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Traffic issues!?

  1. Bishop55 profile image93
    Bishop55posted 4 years ago

    Traffic issues!?

    I have noticed in the last 2 days my traffic has literally been cut in half.  Is there something going on that I'm not aware of?  I know fluctuations are normal, but this looks extreme.  And right now I have 11 editors choice awards, I thought that improved traffic?

  2. Writer Fox profile image58
    Writer Foxposted 4 years ago

    It's impossible to specifically analyze what happened to your traffic from the information you give.  What was the traffic source for your affected Hubs?  If your traffic has slowed down from search engines, then it is due to faulty SEO (search engine optimization).  If your traffic was from social networks, Pinterest, forums and the like, the interest has run its course and you'll need to find new avenues for traffic.  If most of your traffic was from Hubbers, once your followers have read your Hubs the only other internal traffic you will see is that from the related Hubs section at the bottom of other Hubs and HP has recently changed its algorithm for determining which Hubs to show.

    Hubs in the Editor's Choice program have been reported as losing their traffic for some time because of the change made to the URL of the Hubs.  This traffic may or may not return to its former levels.

    I would advise you to check for problems with Google in your Webmaster Tools account and see if any penalties have been applied to your subdomain.

  3. Geekdom profile image91
    Geekdomposted 4 years ago

    I have also noticed a drop in views. I looked at my "followers" and many have not logged on for more than 2 to 10 months.  Most of the post on my feed are not from people I follow but put in my HubPages.  I think there has been a mass exodus and that is a big factor it views dropping.  I could be wrong, this is just me doing investigating on my own.

  4. janetwrites profile image85
    janetwritesposted 4 years ago

    Google launched a new Panda update recently maybe this could be the reason. I heard that some webmasters have been hit hard because of it.