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an idea / question

  1. riotgrrrl profile image74
    riotgrrrlposted 8 years ago

    Just a thought, are all the hubs accesable to anyone, i mean including minors? and if so, does that mean the content is to be child friendly? and where do we draw the lines? I just don't want to ever write anything that ends up in the wrong hands and upsets or confuses a child.

    1. ProCW profile image82
      ProCWposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      Take a look here (just in case you haven't already...)


      Also... if you use adsense, you'll probably notice some not-so-child-friendly advertisements on the pages sometimes.

      I've written a few things that are meant to be read by teachers/directors, but I don't recommend a child viewing hubpages. There are some hubs and comments in the forum, etc. that could be considered offensive to adults (and to children.)

      Best of luck at HubPages!


  2. Misha profile image78
    Mishaposted 8 years ago

    While anybody can see anything on Hubpages, the site is not considered 100% child friendly in that sense. However, outright porn is not allowed. smile

    There are quite a few humorous hubs making puns of pussies, studs, asses, chests, etc. that you may have fun reading. Try to start here http://hubpages.com/hub/I-want-you-to-p … h-my-pussy wink

  3. riotgrrrl profile image74
    riotgrrrlposted 8 years ago

    thank you for the replies! you have clarified my question perfectly

  4. Lissie profile image78
    Lissieposted 8 years ago

    Don't get hung up on it - if other people can't supervise their kids online why should it be your problem? Hubpages isnt specifically a childrens site -