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6+1 ways how you can support your favourite hubbers

Updated on November 29, 2016
Don't hesitate to hit the Share button!
Don't hesitate to hit the Share button! | Source

HubPages gives a great chance for creative people with huge knowledge to share their ideas and opinions with other people and with this, make a few bucks as well. I think it is not just me, who have plenty of favourite hubbers on this site, but you, Dear Readers also have several people you are following at this moment. Following is a great way to show the writer your devotion and support, but there are some other methods too, with which you can show your enthusiasm.

In this article I’ve tried to collect the 6+1 most important and useful ways how you can support your favourite hubbers.

Start to follow your favourite hubbers!
Start to follow your favourite hubbers! | Source

No.1. - Follow them

The most widely known sign of support is following someone. With this, you ‘sign up’ for that particular hubber and you get a notification on your feed about their activity – so you are one of the first people who learns whether they wrote a new hub, commented on an article, etc. Plus, you get a weekly e-mail from HubPages with all/most of the activity of the hubbers you follow.

Once you start to follow them, you are also able to leave special ‘fan mail on their profile page. If you have the opportunity, and have something to say for that person, please DO leave a mail. This can help the writer to know their work is very useful and they can be more motivated to keep up their work on the site.

Additionally, in return, they might follow you back, in case your topics raise their interest. Needless to say this whole following thing is very useful for both of you.

No.2. - Comment, vote up + other goodies

Once you read an interesting hub and have something to add to the topic – or simply, you feel like you want to congratulate the writer -, please do that. This is also a very nice sign that you were there and you like what you have read, so you still support the hubber.

When you read and bookmark recipes, you can also check back and write a new comment on the hub once you have cooked the food described in the article. Please tell whether you liked it or not to help your fellow friend – they might be interested in improving/perfecting the recipe later.

I guess you already know that there is a Vote up/down function, accompanied by the possibility to mark the hub you read with words like ‘Useful, Funny, Awesome’, etc. By voting up or down you can make an impact on the hubscore and the hubber’s score and you can rate the hub with the add-on words. The more feedbacks, the better scores the hub and your favourite writer will have – so please, show how did you like the hub by voting on it.

Comment on the hubs you like
Comment on the hubs you like | Source
Don't forget to hit Vote up!
Don't forget to hit Vote up! | Source
Share it to your Followers on your feed!
Share it to your Followers on your feed! | Source

No.3. - Share their hubs on your HubPages feed

Once you have shown your support by commenting and voting up a hub, you can also share it on your feed, so your followers can read it and do the same things you did as well.

As you may have realized, with all these you not only give one feedback on the hub, but you also promote it to others. This is a great sign of appreciation.

Share it on your favourite social media sites!
Share it on your favourite social media sites! | Source

No.4. - Share their hubs on social networking sites

Like the one before, this method is a big help as well. Well, even bigger than the ones before.

Your feed is only available to you and your followers, but your social networking pages can reach even more people. So sharing a hub on these channels will reach everyone in your networks, even those, who haven’t signed up to HubPages yet, but might be interested in the same topic.

No.5. - Buy items through them

If you got interested in buying an item you’ve read about in one of the hubs, please do it by clicking on the ad in that particular article.

I assume you already know, hubbers can sign up for referral programs in eBay and Amazon, therefore once you buy a product through a hub, the writer will get some bucks depending on what did you buy and on what price. By doing this, you not only buy the product you need anyway, but help the hubber earn a few cents as well.

I have to admit if I need to buy something badly, I usually start searching between the hubs of my favourite hubbers. If I find a relevant hub, I use the Amazon or eBay capsules on those pages to get to the product I want (if it is not already posted on the hub directly) - in this way I am able to help my beloved writers with a few cents.

Use the suggest links on the top of your hubs!
Use the suggest links on the top of your hubs! | Source

No.6. - Link your hubs to their hubs

Use the Suggest links’ option on the top of each of your hubs.

Click on a word in your article and the program will automatically suggest a few other hubs that contain relevant info about the word you choose. By doing this you can promote other writer’s articles and help them to get more visits, too.

Additionally, thanks to Angelo52's reminder: you can use the link capsule in your hub and not only add your, but other hubbers' hubs to that module.

Start a new hub about your favourites!
Start a new hub about your favourites! | Source

No.6+1 - Write a hub about them

Some people on HubPages also chose a relatively new method to support their favourite writers: they made a hub about one or several of their beloved hubbers.

One of the best examples for this is billybuc, who already wrote almost 20 hubs about his favourite writers on this site. I think this is the biggest acknowledgement one can get by another writer.

The lesson

All in all, no matter which method(s) you choose, keep in mind once you help and support a hubber, you might get the same back in return! So the more comments/votes, the more page views you can get in the future.

What about you?

Do you always try helping out your fellow hubbers?

See results

Share your ideas!

Please feel free to comment on this hub, your feedback is very much appreciated!

Or, if you feel that you can write fresh, new ideas about this or a similar topic, just join our community and start writing!

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