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Who’s Your Audience? The Follower Who Is Following

Updated on November 18, 2012

Who’s Your Audience? The Follower Who Is Following

This is about my 18th month on Hub Pages. It is rather shocking I have lasted this long. When I began I thought I would not make it a month. Apparently there is something quite addictive about writing for Hub Pages. Over the eighteen months I have been on Hub Pages I have not won one contest or award. I did not earn a hub nugget but we are not all Shakespeare on here. Who would want to be anyways? During the course of working on Hub Pages I have had a lot to learn and the format of Hub Pages is constantly changing. Perhaps the most difficult part of internet writing for me is the technical aspect. Some people have writer’s block. I have technical issues. And in 18 months I have not perfected my craft. I still have a lot to learn which is very humbling. This is due to the fact I took time off to do research and also it is due to the constant changing format of Hub Pages.

But it has improved significantly. When I began we did not have summaries. Our profile pages were less than dynamic and we could not tell who was following us. All of that is changed now. We also have technical advantages on our statistical page which let us know when we need to scrub our hubs. Scrubbing your hub is simply proofing and improving it to make it better. This is an important part of your work on Hub Pages. I hate it because I can reread my own work and still not catch my mistakes. I am a horrible proof reader.

Now from your profile page you can actually access who is following you and who you are following. I did this the other night. As stated before I have been working on research and I have not been working on Hub Pages for the last year. I might have published an article here and there but I am not working like I was working on Hub Pages. In the beginning there were days I would write six hubs a day. Then I would read at least five other people’s hub’s by helping out and “Hopping Hubs” and then I would research and write outlines for the next day of hub writing. And as hard as I worked I could not tell who was following me because that feature was not available. I should also point out that when you are starting out it is important to try and learn from people who are more experienced then yourself. For me, that was everyone so I followed everyone.

So again I looked at who was following me the other night and for the most part I was following everyone that was following me with the exception of a few key people. I quickly wrote them fan letters and followed them. These people who have followed me were my reason to write and I adore them. Then I looked at who I was following and who was not following me. I have to say my feelings were a bit hurt. A lot of people who I had very positive interactions with did not like my work. There are only so many hours in the day and so I guess my work was not a priority for those people. So I doubled back and went and read more of my followers’ hubs. I want to patronize those who patronize my work. That is important to me in the Hub Pages community. But I also realize I have a lot of work to perfect my craft. It is not about those who are not following me. It is about me trying to at least put out the best product I can for my audience. I have improved since I started. If you haven’t read my other work I started after the death of a family member. My first six months of writing for Hub Pages I was going through grief. Those hubs represent my recovery through grief. For me they will always be a reminder of how to find my way back through hardship. When I started writing I felt like I was dying with my family member. I thought I would never smile again or laugh or even be able to have a conversation. For the first month after this family member’s passing I did not speak to anyone unless I absolutely had to. I spoke to my son of course but no one else. Those unscrubbed hubs represent my passage out of darkness and into light. My followers were so critical to my recovery and I will forever be grateful to them. So I have a reason why I don’t scrub my hubs. Things are much better in my life now. I have many opportunities. I am starting a non-profit to conducted research and development for interventions for children with Autism. I have a lot of friends now which I didn’t have while caring for my family member with cancer. I probably was poor company to my friends. But now I am reborn and that rebirth took place here and every single person who followed me pulled me through.

It is only an assumption but I would rather guess that all the people writing on Hub Pages need an audience to support them. I know I need one. We also need positive feedback and comments. What is a writer without their audience but unappreciated. The entire metaphysical accounting of seeing who is following was quite surprising to me. I must also add I was quite shocked at how many people I was still following that had pulled their hubs from Hub Pages. There must have been some kind of falling out I missed while I was doing my research. I am often lucky like that in life. When things get bad I am usually not around.

So if I may be so bold as to offer some advice to those who maybe new. Know your audience because they support your work. For those of you who have followed me I can never repay your generosity. You have seen me through the worst time of my life and helped me to a more positive place—Thank You!


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    • JT Walters profile image

      JT Walters 4 years ago from Florida

      Hi AEvans,

      First Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for reading as I am certain you are very busy today. I couldn't agree with you more Hubpages is like a second home to me as well and I will always return but i haven't been publishing a great deal lately because I have been working on other projects.

      My wish for everyone on Hubpages is that they have as wonderful experience as I have had. We are all like a family and when we lose one it always makes me sad but then really grateful for the family that stays.

      Thanks for the votes. Happy Holidays!!


    • AEvans profile image

      Julianna 4 years ago from SomeWhere Out There

      People have pulled there hubs for a multitude of reasons. I haven't written in over a month because my life has been so busy; but through all of it I still remain. Hubpages to me is like home and although we leave home many time we do go back.

      Following, followers I haven't followed everyone but I do run across them from time-to-time. Thanks so much for your words to others that will make them understanding the process even more and encourage them when they are new. Great read and voted up!

    • JT Walters profile image

      JT Walters 4 years ago from Florida

      Actually Larry,

      My time is probably more limited then most as I have a child with Autism and a rare medical condition and I run a hospital for him in home. I just worked really hard and took Hub Pages at the beginning as a serious job.

      After 18 months here I have chosen how I will handle my audience different then you. If we were all the same Hub Pages would be exceptionally boring. But when I began we couldn't see who was following us and now we can and I think that is an advantage. I like to support those who support my work. I believe in Karma on Hub Pages.

      Thanks for letting me know about the revenue issue. I kept wondering why I would see html code which I didn't insert in my hubs. That would explain it. But I have never seen the extreme drop in readers that everyone claims is happening.

      At 570 hubs in 18 months I have range as well. And the quality of my hubs have range also. Pinterest has worked out well for me as it is the biggest traffic producer I have.

      Happy Thanksgiving Larry!!


    • profile image

      Larry Wall 4 years ago

      Obviously, if you did 400 hubs in six months, you are very prolific and have plenty of time. I do about 100 a year or twice a week. That is what I am geared to do, based on my years as a newspaper reporter where I wrote two columns each week, in addition to my reporting duties. The issue with Hub Pages, and I do not fully understand it yet, is reaching a wider audience for the purpose of gaining more recognition and getting more page views and ad clicks, resulting in more revenue. I am not making any considerable money, but I have made many friends, which I value. I have written hubs that are controversial, amusing, and in some cases, probably boring.

      I will disagree, slightly, with one comment. It is important to know your audience. However, you have to write about issues that appeal to you or there is no joy in the writing, it becomes a task and not a hobby and certainly not a vocation. It may become a job, but not the job I would want. My view is you write what you want to write and hope somehow the audience finds you. I have more than 200 followers, a small number compared to many people, but I never initiated the contact. I did not choose to follow someone and ask them to follow me. I do follow many, who have chosen to follow me, chosen me without any input, other than my work.