The Panda thing---How can we increase our earnings??

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  1. schoolgirlforreal profile image79
    schoolgirlforrealposted 4 years ago

    About 1-2 yrs ago,
    I heard many hubpage writers talk about how the "Google panda thing", interfered with the ir income on HP.
    Is that still going on, and what have people done to help themselves?
    My earnings are still horrible.
    Are there things we can do?

    ****Sorry if I seem naive about this. But I have not been on here in 1-2 yrs!!!!

    I'd like to earn more money here


    1. Barbara Kay profile image90
      Barbara Kayposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Be sure to pin your hubs at Pinterest. You can get quite a bit of traffic there if you have good photos and hubs they'll be interested in. Add a few of your hubs at Facebook, Twitter and anywhere else you can. Read some hubs here about promoting your work.

    2. Marisa Wright profile image96
      Marisa Wrightposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Sorry I missed this post.

      If you haven't been here for a couple of years, then you may have missed a few things.

      First, are you set up for the HP Earnings Program?  Go to your Earnings page and make sure you're signed up for everything.

      Second, do you understand the Featured/unFeatured process?   If not, you'll find a Hub on the slider in my profile that explains it.  It may affect  you.

      Thirdly - Panda is part of Google's algorithm that helps determine where Hubs (and other sites) appear in the search engine results.   It's a complicated subject. … nda-update

    3. Lorelei Cohen profile image61
      Lorelei Cohenposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      We would all like to see our Christmas earnings much better than they are showing up as this year. My suggestion is to indeed use social media to your advantage. Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter. Hopefully things will turn around a bit to save this season if we all work together at this.

  2. clivewilliams profile image83
    clivewilliamsposted 4 years ago

    1. Ensure that you have good length articles, over 1200 words
    2. Ensure that you do not write about topics that are locked by authority sites. eg writing bout pills when you are not  doctor! and other major sites have higher authority and thus will turn up in Google results
    3. Ensure your topic headings are very search friendly, don't use topic headings like "black moon" use something like "the black moon and ll its glory" may sound wacky but it is just an example.
    4. Let social media be your friend, solicit friends on pinterest and so on.
    5. Comment on other hubbers hubs like <link snipped> and follow them and they will follow you in return.
    6. Create  blog and have articles linked to your blog and vice verse.
    7. If all else fails, beg google to give you some traffic :-)

    1. PaulGoodman67 profile image96
      PaulGoodman67posted 4 years agoin reply to this

      ^Those are good. 

      I would also add:

      1.  If you use Amazon or eBay capsules/links, keep them to a minimum, maybe one per 200 words, or so, and have lots of hubs with no Amazon or eBay at all.
      2.  Use lots of photos and videos to keep your hubs visually interesting and engaging.
      3.  Make sure that your hub is coherent and everything in it is relevant.  Don't be tempted to pad them out with irrelevant stuff.
      4.  Focus on evergreen subjects rather than topical ones, that way your hub doesn't go out of date.
      5.  Edit your hubs regularly to keep them reflecting any changes, and correct any errors.  Keep improving them, if you can.

      1. Marisa Wright profile image96
        Marisa Wrightposted 4 years agoin reply to this

        I've been sitting on the fence about this Amazon/eBay advice, but now I simply don't agree with it.

        I have two blogs which are full of eBay and Amazon ads.   About half the posts have them, and there are several ads within each of those posts - about one per 50 words. 

        Those two blogs have benefited hugely from the recent Panda, my traffic is up about 50% - which seems to suggest that eBay and Amazon ads aren't so dangerous after all.

        I think the reason is that ALL my eBay and Amazon ads are directly related to the subject of the post, so for me that's the thing I worry most about.

        1. Susana S profile image96
          Susana Sposted 4 years agoin reply to this

          Blogs/websites and  Hubpages type sites could well be given different affiliate link thresholds by Google's algos.

        2. makingamark profile image65
          makingamarkposted 4 years agoin reply to this

          I absolutely agree with you Marisa

          It's people who behave as if their hubs or websites are some sort of bargain basement store with no real topic of substance and no real content who have to worry a lot about the number of amazon modules used.

          Also it seems to me there's a big difference if Google can see you write about one main "genre" topic eg art, or dance or music (i.e. can Google make an assessment of whether or not this author is credible?).

          I'm not going to reveal my earnings but I'm not unhappy with my ratio of Amazon to advert income

    2. peachpurple profile image80
      peachpurpleposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      i .like your ideas. I have done all of them and i am getting a hundred likes per day, just a few cents to earn but its ok, better than nothing. How do I beg Google? smile

  3. LindaSmith1 profile image60
    LindaSmith1posted 4 years ago

    Amazon, for me, has dropped to almost nothing. I am using my  own associate account so I can get stats. Almost nothing is happening. Last year, even though I didn't make a large number of sales, at least products were being looked at.  Totally the opposite this year.

  4. LindaSmith1 profile image60
    LindaSmith1posted 4 years ago

    When I started doing more writing and promoting Amazon, etc, products those I learned from were those who made the sales with sales pages essentially.  The sites had a product limit, words requirement, but those who were doing well,  placed as many products as were allowed by the sites they wrote on.   

    I have done the one per 100 words, one product per 200 words, 1 product on 1000 words, and see no difference.


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