The Apprenticeship Program - What am I in for?

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  1. SidKemp profile image88
    SidKempposted 11 years ago

    The Apprenticeship Program - What am I in for?

    I'm actually really excited that I'm starting the Apprenticeship program in June. But I'm a bit apprehensive, too. Any folks out there already in it want to give a glimpse of what's in store? Particularly, how many hours a month are good to devote to the program? Any tips for getting the most out of it.

  2. profile image0
    Team Leaderposted 11 years ago

    Hello Sid,

    I am very grateful that you posted this question as I am also considering to participate in this program. I will be following any comments. Cheers and keep us posted.

    Your 'Team Leader'

    1. SidKemp profile image88
      SidKempposted 11 years agoin reply to this

      I plan to add my own experiences with the Apprenticeship program as soon as I have some. And I think you would be a great fit, Team Leader.

  3. cheaptoys profile image60
    cheaptoysposted 11 years ago

    what is this program and how do u sign up for it?

    1. SidKemp profile image88
      SidKempposted 11 years agoin reply to this

      From HubPages, 30 Hubbers/month, selected from those who apply, get 6 mo. training to make money on HubPages. To apply, go My Account, black-letter top menu, far right, click Apprenticeship. See Learning Center, Special Programs, Apprenticeship pgrm.

    2. Cre8tor profile image95
      Cre8torposted 11 years agoin reply to this

      You're teaching me...I didn't know you could sign up but I believe my group was part 2 of a test run on this. Glad that it's available to all now.

    3. SidKemp profile image88
      SidKempposted 11 years agoin reply to this

      Cre8tor - thanks for being our Guinea pig! The experimental session you are in worked so well that they opened up applications.

  4. leahlefler profile image94
    leahleflerposted 11 years ago

    Hi Sid,

    I am excited to start the June program, too - I just received my titles via email, so it is time to start researching! I hope someone who has been through this answers, because I am interested in hearing how they are doing a few  months into the program. I know Cre8tor and Shanna11 are currently in the program...

    1. Cre8tor profile image95
      Cre8torposted 11 years agoin reply to this

      Congrats! You should be excited. Month 1 is great and the fruits come quickly for those who commit. You'll see.

    2. leahlefler profile image94
      leahleflerposted 11 years agoin reply to this

      I am glad to know the first month is great - I am also glad there is a big emphasis on title selection, because that is the area I have the most difficulty with (I am not an SEO expert, lol)!

    3. spartucusjones profile image91
      spartucusjonesposted 11 years agoin reply to this

      Glad you received your titles. I'm still anxiously waiting for mine, so I can get started. But I'm looking forward to the program. I also appreciate the comments of Cre8tor & Shanna11 about the program.

  5. Cre8tor profile image95
    Cre8torposted 11 years ago

    Congrats to you who are starting in the AP! You're in for a great experience. I have learned soooo much through the lessons I wouldn't even know where to begin. I've been very lucky to have a great team as well that supports each other and offers great advice. I have had 2 HOTD's since joining, (not that everyone get's this automatically and I'm not bragging...just a good example of what I've learned and giving credit to the mentors who provided great direction) learned more than I could've ever taught myself and met some great hubber's to take this "journey" with.

    It's not a walk in the park. With my job, family and other commitments, I'd be lying if I told you that it hasn't taken an extra effort on my part to meet the requirements of the program at times. The payoff however has been well worth it. I'm nearly 2 months in and come hell or highwater, I'll will complete this venture. The benefits have been extensive enough that for six's worth the sacrifice. No doubt this program will keep me hubbing more successfully for many moons to come.

    I will follow this question and be more than happy to comment on your answers/questions.

    1. SidKemp profile image88
      SidKempposted 11 years agoin reply to this

      Thanks, Cre8tor! Your thoughts are very encouraging. If I may ask, on average, about how many hours per week are you putting in on HubPages as you do the work of the Apprenticeship program?

      And a note to other readers HOTD stands for Hub Of The Day.

    2. Cre8tor profile image95
      Cre8torposted 11 years agoin reply to this

      The time to me is hard to say for each person but I think Shanna11 is pretty close. It can depend on how far you go in a hub, if you use own photos and if you participate in forums and reading. Just writing your hubs & lessons, I'm at about 5 hrs

  6. Shanna11 profile image74
    Shanna11posted 11 years ago

    Hi guys! I'm finishing up my third month in the program, so I'm almost halfway done with it. It's a completely awesome program, and you will see nothing but positive come out of your hard work. I got my first payout after the first month and all my views went up. For the first month, I devoted about two to three hours per Hub because I had to research. Now that I research and pick my own titles (an integral part of the program-- they teach you how to find titles very well) it takes me maybe just two hours on average per Hub, but I'm also extremely busy with school and work, so my Hub's haven't been as great as I could make them, unfortunately.

    The staff are amazing and awesome and will help you with anything. To get the most out of it, don't procrastinate! Plan WAY in advance and keep up, because you will automatically get booted from the program (and our team has lost a few because of this) after midnight on the last day of the month if you haven't met the requirements.

    It is a lot of work, and you can really get the most out of it by giving it all you've got and setting aside enough time to work on your Hubs. I was a bit nervous at first, but it really is a lot of fun. Congrats on getting in and enjoy! Let me know if you have more any questions. smile

    1. Cre8tor profile image95
      Cre8torposted 11 years agoin reply to this

      Agreed whole heartedly. That first payout and seeing my traffic go way up in month one was nice and very encouraging. Congrats on the halfway point!

    2. leahlefler profile image94
      leahleflerposted 11 years agoin reply to this

      Thanks for commenting, Shanna - I am very excited to begin. I have already drafted one article (I still need to add  some media - photos/videos, etc. but the text is done). This is going to be a busy six months!

    3. SidKemp profile image88
      SidKempposted 11 years agoin reply to this

      Thanks, Shanna! The info about time and payout is very encouraging: less time than I was concerned I might have to put in; & a sooner payout. Until now, I've focused on writing, learning my way around, & getting followers. Shifting to focus o

  7. craftybird profile image84
    craftybirdposted 11 years ago

    That's so awesome that everyone has been picked for the AP! I'm so jealous because I so wanted to do it. Maybe one day... smile

    1. SidKemp profile image88
      SidKempposted 11 years agoin reply to this

      Hi Craftybird - I take it you applied but did not get in this time around. My sympathy, and there are still many ways you can learn to succeed on HubPages. And I admire you for turning jealousy into a positive guide for your own success!


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