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New Twist on an old Con

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    SirDentposted 9 years ago

    Hello, I am a professional Oil and Gas Engineer Under (ConocoPhillips Energy ForTomorrow Worldwide Website: http://www.conocophillips.com ) I was recentlyTransfer to ( Afren plc Kinnaird House West africa website:http://www.afren.com ) with my wife and my two kids(a boy (James 6yrs )and a girl(Jennifer 4yrs) we came down to africa with our maltese puppy.We left United State Of America with Hope that i will be coming back withmy family in a month's time, but right now the company have ask me to stayfor 4 years and 6months under contract agreement with them and we noticedthat the weather here is not good for the puppy this is the more reason mywife and i decided to give the puppy away to whom ever that will takeproper good care of her. Please i want you to note that, I am a kind andhonest man and also we spent a lot of time with our puppy. She is 4 months and some days old. AKC registered home raised current onshots and vaccination, 100% health guaranteed, full of fun with kids andother pets too. I need someone with good and loving home from the statesto adopt and take proper care of her the way we use to because she is thekind of puppy that deserve a good home and a good home is all i want forher. If you can take proper care of her, do reply me and i will let youknow how she will be delivered to you. Thanks and God bless you.Eng. John Nwanya.


    I recieved this email just today. It is merely another way of getting information from a person who is naive enough to give it to them.


  2. Rochelle Frank profile image96
    Rochelle Frankposted 9 years ago

    But hey, The puppy sounds soooooo cute-- and he 's spent a lot of time with it. What's the problem.    smile :0 ooops!

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    Rainbow Briteposted 9 years ago

    sickening the depths people will stoop to to get money.

  4. Dame Scribe profile image61
    Dame Scribeposted 9 years ago

    What irritates me about them is the poor english tongue lol ...geezzz

    1. brad4l profile image82
      brad4lposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      Eh, I don't know, I think this probably is a good thing, because it might raise some flags for people who are unaware of the scam.

      Once the scammers evolve and are writing emails with perfect grammar and with a basic understanding of the language, they might be harder for some people to catch.

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    Patty Inglish, MSposted 9 years ago

    Are there not special restrictions on importing even domestic/pet animals from overseas to the US? I can't recall.

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      funrideposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      I believe there are but I donĀ“t think they will really send the puppy anyway... big_smile