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Does your blog/hub need to be six months old before you'll be given an Adsense a

  1. Tom_Radford profile image63
    Tom_Radfordposted 7 years ago

    Does your blog/hub need to be six months old before you'll be given an Adsense account?

    I've read a lot of conflicting information about this and I'd really like to know if I just have to wait half a year before I can actually gain any revenue from my writing (no matter how small) or wether they will review my progress and give me an account? Any true experiences dear hubbers would be very useful. Did this happen to any of you guys? Any tips?

  2. leslielesson profile image53
    leslielessonposted 7 years ago

    I've had adsense be approved with a site that was only 5 days old and had 7 articles.

    Of course a site that new will have next to no traffic so it is pointless to throw the code up, but approval can be that quick nonetheless.

  3. nicregi profile image76
    nicregiposted 7 years ago

    Nope. never happen to me before. It got approved within a week time.

  4. SIJO1 profile image72
    SIJO1posted 7 years ago

    Hi Tom, my account was up and running within 48 hours i think you should maybe go through the process again as it shouldnt take this long.

  5. E.M. Bly profile image57
    E.M. Blyposted 7 years ago

    Adsense does not tend to be very difficult to qualify for and once you do qualify you can add the code onto whatever site you like, as far as I'm aware. The only real restriction is against pornographic material, or other content deemed offensive.

    The Google bots come by from time to time to spider your site or blog and if they see something they deem objectionable the ads will disappear. As far as I know (I've heard secondhand but have no firsthand experience with this) it does not cancel your account and once said content is removed the ads will return.

  6. smcopywrite profile image27
    smcopywriteposted 7 years ago

    i am not certain what criteria adsense uses as to whether or not you are provided with an adsense account.
    there is a lot of information on the web but not specific to hub pages.

  7. JT Walters profile image79
    JT Waltersposted 6 years ago

    If you are in certain countries, yes, it takes six months.  But in other countries it does not.  I am in a country that it doesn't atke six months but it will take six months to actually earn enough money to get paid.