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I'd like feedback on my article: China Africa & US – Trade Relations with...

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    Anupam Chandaposted 4 months ago

    Hi Hubbers,

    I'd like some help with passing the Quality Assessment Process. Will you please give feedback on my article]China Africa & US – Trade Relations with India] (must be signed in to view). What can I do to improve? Thanks!

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    pen promulgatesposted 4 months ago

    Hi Anupam,
    Welcome to HP.
    I can't access the article as there is no link. In the email you have received from the QAP team, a link is available at the bottom of the email. Post that here. We will be happy to help then.

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      Anupam Chandaposted 4 months agoin reply to this


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    Rupert Taylorposted 4 months ago

    Pen, if you go to his profile there is a link.

    My view is that this is quite academic whereas HubPages is looking for magazine-style articles.

    Here's a sample sentence with a few suggested changes. It's long and convoluted.

    "Therefore in this context of the fast changing equations (do equations change? I'm probably the wrong person to adjudicate this), India’s bilateral trade promises with China, Africa and the US is (are) set to become the most potent instrument for resolving political difficulties and facilitating progress in actualising (Oh dear. Ghastly word) strategic partnership (plural) for the future."

    Large blocks of type don't go down well with readers on mobile platforms, which is where most HP users view the content.

    The piece needs more copyright-free visuals.

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      Anupam Chandaposted 4 months agoin reply to this


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    AliciaCposted 4 months ago

    At least some of the text in the article appears on other sites. For example, the first part of the article appears in the main text section at http://www.globalpolicyjournal.com/site … Africa.pdf . You will need to write articles in your own words in order to pass the Quality Assessment Process.

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      Anupam Chandaposted 4 months agoin reply to this


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    Venkatachari Mposted 4 months ago

    It is a very intelligent article giving some rich data on bilateral trade between the countries. But the content is in a running form with no sub-headings and images. You need to break the whole content into suitable sections and give headings to each section. Also, include three images related to the content to make it appealing. I don't know whether you used the text capsules to insert the paragraphs or not. Use the text capsule format by giving suitable sub-title to each section and putting the matter in the capsule. Images are to be added with the help of photo capsules with suitable heading to each image and a caption below it. Only legal images without any copyright issues to be added. Insert the image capsules in between the text capsules at suitable places. You can add a table capsule also to compare figures of imports and exports during different years with different countries.

    But, one thing you may need to be aware of is that there will not be any development in bilateral trade with China in coming years as India is banning Chinese goods now. You may or may not point out this fact.

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      Anupam Chandaposted 4 months agoin reply to this

      Agree. Thanks.