What method can I use to get of views thousand per hub?

  1. Kevar Telfer profile image46
    Kevar Telferposted 2 years ago

    What method can I use to get of views thousand per hub?

    Who can give me an answer that will end the drought that I experiencing with my different blog sites, not able to get any pay check as yet after being on it for months now. Please run to my rescue. The next question is. What is traffic referral program? How can I use it to boost my revenue. God Bless you all for your comments in advance. Kevar

  2. Mihnea Andreescu profile image82
    Mihnea Andreescuposted 2 years ago

    Write quality hubs and research keywords so that you find attractive topics that will earn you external traffic on search engines.You must affirm yourself as a writer,first.Then,from earnings settings you must sign up for the ad program assuming that you signed up for Google Adsense first and that they accepted your application.Then you can sign up for ebay and amazon monetization programs.You can only boost your revenue if you are an active and passionate writer and if you dedicate time to this.