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Hubpages are potentially disheartening if they don't get the kind of response yo

  1. Matthew Rogerson profile image56
    Matthew Rogersonposted 7 years ago

    Hubpages are potentially disheartening if they don't get the kind of response you were looking...

    for. With this in mind how can you stay motivated so you feel as if you want to keep writing hubs, with the view that their popularity will increase?

  2. BaliMermaid profile image54
    BaliMermaidposted 7 years ago

    On the contrary - Hub Pages should be looked upon as a personal challenge that any one can succeed at. If you don't succeed then you have not done your homework. All the help, information and advice you could ever need is in just waiting for you in the forums and with the long term members of the Hub Pages community.

    I know that this is correct because if I can do it, anyone can do it.
    So spend some time checking out the forums, start with the FAQ and get after it. There is money to be made, respect an pride to be gained.

    You Can Do It

  3. okmom23 profile image79
    okmom23posted 7 years ago

    Matthew-Welcome to Hubpages! I see you are a new member and already have quite a bit of activity! Getting the kind of response you want takes time, research and patience from what I understand. The Learning Center is a great place to find ideas to promote your hubs, and the forums are a wonderful place to meet other hubbers. Read about the contest which just began, it offers hubbers an opportunity to win some cash in January! Then there are many interesting hubs, written by very talented writers on this site. Look for groups that interest you and join them. Keep on writing, review your hubs and tweak them on a consistent basis. These are the tips I have learned so far, and I have more to learn!
    I hope this gives you some help.

  4. Matthew Rogerson profile image56
    Matthew Rogersonposted 7 years ago

    Thank you okmum, I'll head over to the forums and see what is going on. I guess I am just an impatient person.. I need to work on that!

  5. katescottuk profile image56
    katescottukposted 7 years ago

    I have to agree with BaliMermaid...

    Hubpages are like everything else in life - you only get back what you put in. If you write hubs in a 'half-hearted' way and do not research your topic, then you will only have mediocre responses...

    Write with a passion and the rest will follow!

  6. Dumbledore profile image87
    Dumbledoreposted 7 years ago

    I agree with Balimermaid.  I have been wrting on hubpages for a little over three years and I have noticed that the performance of my hubs is directly related to the effort I put into the writing.  I have also read many of the hubs published by the hub elite on topics related to improving the results of my writing.

    IF you want to succede, then take your time, do your research, and do not give up.

  7. Pollyannalana profile image86
    Pollyannalanaposted 7 years ago

    Well I understand what you are saying and maybe not saying. You can see your writing is better than some others with higher ratings maybe? They don't have the suggested 400 words, they misspell, they don't even make sense yet they stay ahead of you? But I am not here for money, I decided that wasn't working long ago. I just have fun and get my name out there and building my own site. Also don't forget to check to see at the top of your stories how many are reading you, there are probably many more than ones who are responding. (writing a comment)Also be sure to go to others hubs and make a comment that seems to add to your rating and besides that people will get to know you and many as I do always repay a visit with a visit. Always give a thanks when people do comment on your hubs, I notice a few who don't and i find that somewhat insulting so usually do not go back.

  8. humagaia profile image56
    humagaiaposted 7 years ago

    Firstly, what kind of response were you looking for? Is it readership or income?
    As in all things there is never an absolute straightforward answer.
    If it is readership you crave then you can get that from a number of places:
    Hubbers will read your articles if they are aware of them. How do they become aware? By being interested in what you say. This can be achieved by writing in categories that are well supported; making interesting comments on other hubbers articles; participating in discussions on the forums; answering questions; obtaining fans (be aware that your hubscore will be affected negatively if you go out and become a fan of all and sundry to try to obtain reciprocation).
    Next you will get readers if your hub is sufficiently well written and optimized such that search engines rank them high enough in their search results pages. This is an art and a science and also a lottery.
    If it is money that you crave then all your work gaining interest from hubbers is a waste of time if you only use adsense. Amazon and ebay are a little different. Income is generated from hubs that are successful in the search results game. And picking the right subjects that attract the best paying adsense ads is not an overnight process.
    Stay motivated by understanding that time is the factor that increases your readership and income. The longer you stick with it the more chance you have of increases either or both. If you produce regularly and that produce is good and/or effective then both readership and income will increase month on month. You will find you start low and you can become disheartened, but after 6 months or a year or maybe even two years you will understand that consistent effort produces results.
    Also remember that there is no rule to say that you have to put all your eggs in one basket. Diversify your output and the ways you monetize. And don't forget that promoting your articles works as long as it is not too overt.
    Stick with it - you will be rewarded and those rewards are residual - once produced, the income generated by each hub accrues year on year. Work towards your retirement pension!

  9. Pcunix profile image92
    Pcunixposted 7 years ago

    You've been here six days and you are disheartened?

    Give it a few months and see if you don't feel better.

  10. bogerk profile image68
    bogerkposted 7 years ago

    I think you have to enjoy writing and pick a topic you enjoy writing on.

    If it becomes a job to write on Hubpages, you will probably quit because you probably already have a job or school or other responsibility to tend to.

    So, just write because you love to, and if it is good, you will probably start to see a $ or two roll in.

    At least that's what I keep telling myself smile

  11. alexhd57 profile image74
    alexhd57posted 7 years ago

    Hi Mat,

    You've received a lot of good advice above; I think you really need to define (if only for yourself) what your goals are and then using all the advice and help that is freely available and offered work towards those giving yourself time for things to happen.