How much time do you spend researching your hubs?

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  1. Denise Handlon profile image85
    Denise Handlonposted 12 years ago

    How much time do you spend researching your hubs?

  2. chasemillis profile image70
    chasemillisposted 12 years ago

    I usually write about things that I know about, so I only have to look up a little bit to make sure what I write is right. I probably never spend more than 30 minutes to an hour researching

  3. Tweetmom profile image68
    Tweetmomposted 12 years ago

    Great question Denise,

    Before i started writing, i would spent 30 minutes in further reading about the topic i am about to write. After that, i would do full blown 20 minutes of full flow writing without stop. This helps to increase my muse in the topic. Finally i will be spending 15 minutes reading it over and over again for errors and do a little bit of tweaking here and there.

    I hope by doing this everyday, the minutes will get shorter as we will become more good at it.

  4. Daffy Duck profile image60
    Daffy Duckposted 12 years ago

    As much time as needed in order to put out a good hub.

  5. J.S.Matthew profile image76
    J.S.Matthewposted 12 years ago

    Most of the Hubs that I write are from a personal interest or something I know about. If I am writing about something  new or something I don't know much about, it could take me a few hours to a few days to get all  the information that I need. I find that it takes me several hours to research, write and develop each Hub and then I edit it and add suggestions and tags. Sometimes I like to sit on a Hub for days or even weeks until I know that I am ready to publish.


  6. Denise Handlon profile image85
    Denise Handlonposted 12 years ago

    I'm a combination.  But, I'm glad to know that I am not the only one who spends a lot of time researching some hubs before publishing. 

    Personal stuff is easy-no problem with that one.

  7. Faceless39 profile image90
    Faceless39posted 12 years ago

    Many, many, many hours.  Even if I'm writing about something I know about, I consult others to give me a fuller picture and to help me outline my thoughts.

  8. lburmaster profile image74
    lburmasterposted 12 years ago

    I research while I write. It only takes 20 minutes to write a lengthy hub with good information. On some topics I know the information and don't have to do any research.

  9. DonnaCosmato profile image89
    DonnaCosmatoposted 12 years ago

    It really depends on whether I am writing from life experience (fashion, for instance) or on a topic where I have less experience or I'm writing because I'm interested in learning more about a subject. However, even when I'm writing something where I have years of experience (Sunday school lessons, for instance,) I always invest some research time to make sure I am current on the subject and presenting the most factual information for my audience.

    In addition, I keep and file my research notes so I can quickly refer back to them when I'm writing on a similar subject. I group my articles so I'm writing on a topic - say plus size fashion - and I research the whole group at one time because many times the information is inter-related.

    Time is money, so I keep an eye on the clock while I researching to make sure I don't go off on a tangent and start following rabbit trails :-)

  10. edhan profile image38
    edhanposted 12 years ago

    As much time as I needed to be able to express myself clearer so that it is easy to understanding.

    Better to be clear and define so it will convey the message of what is being written.

  11. Inspiremeon profile image60
    Inspiremeonposted 12 years ago

    None...I think and write them all at once...if I research too long I lose the value of my thoughts...since it all comes from my heart in earnest, research will not really help me, because what I share comes from the 'research of experience and endurances' upon my life and all my feelings...not sure that makes sense...guess that makes me either odd or...unique...each of my blogs is an adventure from my inner mind and my genuine heart just kind of flows...out....

  12. cat on a soapbox profile image97
    cat on a soapboxposted 12 years ago

    I select the topics that I know pretty well. I probably spend  30 min to 1hr. researching specific details before I write.

  13. PMS9 profile image67
    PMS9posted 12 years ago

    sometimes within one day ( if the topic is very clear to me ), otherwise it take me max one week.

  14. Danette Watt profile image80
    Danette Wattposted 12 years ago

    If it is a topic that I know a lot about, I don't do much, maybe just enough to confirm my facts.

    If it's something I don't know much about, I do a little research when I first get the idea to see if it's something I really want to write on and to get an idea how long the research will take. This also helps me to narrow the topic if it's broad. If I decide to go with it, then I take an hour or two to surf the internet and do some reading. While I'm doing that, I'm taking notes or copying them to refer to later offline.

    But I'm trying to streamline my writing more by sticking with just a few topics I'm more familiar with so I don't spend hours on research.

  15. pj banky profile image60
    pj bankyposted 12 years ago

    I spend nothing less than 1 hour  to do that. Some are just twenty or thirty minutes, it depends on the topic or niche I want to hub. Some may take longer period.

