COVID-19 Update: Traffic, Monetization, and Community

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  1. samanthacubbison profile image88
    samanthacubbisonposted 16 months ago

    Hello Hubbers,

    The staff at HubPages/Maven hopes that you and your families are staying healthy and safe. These are unprecedented times, and we want you to know we are thinking about all of our authors. We want to address the concerns regarding COVID-19. Rest-assured, the Hubpages/Maven team is diligently working (remotely, of course) to keep the platform running as usual.

    It is important to remember that we’ve been through changes before—we’ve experienced the ups and downs of traffic for over 12 years now. HubPages continues to be a platform for authors to create and stay connected.

    COVID-19, Traffic, and Monetization

    As you all know, COVID-19 has led to rapid change in many industries. In regards to how this affects web traffic and monetization, there are several factors to consider.

    Some topics may be doing better than others (e.g., investing, home living, crafts), while others may see a decrease in traffic (e.g., travel). It is an article-by-article basis.

    As it pertains to monetization, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), an industry trade leader, is right now conducting a broad survey on “Impact of COVID-19 on Ad Spend.” That will certainly be insightful. But even without that formal research, we expect that ad spenders will be re-evaluating their campaigns in light of the COVID-19 situation.

    Practice Kindness and Compassion

    On that note, during this time of self-isolation, it is more important than ever to, as a community, stay connected. Our goal is to maintain this platform as a safe space, but we need your help to do this. Please continue to support one another and refrain from personal attacks or profanity. We understand that people are stressed and worried, which is why it’s even more important to show your fellow Hubbers and the HubPages/Maven staff kindness and compassion.

    Know that we are here for you, so please reach out with any questions or concerns.

    Thank you all, and we hope you and your loved ones stay well!

    1. Kyler J Falk profile image92
      Kyler J Falkposted 16 months agoin reply to this

      Thanks for the update, much appreciated.

    2. TIMETRAVELER2 profile image97
      TIMETRAVELER2posted 16 months agoin reply to this

      Thank you, Samantha.  How well we'll recover remains to be seen but I do believe that we'll remain standing.  The dollars earned here will help many writers to deal with financial issues and over time, those who remain here will see the light at the end of the tunnel.  For now, the important thing is to follow those safety guidelines and protect ourselves against this horrible virus.  Remember the old saying:  "All that has passed and so shall this".

    3. exinco profile image64
      exincoposted 16 months agoin reply to this

      i was self quarantine at home for 9 days now

      1. Cristale profile image92
        Cristaleposted 15 months agoin reply to this

        How do you feel now?

    4. chef-de-jour profile image98
      chef-de-jourposted 16 months agoin reply to this

      Thank you. Keep safe TEAM HP.

    5. Marra profile image76
      Marraposted 15 months agoin reply to this

      Thank you! So very grateful for Hub Pages.

      Honestly, COVID-19 - for me - nicely justifies huddling around my keyboard, snacks at hand,  (healthy ones), drapes drawn, creating! I don't have to feel guilty, about not having seen the light of day---for days, all of which is normal, for me anyway. Ha!

    6. Thelma Alberts profile image93
      Thelma Albertsposted 15 months agoin reply to this

      Thank you for the unpdate. To all the staff and my fellow hubbers, please take care and be safe. God bless us all.

  2. EricDockett profile image97
    EricDockettposted 16 months ago

    One easy thing hubpages staff can do to help the community stay mentally healthy is to police these forums and move all discussion of  covid 19 over to the topics area. It is hard to escape it for a few moments and focus on writing when this forum is littered with discussions about it, some of them political arguments that clearly belong in the other area. I know a lot of people want to talk about it and they should have their area to do so but at a time when focusing on writing can help us stay sane it would be great to have a space just for that too.

    I hope hubpages staff and all of our writers continue to stay well. This too shall pass.

    1. samanthacubbison profile image88
      samanthacubbisonposted 16 months agoin reply to this


      Totally valid point. I will try to be more diligent in moving those discussions to the Health forum. I also understand the need to vent, but not everyone wants to be reminded every day.

      Thank you for bringing that to my attention!

    2. Marra profile image76
      Marraposted 15 months agoin reply to this

      I sure love the way Eric put that. Nicely done. Yes, focusing on writing has evolved, for me too, into a sanity tool. COVID-19 has become the world's new grim-reaper. Follows us everywhere. Best to all!

  3. janshares profile image95
    jansharesposted 16 months ago

    Thank you, Samantha. You guys stay safe, too. I hope all are well, especially on West Coast and New York.

    1. samanthacubbison profile image88
      samanthacubbisonposted 16 months agoin reply to this

      Thank you for the kind words. We are doing our best!

  4. Kenna McHugh profile image89
    Kenna McHughposted 16 months ago

    Thank you for checking in and the update. These are trying times, and though we are social-distancing, we need to treat each other as if we are face-to-face. I agree with EricDockett. Can HP staff set up a separate platform just for Covid-19? People have a right to discuss this issue, but it is not my cup of tea. I like to know I am visiting a platform that is free of this depressing subject and political strife.

