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Why it is amazing to be a hubber.

Updated on March 28, 2013

Hubbing, fellow hubbers and the hub community.

I haven't been a hubber for long, but in my short lifespan, I have increased my knowledge on things I would never have thought to learn about. I also count myself immensely privileged to be in the midst of such great talent, wit and intelligence.

This hub is mostly about my journey so far on hubpages. Its never too soon or late to share what you have learnt from being a hubber with the rest of the community. With every second spent on hubpages, with every click of your mouse you find that you gain a wealth of experience and knowledge that you probably never thought possible. Above all there is an amazing community spirit that unfolds before your very eyes as you progress in your journey as a hubber.

I actually stumbled upon hubpages by accident, before I decided to join as a budding writer. I have always liked browsing the net to read random topics that come to mind. In my opinion if you don't have a collection of books to read from, hop on line, you will be amazed at what you can drink in with your eyes and soak in with your brains.

Having discovered hubpages, I occasionally visited and stopped to read a feature here and another one there. Then it almost became a habit, more because I was fascinated and awed by how people managed to churn words into such amazing pieces of literary work. From then on, I would make a pit stop on hubpages whenever it tickled my fancy and read whatever my eyes got fixated on. Well the rest, as they say is I am proud to say I am not just a visitor, but a hubber.

When I posted my first hub, I didn't know what to expect. It was more a case of trial and error to see what would happen. I was basically fed up with how quickly my boys's shoes got mashed up that I decided to use my thoughts on that as my first hub "what is it about my boys and their school shoes". When this deed was done, I thought oh dear, what next and how soon can I follow up with another hub.

I was terribly frightened of getting the ever famous "writer's block". What if I could not write anymore? What if this was just a flash in the pan? I kept asking myself.

A few minutes later, I received a comment from a fellow hubber His comments were wonderful, amazing and unbelievable for a new hubber like me. He made me feel proud of myself and my first hub. Having joined on impulse, I didn't know how to react to his comment. I realised next that he was my first follower. I didn't quite fathom what that meant in hub terms, but I quickly figured that out. I was terribly pleased. There was only one flaw though, I didn't thank him and wasn't sure how to go about it. I know it sounds silly but having gone into "hub paging" blind, apart from knowing I wanted to write, I felt like a baby learning how to crawl and didn't want to slip, if you know what I mean. I really didn't know what hubbing and getting to know the hub community was all about. It wasn' t like facebook I told myself. This was on a totally new level.

So why do I think its amazing to be a hubber? In my short time as a hubber, I have learnt some valuable things from my fellow hubbers which may not be much, but I still want to share them with you just to reinforce the amazing world of the hub community.

I decided to follow fellow hubber I found some of the comments he made on a fellow hubber's hubs very interesting and knew I could relate to his way of thinking. I was pleasantly surprised to receive a thank you email from him about my decision to follow him. It also opened my eyes to the realisation that I should do the same. I thought it showed thoughtfulness and appreciation to thank someone for showing interest in you and your work and decide to follow you. After all there is no obligation to do that right? I knew at that point that, that was exactly what I had to do, email Reynold Jay to say thank you for being my very first follower and for believing in and supporting me.

I have also learnt to be inspired. Interestingly enough this hub was inspired by

I am smiling to myself as I type her name, and if you happen to read this I am sure you will understand that I seem to have connected with you in an unspoken way. Yesterday I read her hub titled "me, you and 1000 fans on hubpages" I was in awe. The idea behind the hub was simple, yet great in that it was thoughtful. It oozed warmth, gratitude, fun and a love for the hubpage community. Izzetl made a point about how other hubbers' hubs can inspire you, and guess what, too right you are, because you inspired me to write and publish this hub.

I have been inspired by Her hub on "my thirty hubs in thirty days" is awesome. Its funny, its inspiring, its - amazing. If you want to take that leap of faith to go the long haul, I totally recommend her hub to give you inspiration. You are probably asking why I haven't taken that leap yet. Its all about time, committment, the opportunity and focusing. If you have all four then you have a solid foundation to sit tight and run the race victoriously to the very end. Not to say I am not committed or focused, but if you work full time and have four kids to juggle in addition it can be pretty tough. No I'm not making excuses, just telling it as it is in my world.

Support from the hub community is a stronghold and can spur you on if you allow yourself to bask in your love for writing. Just by stopping by to read hubs, leaving inspiring and supporting comments, reinforces my thinking that hubpages is definitely the place to be. has always been there since my debut on hubpages, supporting my hubs with great comments and sharing thoughts on what I have produced so far., instilled pride in me for achieving the milestone of ten hubs so far. Her words gave me strength, determination and the motivation to look around for inspiration to spin my thinking thoughts into words. posted my first fanmail. I thought, wow, someone actually believes in me that much. did exactly what a good teacher does, she offered me support using words of encouragement when I felt writing about my "10 hubs and counting..." so far was pitiful. touched my heart when she commented on how much she liked my hub on "Life is a cocktail". posted my second fanmail and my third. Amazing. shared some wonderful tips on how to dry your lettuce when she commented on my hub "my spring salad with 3 ingredients in less than 3 minutes", and so did when she commented about the fact that she liked to add garbanzo beans or chopped beets to her salads. I had never heard about garbanzo beans, but believe me on hubpages, you learn something new and worthwhile everyday. posted an awesome comment when I wrote about my family's love for ketchup. She made me feel good about my hub even though at the time I thought it was a matter of "just go ahead and publish no matter the outcome.",,,,,,,, who have offered to me support by following me, thanks and I hope as I always say " I give you reason to stay".

