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If I actively publish more hubs would my overall search engine traffic increase?

  1. Jason Marovich profile image88
    Jason Marovichposted 21 months ago

    If I actively publish more hubs would my overall search engine traffic increase?

    We are no longer using sub-domains per author so does it make a difference if we are actively publishing hubs?  That is, since I'm now part of HubPages and not my own sub-domain, and HubPages is very active, aren't my pages considered to be on a site that is consistently adding new content?  What has your experience been since we switched out of sub-domains (if you've been here long enough to have had your own HP sub-domain)?  Did you see traffic increase when you started again adding new content?  If so, why do you think that is?


  2. tlcs profile image45
    tlcsposted 21 months ago

    Hi Jason. You need to make your hubs 'evergreen' which means the search engines will find them. You also need to edit or add to your hubs to keep them alive, so to speak.

  3. tsmog profile image83
    tsmogposted 21 months ago

    First, welcome back to the amazing adventure of writing on the World-Wide-Web if you took a break. I will try to address the questions in order & succinctly. I will answer based on my limited knowledge today while mentioning there is science to the marketing of Hubs. There is an overall strategy and two smaller - Search Engine traffic & Social Media. A recommendation is a Hub I wrote at my Profile about marketing Hubs as products with many resources to familiarize one to those two sciences.

    The main question is yes because there is more. The more articles there are the more available standalone articles to market as products.

    The 2nd is forget about Sub-Domains. Sub-domains were never ranked by Google independently. They were introduced to help the Website HubPages become ranked higher. Again, the power of ranking is contingent on the standalone article with its ranking. So, understanding Search Engine Optimization (SEO) principals and techniques is the key. Important is a premise is Content is King and Google incorporates that with their algorithms for ranking. So, does HP with the Quality Assessment Process (QAP). Help is at the following links for how articles are scored / rated at HP. The aim of the rating is being compliant with Google’s goals for articles.

    Informational Articles: http://hubpages.com/help/hub_hop_table#informational

    Creative Articles: http://hubpages.com/help/hub_hop_table#informational

    3rd – when you had a subdomain you were always considered a HubPages article at the website. Your subdomain was never a website. Adding new articles always had value to the website – Hubpages and not the subdomain. So, yes HubPages is always having new articles added to it. However, HubPages today has a new strategy having aim with independent Niche Sites or Topical Domains. An article is chosen by HP to be transferred there. Go to this link for a little understanding: http://hubpages.com/help/sites-editorial-policy

    4th – the loss of sub-domains did not affect my traffic at all. However, it did affect those with very high views generated by Google. Some worse and some better. So, kinda is a moot discussion especially with the new strategy mentioned above.

    5th – Yes, naturally adding articles do increase overall traffic initially mainly because of the social network here at HP and sharing at social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Then its Ranking at Google takes over. 

    Humorously insert typical disclaimer here :-)

  4. tamarawilhite profile image91
    tamarawilhiteposted 21 months ago

    I've not seen major traffic changes when adding new hubs as Hubpages has added more domains. I have seen traffic increase with the ones moved to the new domains - but only those hubs with a slight increase for hubs referenced in them.

    Simply posting more hubs won't boost traffic. Inter-relating your hubs by linking to them in your existing hubs will help.
    So does actually promoting your content on social networks.

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