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When is your preferred time to write?

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    Lauren Romanoposted 10 years ago

    Actually I shouldn't put preferred, because I'm sure that there is a time when you prefer but just can't do it. When do you usually write?

    I'm a night person, so I usually write from about 10pm. Sometimes I get to bed at 4am, sometimes earlier. It depends on how the flow is going. Not to mention its more difficult to concentrate during the day.

    1. darkside profile image79
      darksideposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      When I'm awake.

      If I could do it sleeping that would be great too.

      1. C.M. Vanderlinden profile image64
        C.M. Vanderlindenposted 10 years agoin reply to this

        I like Darkside's answer smile

        I have two preschoolers, so I write throughout the day when they're otherwise occupied. If they'd sleep in a bit, I could count on early mornings for quiet writing time, but they're both early risers (6 AM or earlier, most days...)

        It's probably a good thing, because the upside is that I can write through all kinds of distractions and chaos smile I'd never get any work done if I needed absolute quiet!

  2. amy jane profile image79
    amy janeposted 10 years ago

    I write whenever I possibly can!  It is only quiet in my house after 9, and by then I am usually too exhausted to write. It is so chaotic with my three girls running around, but  they also inspire me with their crazy antics.  Sometimes I will get up at 5 when I have something that has to be finished for a deadline. smile

  3. In The Doghouse profile image83
    In The Doghouseposted 10 years ago

    I feel it a real luxury to be able to write when I am inspired.  It has taken many years of dedicated "mommy" time to actually begin to feel like I have this "luxury" time now. So, in answer to your question, I guess my answer would be when the mood stikes me.

  4. Princessa profile image83
    Princessaposted 10 years ago

    Usually when the children are at school or in bed.  I hate early mornings, so never write or indeed do anything before 8am.

  5. Peter M. Lopez profile image86
    Peter M. Lopezposted 10 years ago

    Whenever the ideas are flowing...

  6. stephhicks68 profile image87
    stephhicks68posted 10 years ago

    I have ideas throughout the day and will sometimes sneak away from "real work" to HubPages to work them in to an unpublished Hub.  With 4 kids and a full-time job, its usually the evenings and weekends.  Mornings too, while the kids are getting ready and I'm making breakfast (but that's usually forum time).  Thank goodness for laptops. wink

  7. Whitney05 profile image82
    Whitney05posted 10 years ago

    Whenever I get the chance. I find I get on the computer after I take the dogs for their initial potty break in the morning. Hang out for a minute to decide what needs to be done (dishes, clothes, etc.). Then jump on the computer when that stuff's done, or when it comes to washing clothes, I'll be on the computer while washing clothes. But anyway, since I'm on the computer until I get bored and run out of things to do, anytime. Ha. Usually, HubPages determines when I go to bed, no matter how tired I may be. :-\ I got lucky with my new computer I can hub and watch tv at the same time! But, that gets me into late nights, too.