Live Chat with Hubbers, a success!!!

  1. mayhmong profile image62
    mayhmongposted 8 years ago

    You missed it!

    I was sick and tired of leaving comments and waiting on the page to load to see who else left a comment. It's like texting  back and fourth to one another. Can be fun, but not fast enough!
    So I found a website to allow us hubbers to chat without any registration! Woot!

    Who joined in the chat?

    -Golden Toad
    -C.C Riter
    -and me Mayhmong

    Before chatting, I advise you to double-click the user guest number at the bottom left corner and put in your hub username.

    Sadly I have to go to bed and will check back tommorow night. Have fun and don't over do it! But here's what happened. Didn't think I record the conversation now did ya kids? hehehe

    tony0724 :: now i got it !
    mayhmong :: sounds like the girls catch on quick!
    mayhmong :: LOL
    JJ :: yippeeee
    AEvans :: May is here too!!! Bend and Snap I see.... who bent ?
    mayhmong :: no offense guys
    mayhmong :: to the UPS guy
    AEvans :: May: You go girl!!! smile
    JJ :: its a joke...ever seen legally blonde?
    mayhmong :: speaking of going....
    mayhmong :: I really gotta go and take a leak
    mayhmong :: BRB
    JJ :: Neverminde
    mayhmong :: I know legally blonde
    GT :: tony don't just stand in the corner
    AEvans :: Hurry May we will be right
    mayhmong :: that bend and snap thing
    JJ :: where did the men go?
    mayhmong :: hell! (runs off)
    GT :: I'm here
    JJ :: good
    AEvans :: Tony say something!!! smile
    cc :: Ok let's do it
    JJ :: I am happy I can chat with you....and everyone too
    GT :: no foreplay right CC
    cc :: I got a tit in my rib
    AEvans :: mmmm... cc is doing it with who??
    GT :: squeeze it
    JJ :: is it a 36 may be mine...I thought you were GT
    cc :: haha I did
    AEvans :: I feel like we are free from others for awhile but we are altogether!!
    JJ :: yes FREE
    cc :: small don't know size
    cc :: fgree at alst
    AEvans :: Oh My someone is squeezing something , who is small????

    1. AEvans profile image70
      AEvansposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      Oh May,
      It was fun and we had a great time I still wonder who the vistitor's were. mmmmm well that is o.k. Seeing and reading it is hilarious and I could only imagine what people with think!!