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My First Blog

  1. Monika Smith profile image60
    Monika Smithposted 2 years ago

    Hello family! If you've read my Bio, I am a newbie (freshman). I am very excited to have stumbled across this opportunity. I've got alot to say, Alot to share, and I'm hoping I can be of assistance in helping someone by my words. My question is: I've written 3 pages currently on Passion. Its infused with my experience as usual, and some insight on alot of authors that helped me get to a certain point in my life. In order to edit, delete, change anything with my writing, how do I start? And if I may ask, I' like anyones opinion on your experience with your first blog.


    1. Dale Hyde profile image87
      Dale Hydeposted 2 years ago in reply to this

      I see you have no Hubs published.  I am at a loss as to what you are asking?  How to edit existing hubs is pretty easy to do, but without any published, that should not be your question.

      If your questions pertain to your personal blog, then one would need to know the blog type you have, such as WordPress, Blogger, etc., in order to answer your questions on how to edit, etc.

  2. Monika Smith profile image60
    Monika Smithposted 2 years ago

    thanks Dale. When I say I am a newbie, I really am. So I have written some things, but am starting from scratch. Once I get the basics,  then I'll be asking more questions. This isn't as simple as it looks. But I'm determined to figure it out.

    1. psycheskinner profile image79
      psycheskinnerposted 2 years ago in reply to this

      Step number one, go to the top right and click "write a hub".  Ultimately hubpages is about hubs.  If you have already done this let us know becuase it means your hubs are either being assessed or have not been accepted for publication.

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    clivewilliamsposted 2 years ago


  4. swilliams profile image84
    swilliamsposted 2 years ago

    Welcome to the HubPages Mokika Smith! Write On!