Its however not just about my fellow hubbers who have jumped on my boat. It's also about those who have contributed by answering questions I have posted. Since I started actively asking random questions that come to mind, there has been an appreciative response from the hub community. I have found this platform very interesting because it goes to show that we are not just a community of writers, but a community of a broad spectrum of very engaging thinkers. Its a great way to fish out who is there and find fellow hubbers whose interest you share or would like to learn from to follow. It's great fun. I call it the community spirit.

Hubpages for me has become a whole new world and is slowly becoming addictive. I used to come home from work and scramble to log onto my computer just to sign into facebook and see what my fellow facebookers have been up to. Now its rushing home from work and logging onto hubpages to read, share thoughts and hopefully inspire. My conclusion? What can I say, but simply Hubpages is definitely a great world to be part of.


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    • PK2010 profile image

      Anthea Kwaw 5 years ago from United Kingdom

      Dear fpherj48, you are spot on with your observations about being a part of the hub community. Its a world on its own where people can express and share as well as explore their literary skills without feeling they are being rated and judged. This is because of the amazing support there is for each other. Thank you for stopping by to read and share your comments, much appreciated.

    • fpherj48 profile image

      Paula 5 years ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

      PK2010....This is my first introduction to you and I'm very pleased to meet you! Your hub on being a "hubber" is positively awesome...and you echo all my own thoughts and feelings. I too, found myself falling in love with the entire concept here at HubPages.. It's educational, entertaining, inspirational and simply a wonderful place to be. Fellow hubbers are the best, most talented and generous people in the world. We each have our own Village full of custom-ordered a group, we're proud and progressive. I look forward to browsing your site and reading your hubs, PK2010. Here's to our exciting journey here at ALL of us!! Cheers!

    • PK2010 profile image

      Anthea Kwaw 6 years ago from United Kingdom

      Thanks for stopping to read and comment Brinafr3sh. I'm glad you liked my hub. I don't seem to have time to write these days, but I need to find the time and will make the effort to find the time. All the best on your hub journey too :)

    • Brinafr3sh profile image

      Brinafr3sh 6 years ago from West Coast, United States

      Hi PK2010,

      You have the attitude for gratitude, it's contagious, because I'm more grateful right now also. Being a hubber has changed my life as well. May your Hub-Journey extends and prospers. Thanks

    • PK2010 profile image

      Anthea Kwaw 6 years ago from United Kingdom

      Welcome to Hubpages Cloverleaf, and pleased to meet you too. Thanks for making a "pit stop" to read and post a comment! Hope your journey on HP is everything you hoped for and more :)

    • Cloverleaf profile image

      Cloverleaf 6 years ago from Calgary, AB, Canada

      I agree, the community spirit is great on Hubpages! I too am relatively new to hubpages and enjoying the journey. I am pleased to meet you here as well.

    • PK2010 profile image

      Anthea Kwaw 6 years ago from United Kingdom

      Powerpoe1 thank you for the warm welcome. I share in your joy to be a part of the hub community. Thanks for reading and sharing your appreciation!

    • Powerpoe1 profile image

      Powerpoe1 6 years ago

      Excellent hub! Welcome to HubPages~ This is definitely a community of writers that support, encourage and create an environment for growth. I'm happy to be here too!

    • PK2010 profile image

      Anthea Kwaw 6 years ago from United Kingdom

      Tweetmom thanks for the vote of confidence as always. I'm truly blessed to be inspired by great hubbers like yourself. Thanks for stopping to read my hub :-)

    • Tweetmom profile image

      Tweetmom 6 years ago from Newark

      I was just browsing through your hubs and the title of this hub suddenly stole my attention. The things that I love about your writing is that even though your hubs sound personal at times but it is still very beautiful because readers can relate themselves into your hubs!

      Especially like this one, we are all hubbers! So we really get what you are going through.

      As I read your hubs, i was so shocked to have read my name mentioned in this hub. Gosh, it is flattering and i am shocked beyond words. To be in the same league as the likes of izettl and others are beyond my wildest dreams especially in my first month in hubpages. I am still a newbie.

      Thank you PK2010 for this amazing work and incredible appreciation towards your new friends in hubpages. You are indispensable in hubpages community :)

    • J.S.Matthew profile image

      JS Matthew 6 years ago from Massachusetts, USA

      You're very welcome! Glad to help!


