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Getting Traffic To You Hubpages The Easy Way

Updated on April 3, 2013

We As Writers.....

As writers it is our goal, if not desire to have our work read and enjoyed. We love nothing more than the knowledge that someone is reading our work and putting it to some use. Hubpages gives us that opportunity to have our work viewed by millions of people on a daily basis. It puts our writing, be it poetry, articles or even reviews out in the open for the world to see. This is one of the prime reasons Hubpages is so vital in the growth of the online writing community. The biggest issue with this near perfect equation is while Hubpages allows us to put our writing out there for the world it is really up to us to see to it that the world knows we are even here. We must pave the road that leads new traffic into our little section of the hubbing universe. Sure, search engines will find you here but sometimes that is not the best route to go for traffic. Boosting your web traffic is a task that any serious writer who chooses the internet as their parchment must at least get familiar with.

One aspect that makes Hubpages so important is that we as writers can earn money for our work here. While it is difficult to really earn a substantial amount it is not impossible. With the right use of traffic generating tips and tricks you can see major changes in your earnings and large increases in your daily traffic flow.

Of course the key is to get that traffic to your hubpages and the work you have posted there. The best way to do just that is to write high quality hubs. Never submit a hub for publication that you are not satisfied with or that you feel does not meet a certain standard of excellence needed to be a good work of writing. Remember to make your hub keyword rich, but not key word saturated. Over using keywords will limit the chances of securing a good search engine placement and make your article seem less professional. Another aspect I find that seems to common is people publish short 100 word or less articles and assume that is going to drive traffic in like a rodeo in Texas. Articles should be above 800 words to really catch the search engine's attention and promote you as a serious writer.

Pictures are great for demonstrating the topic you are writing about but don't fill the hub with them. Try and use the right amount of pictures and not go overboard. Images are great but sometimes they can really take away from your work. Lastly as far as writing a quality hub goes be sparse with Amazon ads. I am never keen on reading an article with numerous Amazon ads unless they are a reflection of the article and actually add to it. If you bombard the reader with ads than they will assume that is the entire point of your article and not proceed any further with reading it.

Now we are ready to move on to the meat and potatoes of this article, how you can easily drive more traffic, and not just one time but repeat traffic, to your hubpages.

Keys for Yahoo Answers Success

  1. Post quality answers with well thought out details
  2. Never just leave your link
  3. Always be polite. I find a good luck or I wish you the best goes a long way
  4. Be clear and precise with your answers
  5. NEVER SPAM!!!

Yahoo Answers

Yahoo Answers is one of the hottest tools out there for the aspiring writer who is looking to drive quick traffic to their hubs. The best part is Yahoo Answers gives you much needed repeat traffic and an endless flow of new readers have the potential to find your link through this valuable site. I like to pick two of my hubs a day and than go to answers and use them as links in the resource section. By doing this I am creating a new backlink that will stay on the site as a permanent answer to a question someone has posed. The key to using this site as a resource is to be professional. Give good detailed answers. Never just sign in and answer every question with a link to one of your hubs. This is never going to drive any traffic your way and if it does it is likely to come with some negative feedback.

You will have plenty of time to practice giving well thought out answers because the site requires you meet a certain poster level before you earn the ability to place a click able link to the site. Use this time to hone your skills at answering questions. if your answer is chosen as the best one than you may see numerous traffic increases. Let's use an example.

I have a hub about 50 things you may not know about zombies. This hub is humorous and in no way a serious piece of work. I might see a question asking if zombies use the rest room. I will go in and add my link to the resource section of the answer and say something along the lines of this: Zombies actually eat fresh warm flesh to keep the bacteria that usually breaks down a deceased human body from eating them from the inside out.

That answer is a good quality answer and may coax the reader into seeing my article and if more interesting facts exist within it. Answers can be a great tool for generating traffic if you respect the site and use it the right way.

Social Media: Facebook

No tool has ever been presented that has more traffic driving power than social media. These sites sprang up almost overnight and now serve to fuel knowledge in the online community at rates never before seen or even heard of. Sites like Facebook serve as the top of this social tower but other sites like Tagged, and Tumblr are going strong as well. These sites allow you to post your work on your own little section, often called a wall on Facebook and all of the people designated as your friends have viewing access to this work. It is easy to accumulate tons of friends and therefore have a viewing audience that will rival a live Lynard Skynard show in Eastern KY.

Each friend who sees your article on their newsfeed may check in and read it. This is great for quick traffic. Now we need to turn that quick traffic of a few hits, maybe 100 or so into a full scale traffic invasion. Here is where some internet savvy comes into play.

Let's say you have written a remarkable article on arts and crafts. You post to your facebook wall and are pleased with a few quick hits and your target audience seems to be responding well but you would like to see more readers take note of this amazing work you have done. Let's say you have a friend named Sally who is on your friends list and Sally is a die hard craft enthusiast, aren't all Sallys? You know her friends list is filled with like minded people. Why not share your newly posted article link on Sally's wall. Now all of her friends who are craft hobbyist will be able to read your article. If they like it and share on their wall your traffic could be doubled or tripled in no time at all.

I often write about volunteer firefighting and other aspects of the fire service therefore a good deal of my friends are firefighters and sharing my work on their walls often leads to massive traffic coming in.

Another valuable resource to Facebook is the use of groups. Groups are little sections of the site devoted to one specific topic. Bands, motorcycle gangs, and even old high school buddies form groups on the site almost hourly. Finding these groups can really drive a hard amount of traffic to your hubs and keep it there. I mentioned earlier I do a lot of writing regarding the fire service. I have two specific groups I am a member of that are dedicated simply to the fire service in my area. I will always post my newly published articles there and the result is immediate feedback and traffic from my fellow firefighters.

Using Facebook is a great way to not only get much needed traffic but it can also introduce your writing to a whole new audience and this is vital for the growth of an online writing career.

Youtube can fuel traffic at an alarming rate but it does take some effort.
Youtube can fuel traffic at an alarming rate but it does take some effort.


Youtube is a growing community of videos that continues to be a primary stop on the world wide web. Everyday thousands of videos are loaded. How can this serve you as a hubber? A great deal of our work on hubpages often falls into the do it yourself or how to categories. This is a great way to draw some attention but if we use youtube to our advantage we can draw that attention on a much wider scale.

Let's say you have made a great article about zombie make up for Halloween. Why not do a video showing the article in action. Now you will be able to link the video to the article and vice versa but there is another cool method you can use that will generate tons of traffic to your video and article.

Look for a video that is similar to yours but not exact. For instance don't find another make up tutorial video. This will seem pretentious and may irk the original poster. Look for something like zombie walk or along those lines. Make sure the video you choose is highly popular and getting a great deal of views.

Use the popularity of this video to your advantage by posting your own video as a video response. You will now have a good chance of getting some of the traffic this video is getting which will trickle down into your hubpages.


In conclusion we as writers have to be willing to put in that extra work after we have done the research and written the article. For some of us it is done as soon as our pen leaves the page but to really make it in the online writing community you have to go the extra mile and work to see to it that your article has the opportunity to reach more people. The bigger the audience we have the better off we will be as writers. I hope some if not all of what I posted will at least give you a basic idea of how to go about driving more traffic to your hubs, and for now happy hubbing.


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