How does Pinterest make money for HP?

  1. Easy Exercise profile image86
    Easy Exerciseposted 3 years ago

    How does Pinterest make money for HP?

    I hate to address this as I know it has been discussed to death but I just understand how the "pin" benefits HP?
    When I pin I simply pin, 99% of the time I do not open the site so this confuses me - it must connect to HP when anything is pinned but the article is not being accessed so I don't see the utility of this traffic.
    Sorry for a silly question - just trying to connect the dots and I just don't see the value but I am not a programmer. The pin must be driving traffic to HP but that traffic is not quality traffic so I feel that I must ask.
    Thank you for your assistance and support.

  2. isharkbait profile image94
    isharkbaitposted 3 years ago

    From my understanding, which very well may be wrong, the 'pin' shows a part of the article. If someone clicks on it they are shown then directed to your hubpages article via a link. Thus giving you traffic. In theory it should be the same as if someone found your article through a google search. Of course if I'm right, this will only help you make money on hubpages if the people on pinterest actually click on the 'pin' instead of just repining it.

    I hope this helps!

  3. Uzochukwu Mike profile image62
    Uzochukwu Mikeposted 3 years ago

    The truth is that Pinterest does not drive traffic like twitter and Facebook because it has limited number of users when compared with that of the two giants mentioned. But not withstanding that, some people get traffic to their hubs when users click on the links they pined.