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Google and Hubpages

  1. froch profile image82
    frochposted 6 years ago

    Google and Hubpages

    Google changed its algorithm of search engine some time ago. It is sad that - by this changes - sites like Hubpages lost most of revenue. In the face of this, has it any influence on your income?

  2. profile image0
    rorshak sobchakposted 6 years ago

    I wasn't aware of this change froch.

    I heard something else that might influence Hubs income.

    I was reading the hubpages help center. Hubs said that there was a new change; and every hubber had to get their own subdomain name. Hubs isn't sure or not if this will have a positive or negative impact on our income.

    I guess we just have to keep our fingers crossed.

    To answer your question. My main income is on Hubs. I make pennies on Google Adsense.

  3. ratnaveera profile image70
    ratnaveeraposted 6 years ago

    But recently I felt good changes in traffic for some of my Hubs. It looks soon HubPages will get back its previous traffic! I think Google will always love sites like HubPages, a great and beautiful one with attractive features.

  4. ibbarkingmad profile image84
    ibbarkingmadposted 6 years ago

    I think it is bad for content farm crap (which I think should be deleted) while good for quality articles.

  5. Cardisa profile image92
    Cardisaposted 6 years ago

    I signed up if February, I think that's around the same time that Panda struck. I struggled for a while to catch up but during the past three or four months things have improved.

    Since the domain switch, at first it was slow but my traffic is gradually seeing a great improvement. and so the few dollars I make each month is also improving. I figure in another three to six months things will improve a lot for everyone. We just need to be patient.

    I am fixing that my HubPages account to be able to make some good money for me. I am currently unemployed so this has to work for me. I think it will as I am already seeing positive results.