri 5 years ago from Papua New Guinea


      Thanks much for the wonderful comment. Glad you found the hub useful.

      Peterbin. Thanks much for the vote.

    • petertebin profile image

      petertebin 5 years ago from Maryland

      Great Piece and a Great Reference! Voted UP for a great hub!

    • Faybe Bay profile image

      Faye Constantino 5 years ago from Florida

      I found you through Adept 2012. I have had trouble over the years with understanding and implementing SEO. I decided to brand myself instead, which will work, if anyone looks for ME. It doesn't work if I want everyone to look for my article or Blog. You've explained it in terms I could understand, plus you have also shown me by your actions in writing this Hub. I'm really glad that Adept 2012 found you, so that I could find you too.