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Missing Category

  1. Sue Adams profile image95
    Sue Adamsposted 2 years ago

    Missing Topic "Body Language"

    I have in front of me the complete list of HP topics

    Searching for where to categorize several articles on "Body Language", the only single entry for "Body Language" in the entire topics tree is under:

    .Cats & Cat Breeds (915 Hubs)
        .Cat Accessories & Beds (34 Hubs)
        .Cat Behavior (148 Hubs)
            .Cat Body Language (20 Hubs)
            .Cat Meowing & Sounds (14 Hubs)

    If cats can have body language, why not humans?
    Even the term "Body" is missing from the topic tree.
    Being a health, movement and body expert, I find this appalling. There are so many issues relating to the body.

    May I suggest a new main category entitled "Body" under which many existing topics would fit in perfectly. Like, for example:
    Body Acne
    Body Art, Tattoos & Piercing
    Body Awareness
    Body Consciousness
    Body Composition
    Body Coach
    Body Glove (wetsuits)
    Body Health
    Body Jewelry
    Body Image
    Body Intelligence
    Body Language
    Body Movements
    Body Painting
    Body Parts
    Body Products
    Body Skin Care
    Body Sprays
    Body Talk
    Body Weight
    Body Weight Training

    Can we please add the category "Body"  including the subcategory "Body Language" to the topics tree?

    1. makingamark profile image63
      makingamarkposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      I think you're asking for too much. (I think) categories are linked to the number of hubs on that topic not what you'd like them to be.

      Now supposing HQ were prepared to create (say) three new categories which ones would you want highlighted?

      1. Sue Adams profile image95
        Sue Adamsposted 2 years agoin reply to this

        I am not asking for 3 new categories, just one: "Body". Then all the other currently miss-placed subcategories randomly scattered all over the place in the Topic Tree yet all relating to the human body could be moved under that main topic of "Body", including the missing category "Body Language".

        Hey, your body is all you've got to experience the wanderings of your life. Isn't that a major category?

    2. profile image0
      calculus-geometryposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      I'm sympathetic but I think you'll get far more traction if you suggest adding "Body Language" as a subcategory of an existing category.  Other forum threads from the past suggest staff are generally amenable to this.   "Social Skills & Etiquette" might be good enough for now.

      The likelihood HP will make a new main category called "Body" with all the subcats you propose is low considering that they didn't take the opportunity to refine existing categories before making this subdirectory change. For example, the whole "Education and Science" category is filled with all kinds of totally unrelated topics and HP doesn't really care.

      1. Sue Adams profile image95
        Sue Adamsposted 2 years agoin reply to this

        That's exactly my point. Maybe now is the time to majorly overhaul the categories so that the main categories more precisely relate to the content of a hub. It's a job that, I feel, is now overdue and a very important one at that.

        If HP strives to be an authoritative site on other things than cookie recipes, then here is their chance to achieve that goal. But you need a certain amount of intelligence to achieve this. The intelligence is there in the common knowledge of some expert hubbers.

        It wouldn't be too difficult to do in Excel. Expand and simplify. More main categories, fewer sub-categories is the way to go.

        I, for one, would be willing to give my time free of charge to help sort out the Topics Tree in a way that most hub titles neatly fit into their appropriate main category.

  2. psycheskinner profile image83
    psycheskinnerposted 2 years ago

    "Body language" is not a widely used terms in relation to animals.  I think "behavior" is sufficient.

    1. Sue Adams profile image95
      Sue Adamsposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      Exactly, but it is widely used for humans, yet it doesn't feature at all in the Topics Tree. Asif only cats are allowed to express themselves in body language but not humans.

  3. makingamark profile image63
    makingamarkposted 2 years ago

    You'd do better if you established how many hubs there might be in each category