World time zones and missing announcements in the hub feed

  1. Que Scout profile image76
    Que Scoutposted 4 years ago

    I am sure 85% of Hubbers are viewing and contributing to the hub feed in the Americas time zones, because Hubpages is made up predominantly of USA members. (The feed you get when you click on "Hubpages" in the top left of every page). By the time the Ozzys, or the Brits or Indians wake up, the feed has been filled up & moved on. They do not get to see much of what has transpired. I see the opposite it apparent too, by the time the USAians are up and active, the feeds from other parts of the world are too old to show.

    Hence I assume members in different world time zones are missing the bigger community audience. No big deal, we can get email alerts (thanks Hubpages) but I thought I should throw it into the open to see what others think, or experience.

  2. ossmedia profile image61
    ossmediaposted 4 years ago

    No doubt your words are 100 % right about american time zones but i have seen many hubbers from other countries too. Yes more than 85% hubbers from America are using HP but from some other countries are too contributing to HP.