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If I Invest $1000 To Buy Articles At $1 Each To Post On Hubpages, Can I Get My M

  1. ngureco profile image83
    ngurecoposted 8 years ago

    If I Invest $1000 To Buy Articles At $1 Each To Post On Hubpages, Can I Get My Money Back?

    I Believe I Can Buy A 500-Words Article For $1 Each But Is This Morally Right? Can Hubpages Allow Me To Do This?

  2. MakeEasyCash profile image70
    MakeEasyCashposted 8 years ago

    I would think if you are buying the "rights" to the articles it is fine.. - that entails buying the ability to copy them and redistribute them... Morally.. and ethically.. well that all depends on what you believe in. Personally I would read each one carefully to see if it is even interesting enough to post.. and to get readers.. - but 500 words isn't that much to do yourself. - now to get your money back... thats another story.. and that would go back to the genre of the article... is it interesting enough to get traffic? Do people actually want to read about it? etc... -

  3. mr williams profile image49
    mr williamsposted 8 years ago

    It depends on certain factors such as the length of the article, the topic, and the purpose of the article. If its a debate or a how-to article, it may convert better. If its just random information, you may have a problem earning from them. There are alternatives to buying articles. You can actually get quality information free of charge.

  4. Marisa Wright profile image98
    Marisa Wrightposted 8 years ago

    I doubt anyone would sell you unique, high quality articles for $1 each. If you buy articles that are already published elsewhere, they won't make money on HubPages, so there's no point.

  5. rmshdc profile image61
    rmshdcposted 8 years ago

    HubPages require unique contents and articles.  Articles taken off from websites are marked as DUPLICATE and you get low hubscore as well.

    To really make money on the hubpages you need to write articles in YOUR OWN WORDS.  As FREE TIP to you, you can browse Amazon products and write one article for each products each day.

  6. misstan profile image59
    misstanposted 8 years ago

    make sure ou do keyword research so that your topic is the one that highly search for

  7. dabeaner profile image57
    dabeanerposted 8 years ago

    Where are you able to get articles for $1, that are not just exact duplicate copies of some other article off the web?  I didn't know that even Indians worked that cheap to generate somewhat original content.
    Please, let me know where this is possible.  :-)

    You can post all the duplicate articles you want on HubPages.  But HP will flag them as duplicate and you will make no money back with them.

  8. theboxmeister profile image59
    theboxmeisterposted 7 years ago

    IF you buy the articles !
    You still have to promote these articles so that they can be founded.

  9. WA Christopher J. profile image74
    WA Christopher J.posted 7 years ago

    Highly qualitative Hubs can generate more traffic and money than Highly quantitative Hubs. You don't even need 1000 articles. Save your money. Share your brain with the world.

    My eBook review Hub of "How To Live Anywhere" may point you in the right direction to understanding how to make money on Hubpages. (hint, hint)

  10. Dr. Poeta Diablo profile image82
    Dr. Poeta Diabloposted 7 years ago

    If the seller has not posted the content or used it in any other way such as selling to another person, then it will be unique. But at such prices it is guaranteed to be a junk article written to pass off as an "article" with no value.

  11. idreesfarooq profile image75
    idreesfarooqposted 7 years ago

    I don't think so you will get your money back but why you want to do so? use your own thoughts and share your experiences with us at hubpages. We all here at hubpages not only think about to make money but also to provide helpful tips to all others. So i suggest you to do your own research and write an hubpage for us. We will welcome you.

  12. Harry Santos profile image52
    Harry Santosposted 7 years ago

    if i had $1000 I won't even think of hubpages. I'd go eat or something haha

  13. forlan profile image56
    forlanposted 7 years ago

    Perhaps but i doubt about the quality of the article. Is the article good? You still morally right as long you honest. Hubpages can allow you as long you honest too/

  14. SteveoMc profile image75
    SteveoMcposted 7 years ago

    I am a slow writer.   I am probably the slowest there is.  At the rate you suggested, if I tried to make them my best, and I put all I could into them, you would be paying me about 25 cents an hour for them....I suspect that I would sell them for a dollar if I was at the bottom of an abyss and the elevator required $1, and I did not have $1.   Of if I was stuck in New York City, and the only rest room around cost $1, I would probably sell one of my stories for $1.   