  16. Rosie2010 profile image68
    Rosie2010posted 12 years ago

    I love doing research so I spend a lot of time researching subjects and would sometimes leave them alone for days until I'm ready to sit down and write about it.  There are times that I would leave it unpublished and check and recheck, do more editing before I submit it for publication.  On my first month, I did the 30hubs in 30days challenge.. I was climbing up the wall the last few days. lol But I finished it. Yay!  This month I'm also doing the Aprilhubchallenge.. it's only the 9th day so far so good.  Even when I need to publish a hub a day, I still spend lots of time researching my topic.. unless I'm really familiar with it, but I still do a little research to make sure the facts are accurate.

  17. thejeffriestube profile image59
    thejeffriestubeposted 12 years ago

    If I know the topic, then it's just a few minutes to research a few key points, and then the write up. If it's something I want to write about because I want to learn about it, that could take days, but the benefit is great.

  18. Kofantom profile image70
    Kofantomposted 12 years ago

    Well anything from 1 to a maximum of three hours smile

  19. wingedcentaur profile image66
    wingedcentaurposted 12 years ago

    I'm always researching. I go to the public library a lot and I usually have a black marble notebook with me. Even if I don't check out any books to take home, I flip through some books there. If I find any information that I even think I might use sometime, given the subjects I write about here on HubPages, I will write down the full title of the book, the name of the publisher, city published in and the year published, and the page number the specific information is on, I and keep that information.

    In other words, I am constantly in a state-of-research. Therefore when I sit down to write a hub, I do not have to make a separate task of researching it. I already have the statistics, information, quotes, and all the citation information I need at my fingertips.

  20. Radamel profile image61
    Radamelposted 12 years ago

    I think researching is the most important part of hubbing because you have to find a good niche to write..

    Finding good and interesting niche is really difficult. Without good niche and proper tags, your hub is nothing.

  21. Bmosaics profile image61
    Bmosaicsposted 12 years ago

    Sometimes it take me days, some even weeks. I like to research for as long as I possibly can in order to provide the best and most accurate information.

  22. amylela profile image61
    amylelaposted 12 years ago

    more than an hour>> for research and writing

  23. philirodje profile image61
    philirodjeposted 12 years ago

    When i started writing hubs, i only wrote what i knew but later on, i realized  that some of my hubs are shallow due to lack of enough information. But now, i do enough research and i think its better to gather all necessary information's to make your hubs beautiful. It may take more than just an hour or two the most important is to be satisfied.

  24. Wayne Brown profile image82
    Wayne Brownposted 12 years ago

    Not a lot of time goes into the research side for me. I may do a bit if the subject matter is foreign to me but i think there is a tipping point where the research does you little good and actually overwhelms your writing depends greatly on what you are writing about of course. Stephen King once advised that in order to excell as a writer that you needed to write about what you know.  He said that for a reason. When oen writes of thing totally unknown they open themselves up to a void of imagination and emotion. That may be fine if you are writing a "How To" article on laying tile but it does not work in most other areas.  WB

  25. profile image0
    CollBposted 12 years ago

    Over a period of time.

    My hubs are of topics I've known about over the years and the Hubpages 'how to', tips and info ideas have meant I now put these ideas, tips and info in a hub-article!

    It's subject-matters I know about in-depth and hence I just back my info, ideas and tips with a couple of articles/web links with my own photos - as I knew I'd write about these topics at some stage.

  26. istephan profile image61
    istephanposted 12 years ago

    Well, that depends. Sometimes it may take long to research as new to the topic while sometimes it may take few minutes only as I may be close to the topic and some vibes are coming through the instincts I've got to write.

  27. Phasmatis profile image71
    Phasmatisposted 12 years ago

    Depending on the topic it can range from something I already know to a couple hours, to a couple months as for The Fall of Russian Freedom.

  28. The Reminder profile image74
    The Reminderposted 12 years ago

    It depends. If it's a topic I know well my research will last no more than 20 minutes but if it's a new topic I will take the time needed to make sure my sources are good.

  29. spotlight19 profile image45
    spotlight19posted 12 years ago

    Sometimes i take several days or three to two days it depends on the subject that I want to write about.

  30. 6hotfingers3 profile image59
    6hotfingers3posted 12 years ago

    I can easily spend an hour our two researching information for my hubs. Then it may take about another hour or more to compose, revise and submit the hub. For me that is a good day for me.

  31. socialigence01 profile image57
    socialigence01posted 5 years ago

    Research takes a lot of time. Be patient and open. With persistence and ingenuity, you can learn almost anything cheap and well.


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