    • PK2010 profile image

      Anthea Kwaw 6 years ago from United Kingdom

      Thanks J.S.Matthew, great comments from yourself too. Much appreciated. Took your suggestion on board and made the changes. Hope I followed your guidelines correctly. Its a totally great idea and a great way of spreading hub love. Did I not say we learn something new on hubpages everyday? :-). Amazing.Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts.

    • J.S.Matthew profile image

      JS Matthew 6 years ago from Massachusetts, USA

      Wow! What a great Hub! Look at all the comments you got! Mentioning other Hubbers and their Hubs is the best way to honor a fellow Hubber that you admire. It is so good for you to share that here!

      May I suggest that instead of highlighting their Hub names you link to them directly? That way readers of this Hub can be taken directly to their profiles.

      It's easy too. All you have to do is go to edit your Hub and edit the text block, highlight the person's name and use the link button to add a link to their profile. You will have to copy and paste the URL from another window by simply going to their profile and copying their address. Doing so will allow Hubbers to go right to their profile without having to search for them. Awesome Hub!


    • PK2010 profile image

      Anthea Kwaw 6 years ago from United Kingdom

      jpcmc you are right on the money with your comment. Thanks for stopping by to read my hub. I really appreciate it.

      izzetl so good to read from you and you are always welcome. Hubpages contributes to our purpose and reason for being who we are. I agree the added bonus of having the community is awesome. We learn from each other through sharing, caring, supporting, guiding, advising and inspiring. I am still learning and trying to find what I enjoy writing about and as you rightly put it, what my readers like to read. Eventually I will get there. Knowing that I have the support of the hub community means I don't have to journey this path alone. Hubpages is like a rainbow, beautiful to look at, diverse in colour, yet united in its purpose. Thanks as always for your support, encouragement and belief in me and other new hubbers.

    • izettl profile image

      Lizett 6 years ago from The Great Northwest

      This is so nice! I love how you say a "pit stop" on hubpages. That's how it got me too. I was amazed by all the information and variety of people and also how you put it, "very engaging thinkers"- that's what I love too. I will pass this onto my buddy, themanwithnopants. He is not the reason I started on hubpages, but the reason I kept going when I wrote a personal hub. He is a very blunt spoken and kind soul. This inspiration is important and what you're learning is how it's not all about reading and posting- it's a community, well, several communities.

      In my position, I see a wonderful writer budding. Your blossoming will come when you find what you like to write and what others like to read from you- it's a great balance to find. I don't even find it on all my hubs I write, but it's nice when I do. It's what makes everything click. I am happy, along with many others, to inspire you as you can do for us and thank you for this thank you hub.

    • jpcmc profile image

      JP Carlos 6 years ago from Quezon CIty, Phlippines

      Yes hubpages is so awesome. My day seems incomplete without reading hubs, answering questions and just learning something new. I just hope that I give equally informative hubs to other hubbers.

    • PK2010 profile image

      Anthea Kwaw 6 years ago from United Kingdom

      RebekahElle, it feels great to know that I have brought a smile to your face. Hubpages is totally amazing. It's given me something to look forward to everyday, knowing that there are so many amazing people out there who are selfless, giving, caring and supportive. Thanks for taking the time to read my hub and sharing your comments. Much appreciated.

      Kimme Owens and lilian1 welcome to hubpages! Thank you for sharing your honest thoughts about your journey on hubpages so far. It is indeed thrilling, nerve racking, exhiliarating, awesome, be blessed to be part of this amazing community of talent. Together we look forward to a life of enrichment on hubpages!

      Ruzica, you are most welcome. I agree with you totally that hubpages is a delight to be part of. Thank you for stopping by to read my hub.


    • Ruzica profile image

      Ruzica Kozul 6 years ago from Windsor, On, Canada

      It is a delight to be a part of this community and to connect! Felt the appreciation while reading it, it is really nice... Well done PK2010!

    • lilian1 profile image

      lilian1 6 years ago from Hertfordshire England

      I am new here too so I am literally learning like you how to hubber if you know what I mean and yes the dreaded writers block which I am still slightly suffering with alas... so many thanks for all the tips...

    • Kimme Owens profile image

      Kimme Owens 6 years ago from California

      I am very new here, as well. I am finding that I slowly test each step before I actually take it, afraid that the floor may crumble from under me if I lean over too far. I still feel like a baby learning the ropes of life. I absolutely love it, though, and am looking forward to a long life as a Hubber! Thank you for sharing this hub, it's nice to know I'm not the only one who has felt that way!

    • rebekahELLE profile image

      rebekahELLE 6 years ago from Tampa Bay

      Sometimes I find a hub that brings a smile to my face and this one certainly does. I remember when I first joined and felt some of the same thoughts you have shared. HP is a community filled with some very wonderful people. It's heartwarming to read how you have been welcomed and encouraged. Thank you for sharing why it's amazing to be a hubber. I completely agree with you! Keep writing and enjoy.