Cannot get past first set-up screen - WHY? HELP?

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  1. Caregiver-007 profile image59
    Caregiver-007posted 10 years ago

    Okay, so I've posted a title.  Less than 120 characters with spaces.  No quotation marks, not HTML, no nothing except clean text.

    AND, I've entered the URL...  Well, the with the first one, when I got down to the bottom to click to create the hub, nothing happened.  Was it my computer, my DSL connection, something else?  No error messages of any kind.  Tried over and over.  Different URLs.  Different keywords / tags.  Anything.... Nothing..

    Computer and browser worked just fine on everything else

    Finally, tried one URL and had a screen pop up saying why don't I be the first to build a Hub on that topic.  Ah, I thought I was finally in.  But it took me back to the same simple - yet unperforming - original page.  And with the same URL it agreed I should use, again, nothing happened.

    I tried different tags.  I tried single-word tags.  I tried different combinations of everything.  But still I could NOT advance to the next page to build the very good Hub I spend days researching and have in Word ready to paste into the Hub....

    WHAT is going on?  How in the world does someone fail to move forward with such simple boxes to fill in and such simple instructions?  (title, URL, tags)

    I must be missing something incredibly simple, and I'm going to feel quite foolish when I know what it is.  But that's better than missing it altogether!

    So, please HELP!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Marisa Wright profile image96
    Marisa Wrightposted 10 years ago

    I think there may be a problem with the site.  I have done a few Hubs, so I know what I'm doing - and today, I tried to answer a Request and couldn't get past the first screen.  I can enter the name, URL, tags - but the Continue button doesn't work. 

    There were a few other problems too, like the News Capsules not working and the Edit capsule not accepting text.  I'm sure the Hub team are busy working on it all!

  3. pauldeeds profile imageSTAFF
    pauldeedsposted 10 years ago

    The problem with text capsules should now be fixed.  My apologies.

  4. Caregiver-007 profile image59
    Caregiver-007posted 10 years ago

    Thank you, Marisa.  I was beginning to think it was ME!  Spent hours...

    But then I started thinking God let this happen for a purpose.  In the midst of all of this, I stumbled upon a Hub of someone hurting who has some related caregiver issues. 

    Then you answered - And some of my personal issues relate to the manuscript I know it will be time to publish next year.  I know I must be "mediagenic" and have a sound marketing plan first...

    And the caregiver issue is on my heart, having been living it the last 5 years.  The topic of this first Hub is "Caregiver Burnout" - something with which I am familiar.  Quite a divergence from my many years in the corporate executive arena. 

    Another life, another season...

    And yes, there IS life after 50... and love... 

    Know what?  It's going to be even better after 60!

    You see, when my husband died (I was just 45) and there was much other death in the family, I reassured my young son that nothing was going to happen to me.  After Noah's flood, man's days were numbered at 120 - So that meant I wouldn't even start the second half of my life until I turned 60 - and then I was going to DO IT RIGHT based upon what I learned in the first half!

    Well, in May 2007 I turned 60. And guess what?  That's still my story, and I'm sticking to it!!!

    I'm looking forward to getting to know you.  Dancer, huh?  I LOVE dance - but after a lower back injury at age 17, I had to give up ballet and, well...  no back leg lifts or great arched backs (I had a fabulous arch!), but ballroom is otherwise just fine.  (So was all the pop stuff when I was in college!)   Professional dancers of each genre I enjoy and admire...

    And I admire those who joyfully leap forward into the unknown to create new lives in the new seasons of life!

    As I am doing.  It's all NEW...

    Congratulations on your marriage, too.  Youngsters don't have any clue how incredibly beautiful and intense love can be as you mature.  Like a fine wine...  better... better...  It is certainly my aspiration to remarry, too... But it had to be the RIGHT one!  "Good" is the worst enemy of "best," getting people to settle.  I decided long ago that I "wanted it all, or nothing at all!"  (I know I have found him after these 15 years of widowhood, and he's wonderful!)

    Have a great evening.  And thank you for your kindness in answering.  It relieved more of my frustration than you probably realize!

    Oh, and how does one get "friends" on Hub?  I've been building Squidoo lenses (over 20 with a friend so far, different identities) and our website, but this is my first Hub attempt.  I'd like to become a part of this community - but I'm selective in my friends.  I know I would like to have you as my friend - or I wouldn't have shared so much above that is intensely personal!

    Thank you, new friend,


  5. Lissie profile image79
    Lissieposted 10 years ago

    Fran - this is an open forum - everyone can see your reply! You can become a fan of people click on their picture to the left of the forum post and you will get the option to leave fan mail (again this is public).  You may be able to send an email to a hubber but this is an option that hubbers can turn on or off - on the right hand side of their profile page under their hubs you may see an option of contact (near the RSS feed symbol).
    If you want to delete the above post I will edit my first sentance out - its the middle of the night in the US so not too many people on right now!

  6. Marisa Wright profile image96
    Marisa Wrightposted 10 years ago

    Thanks for sharing, Fran.  I'm not on Squidoo so I don't know how their friend network works.   Here on HubPages, you can become someone's "fan", which means you are notified when they publish new Hubs - which is not quite the same thing, but a good way of staying in touch.  You'll see the button on the Profile page.  There's also a button to email in the same box.

    I'm glad your frustrations had a silver lining!

  7. Lela Davidson profile image85
    Lela Davidsonposted 10 years ago

    I am having trouble too.  This has happened in the past and it clears up after a while.  I hope?

  8. pauldeeds profile imageSTAFF
    pauldeedsposted 10 years ago

    This seems to be caused by deploying new builds to the site.  I'm actively working on figuring out why that is, but in the mean time the solution, if you're having trouble, is to hold down SHIFT and then click refresh (or hit F5) on any page on the site.  That will force your browser to refresh all the static files that HubPages references, such as javascript and style sheets.


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