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Hello and welcome to tlcs hubpages. About Me and My Writing

Think of my hubpages as a filing cabinet, A-Z of different topics ranging from Business to Motorbiking, Gardening, Cooking and lots, lots more for you to explore and enjoy.

What inspired me to write I hear you ask, well, some time ago I found myself with time to think and I thought a lot about a lot of experiences that I had had throughout my lifetime, the best way of expressing myself and what I know with anyone who was interested was to write about it.

My name is Trudy and I come from the

Why write? Well, we are all so busy these days with our day to day lives and when we do eventually find time to put our feet up where do most of us head too but the computer! I know there are other ways other than hubpages to get my voice out there but I find that as I have a lot to say these other channels aren't fulfilling my desire to get my voice heard.

How I have found to communicate with others easier is to write more fully about a subject on hubpages and to include pictures and videos to get my point across to the reader, especially with my love for Motorbiking.

Where other communication channels come in handy are through Facebook, Google+, Linked In and my website www.motorbikesandme.com, all of these communication channels allow me to express myself fully.

Who is interested in what I write about I hear you ask, well I have been writing now for over 5 years and in this time I have had almost (not quite but getting there!) 10,000 hits, so whoever you are I am truly grateful.

What I write about varies depending on what I am interested in on any given day or what is happening in the world that I want to voice my opinion or knowledge about.

When I first started to write it was purely to do with work and the knowledge that I had gained in my working life. Eventually I have found myself expanding my writing to other topics that interest me until upto now I have found I have over 70 published hubpages out there on the internet being read by you the readers, for which I am thrilled.

Actually, as I have only just started to realise that people are actually interested in what I am writing about I have had to write a hub specifically as a kind of Directory called Categorised index of tlcs hubpages to enable me to file my hub's in a way for readers to find what they are looking for quicker and so that I can add more hubs to the categories when ever I want to.

You need only click on the blue link to open the hub and find a wealth of information relating to the title with pictures and you tube videos to make the read even more interesting.

My interests include motorbiking and I am one of Valentino Rossi's main fans! Well, that is what I think anyway. Go Rossi!

And finally, what does the tlcs stand for:-

T - Trudy

L - Lee

C - Cooper' - s Hubpages

A dictionary of words written from the heart!

Enjoy, Oh and bye the way you can also follow me at:-


or at www.motorbikesandme.com

And for all of you bikers out there

Have Fun & Ride Safe...

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