    If you would like to advance me $1000, I agree to send you a story every time I find myself in one of these predicaments.  Until you have 1000 stories.

  15. profile image45
    sikder1posted 7 years ago

    Yes, this is possible to get double or triple or more. It depends on the quality of the artcile. SEO friendly artcile you  should get produced. But you need  to wait a couple of years!

  16. eyewearspy profile image55
    eyewearspyposted 7 years ago

    That is really not a matter if you buy or make your own article to publish on hubs. All you need to do to get your money back by doing a lot of stuff to your hubs. One way is to promote it online to get your hubs more popular to search engines and to other people. In that way, you can earn from your hubs and later on you can find that you spend money is already back.

  17. Shakespril profile image60
    Shakesprilposted 7 years ago

    I have no idea.

    But you can try, at least.

  18. Jamus McKenna profile image56
    Jamus McKennaposted 7 years ago

    Simple answer: No.

    Use the money to educate yourself on your niche so you can write your OWN 1000 articles.

    I was told you can put an average $20 income each month on each article you post, so there is some incentive for you to get going NOW! smile

  19. cluense profile image75
    cluenseposted 7 years ago

    In my opinion, Article writing is not a "Get Rich Quick" Job. Yes, I call it a job, because to me it is. It has taken me over 1 year to finally get my first $100.00 check from Google. I just started writing full-time and have seen my revenue jump up. However, it took me a while to learn how to write articles that convert to sales (clicks).

    Furthermore, it took me fiddling and experimenting with what works and with does not work. Even if you pay for your articles you still need to know your audience, niche market, SEO, and the like so that you can know a good article when you see it (ie buy it).

    Therefore, In my personal experience, you would do best to learn article writing, spinning, SEO, and page ranking to name a few. It takes an average of 30 days to see any real money on a particular article. Also, you never know which article will bring you in the most money. I always write an article and think this is the one and an older articles traffic begins going through the roof! Google loves aged articles and the only thing you can do is write, build, and wait! 

    Remember, content is KING and only you know your niche market well enough to write about it!

    In conclusion, I would not invest $1,000.00 to buy articles when I can lean how to write them for free here on HubPages!

  20. Josh2008 profile image58
    Josh2008posted 7 years ago

    That money would be better spent marketing your existing articles. Anything written at $1 won't be good enough for hub pages, atleast in my experience. Ezine Articles won't say no to most of the $1 stuff though.

  21. Dangazzm profile image79
    Dangazzmposted 7 years ago

    I am going to ACTUALLY answer this question.

    If you can, then yes but keep in mind there are going to be a lot of problems with buying your articles like this. Get a sample first of say 5 articles. Review them look for ALL POSSIBLE errors and cross check that they aren't plagiarized. I can come up with 1000 articles for you, but I wouldn't have written a word of it and they can do the same thing!

    Is it morally right? Well... yea some people think of Hubpages as a social network and will say NO. Not entirely true though, morality is in the eyes of who you are talking to. I think it is as long as it isn't stolen and you own SOLE RIGHTS to the work, this means the person you are buying from agrees that they are YOUR articles now and will not use them at all, not for anything ANYWHERE! This is called Ghostwriting, he writes something and you can legally say you wrote it.

    Hubpages will allow it as long as you have SOLE RIGHTS, and it isn't stolen content... oh and the other rules, as long as they apply to you and the articles then you will be fine.

    Could you make your money back? I personally think so if magically they were good to maybe great articles and you did all the research for all 1000 articles so you know you can make your money there. I mean at $1 per article... its hard to loose money, but if you don't research enough it will take a while to do it.

  22. Curtis Aron profile image81
    Curtis Aronposted 7 years ago

    I don't think that you would get quality articles at $1 a piece.  I think that the money would be better spent on the promotion of well written hubs.

  23. smelloftruth profile image59
    smelloftruthposted 7 years ago

    It all depends if the article has commercial value.

  24. slc334 profile image42
    slc334posted 7 years ago

    Anybody on Hubpages for the long haul would say yes, you would make your money back.  As long as the articles are good quality and original, 20 hubs can make you 10 bucks a month. With 1000, there is no reason you can't make 500 a year.  That argues against it though too, because who would sell you an article for a dollar, when they'll get more than that by sitting on it?
    Great idea, but I don't know how feasible.