Newbie question: What is the difference between QAP (1 to 10) and Hub Score (whi

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  1. heidithorne profile image96
    heidithorneposted 5 years ago

    Newbie question: What is the difference between QAP (1 to 10) and Hub Score (which is WAY higher)?

    Or maybe a better question is: Where do I find the QAP rating for my hubs? Hub Score is obvious in stats.

  2. To Start Again profile image75
    To Start Againposted 5 years ago

    The QAP is the quality assessment that HP performs on all published and pending hubs. The scores range from 1-10 and the higher the better. If a hub does not score at least a 6 I believe, then the hub will not be featured. Being featured means that your hub will be more visible around the site and has a better chance of getting picked up by search engines. A hub can be published without being featured but it may not see the same amount of traffic as featured hubs. The QAP score/featured status is based on several factors including how well written and put together your hub is, if title and links are relevant and the engagement value of your hub. We are not privy to these scores though many have been asking that staff make these numbers known to us.

    The HubScore is the number located beside the title of your hub on the 'My Accounts' section and typically ranges from 30ish to 100. The average is about 60 or 70. The hubscore is just a numeric representation of the quality of your hub based on what others may be saying about it. If it is getting viewed a lot, if others are voting it up and providing feedback and if it is gaining comments. Much like the QAP requirements. You can see your hubscores and they will fluctuate quite a bit. No one else can see them, though and they don't really matter so much. Both of these are just a way for you to know if there is a hub that needs tweaked.

    1. heidithorne profile image96
      heidithorneposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Thank you, ToStartAgain! That really helps. Some of the recent advice from HP has been to aim for certain QAP scores. But if you don't know what your QAP score is, how can you work on improving it? Hope they decide to let us in on it. Cheers!

    2. To Start Again profile image75
      To Start Againposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Exactly! How can we aim for a better score when we don't know what our current score is!?! Not telling it to us makes no sense at all!

  3. livewithrichard profile image86
    livewithrichardposted 5 years ago

    Currently HP does not let us know our QAP scores, they only suggest we shoot for a certain number.  It certainly feels like tossing spaghetti at the wall but it has been said by Paul E that they are considering giving us a range, not that I think it will help any.  The only way I know to make sure you reach the optimal level is to follow the templates that are provided, but first you need to select a topic and keywords that get a decent search volume using the Google Keyword Tool and also low competing pages for the exact keyword terms using Google Search.  Here is where it gets tricky because decent search volume compared to competitions is subjective.  Personally, I try to find keywords that have at least 1000 global searches for the exact terms and they compete against less than 1/2 million pages on Google Search.  With those numbers, and using the templates to present engaging hubs, HP has enough authority to get your hub good rankings in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP's)  Following this method will also allow your hub to reach it's full potential as well as score.

    1. heidithorne profile image96
      heidithorneposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Very good tips! I've used a very similar method for my blogs and it definitely has been positive. Thanks for the additional enlightenment on the QAP situation!


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