Are you getting the results that you expected when you started writing hubs in h

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  1. Ruchi Urvashi profile image69
    Ruchi Urvashiposted 7 years ago

    Are you getting the results that you expected when you started writing hubs in hubpages?

  2. nicregi profile image75
    nicregiposted 7 years ago

    Hmm come to think of it, I started HP without any target or goal. I just love to write smile so, yeah the point I am now is better than what I imagined.

  3. jbrock2041 profile image78
    jbrock2041posted 7 years ago

    I didn't know what to expect when I first starting writing on HP only a few months ago. I did know I wanted to find somewhere to continue to write and get feedback from others so I can improve. That is happening, so that makes me happy. Now, I want to start exploring how to use HP to make a little extra money with ads. I don't know how to do that yet, so we'll see what comes along. Are you?

  4. emichael profile image74
    emichaelposted 7 years ago

    Honestly? No. I came here thinking it would be a fun way to make a little extra money. Since writing here I have made next to nothing.


    Despite all of that, I would say that my expectations have been EXCEEDED.

    While I haven't been able to make extra money, I have been more encouraged in my writing and thus more motivated that I have in a very long time. And I'll take that over a little extra cash any day.

  5. Senoritaa profile image84
    Senoritaaposted 7 years ago

    Yes. I didn't come her to make money (although I am grateful for whatever little I get). The point of my joining HP was to get a platform to express myself through the written word, and that has been a success. Also, reading the great posts by fellow hubbers give me added inspiration.

  6. Millionaire Tips profile image92
    Millionaire Tipsposted 7 years ago

    I came here to make money, and even though my earnings are increasing, it wasn't as much as I was expecting.  I have to be more patient! 

    I agree with emichael though that I am getting so much of what I wasn't expecting.  I didn't expect a vibrant community of people who support my writing and read what I wrote.  It encourages me to write more while I wait for my cash to build up.

    I also wasn't expecting to read so many hubs and expand my topics of interest, and learn more about things I know.

    So even though I didn't get what I was expecting, I got something much better.

  7. JEDIJESSICUH profile image81
    JEDIJESSICUHposted 7 years ago

    When I joined I read a lot of hubs that said I wouldn't start making money until six months and a hundred articles. I didn't expect to make anything in my first few days, and yet I've already made my first payout within three months of being here.

    This site is a lot of work. You have to find out what makes you money and go for it. I found my niche when it came to advertising and that's what helped me. So my expected results were lower than my actual ones, but that's not always the case for everyone here on HubPages.

  8. brittanytodd profile image90
    brittanytoddposted 7 years ago

    I didn't expect much since a lot of hubbers wrote that it takes a long time to earn (like jedijessicah said, six months), but the amount of money I get per day has been steadily increasing and I am looking forward to my payout sometime soon.

  9. john000 profile image95
    john000posted 7 years ago

    I think most of the answers here are dead on. When I began writing hubs, I had already read a number of hubs about what to expect financially. I expected writing hubs to be hard work and limited in payout early on. That is what transpired. I just got my first payout not long ago having been with HubPages about 18 months.
    There are a lot of quality hubs here that have offered me great writing examples. That has exceeded my expectations. The advice found on HubPages has also exceeded my expectations.
    Writing is something I find myself looking forward to everyday. A lot of that has to do with how HubPages has treated me overall. It's a fair place with lots of encouragement and many talented people.
    Focusing on quality writing first and money second has left me feeling that my expectations about HubPages have been exceeded. But paradoxically or not, focusing on the quality will lead you to the money, in my opinion, faster than anything.

  10. Joan King profile image67
    Joan Kingposted 7 years ago

    My answer would be "no" as well. When I started writing online it wasn't for the money either but once I discovered I was making decent money at the sites I wrote  I felt even better about my writing and continued to branch out. While Hub Pages is my favourite site to write for I haven't made anything close to what I made at the other sites. So as fas as HP is concerned I truly only write for the pleasure of writing.

  11. Ruchi Urvashi profile image69
    Ruchi Urvashiposted 7 years ago

    When I came to hubpages, I wanted to create another source of passive income. I have yet to see significant money from hubpages but what i truly got is lot of ideas about improving my investment techniques. After my newborn baby, I was a bit isolated investor and making good money but it was becoming boring. Here, I have lot of interaction with people and that makes writing article and investing very enjoyable. Hubpages also gave me a place where I can share my ideas with my friends and family and leave a small but valuable legacy. Thanks hubpages.


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