Amazing traffic

  1. BristolBoy profile image78
    BristolBoyposted 8 years ago

    I am very surprised this morning, but pleasantly so.  Have found that since I last checked my account about 15 hours ago I have had an awful lot of traffic, with almost 200 unique page views, whereas until the weekend I have never had more than 50 unique page views.  However, I was even more shocked to see where the traffic had come from. 

    This includes both a lot of traffic from hubpages, but also a lot of search engine traffic to several of my hubs in particular. 

    In addition I have had a lot of traffic coming from Twitter, particularly to my hub on most expensive places in the world to live.  This is unusual because whilst I promote my own hubs on Twitter, I think that there must also be someone else doing it, as I have had many more Twitter views on Hubpages than I have followers.  Is there any way of finding out which user/users posted my link, more out of interest than anything else?  I tried Google Analytics but that just directs me to the Twitter homepage.

  2. rmshdc profile image61
    rmshdcposted 8 years ago

    Sometimes HubPages places your hub in first page and this tend to generate more traffic.

    Also I heard twitter does send some traffic, but I haven't tried yet.  After reading your thread, I intend to use twitter to bring more traffic to my hubs.