    1. samanthacubbison profile image88
      samanthacubbisonposted 16 months agoin reply to this


      Of course. I don't think we will create a new category for something that is (hopefully) temporary, but we will shift all Covid-19 conversations to the Health forum!

  5. Rupert Taylor profile image97
    Rupert Taylorposted 16 months ago

    Thanks Samantha. I'm fortunate in that I've been working for several decades in the writing racket, which is a solitary occupation. I'm used to the isolation and I find I get along with myself fairly well. Even on the days when I'm irritable, I refrain from cussing myself, so I am somewhat dismayed that people need to be reminded not to hurl abuse at one another.

    Best wishes to the team.

    Rupert Taylor

    1. samanthacubbison profile image88
      samanthacubbisonposted 16 months agoin reply to this

      To you too, Rupert. Glad to hear that you're getting along alright.

      1. Glenis Rix profile image96
        Glenis Rixposted 16 months agoin reply to this

        Stay safe. A son who shares my home has self isolated for 7 days with Coronavirus symptoms. It may help people to know that whilst he had unpleasant flu like symptoms for 6 days it hasn’t been as dreadful as some might imagine. Please remember that most people will have only mild(ish) symptoms. Some will become very sick and it helps to remember to stay at home as much as possible in order to avoid spreading infection to the vulnerable.

        1. TIMETRAVELER2 profile image97
          TIMETRAVELER2posted 16 months agoin reply to this

          Also, make sure to sanitize regularly and properly because just staying home is not enough.  The home must be clean and devoid of the Clovid.

    2. LindaSarhan profile image92
      LindaSarhanposted 16 months agoin reply to this


      I, too, have been working and going to school online for a couple of decades. The quarantine/lockdown hasn't affected me too much except regular supply runs but I empathize with those whom this has impacted. My son's factory has closed for a few weeks and unemployment is overwhelming in processing. Even my brother who was always critical of my work from home careers (writing, editing, social media marketing specialist) and earning several degrees online, is now learning the value of the digital age and remote work. I am curious as to how many companies and government systems will finally realize the value of remote work?

      On a lighter note, your comment about refraining from cussing yourself made me giggle. I am so used to being by myself that my housemates asked me if I always randomly say stuff to myself. They are working remotely from home for a couple of months. It's been an adjustment for me. LOL

      L. Sarhan

  6. paradigmsearch profile image60
    paradigmsearchposted 16 months ago

  7. VirginiaLynne profile image95
    VirginiaLynneposted 16 months ago

    I’m always so grateful for the persistent cheerfulness of the HubPages staff. Thanks for your service to writers and your constant creativity in the face of new challenges.

    1. samanthacubbison profile image88
      samanthacubbisonposted 16 months agoin reply to this

      Thank you for cheering on our cheerfulness! We appreciate your continued support. smile

  8. Sue Adams profile image98
    Sue Adamsposted 16 months ago

    Thank you Samantha for your kind words. I could not find the "(See attached screenshot for an idea of how traffic may be affected by topic)" mentioned in the HubPages Weekly email. Would it be possible to post it here?

    1. samanthacubbison profile image88
      samanthacubbisonposted 16 months agoin reply to this

      Whoops! There was a screenshot, but we decided not to include it due to a lack of sources. Sorry! smile

  9. Dan Ferrell profile image96
    Dan Ferrellposted 16 months ago

    Thanks for the update Samantha. I was wondering about the impact on HP myself. Everybody stay safe and healthy.

  10. sweetpikez profile image83
    sweetpikezposted 16 months ago

    Good day, Samantha!

    In the midst of this extraordinary time, an optimistic mind is needed to fight the stress and anxiety.

    Keep safe!

    1. samanthacubbison profile image88
      samanthacubbisonposted 16 months agoin reply to this

      You as well! smile

  11. EdwardLane profile image83
    EdwardLaneposted 16 months ago

    Thank you so much! Very helpful update.

  12. Ben716 profile image91
    Ben716posted 16 months ago

    That is an encouragement, Samantha.  I have witnessed stagnant, increase and decrease in traffic on my articles here at Hubpages. Hubpages has survived Google's search algorathim changes. Whenother sites had closed,  Hubpages made it through and it still growing strong.
    Thank you and be safe.

  13. Venkatachari M profile image62
    Venkatachari Mposted 16 months ago

    Thanks, Samantha, for the information and your concern for the community here. It's true that we will pass through it with good determination and some discipline.

    All my friends and staff, be safe and with faith.

  14. TimArends profile image89
    TimArendsposted 16 months ago

    I'm considering writing a hub with my thoughts on Coronavirus. Is this considered an overworked, non-evergreen topic that will lose relevance quickly, or are hubs on this topic encouraged? I'm guessing a LOT of other Hubbers want to write on this topic!

    1. samanthacubbison profile image88
      samanthacubbisonposted 16 months agoin reply to this

      Yes, a lot of people are writing about this. Maybe try writing something more evergreen that is inspired by recent events? I've seen some good DIY tutorials, how-tos, mental health op-eds, and physical wellness articles. Hope that's helpful!

      1. sweetpikez profile image83
        sweetpikezposted 16 months agoin reply to this

        Thanks Samantha for the tip. I wrote about the positive effects of COVID-19 to at least manage the anxiety it caused. Keep safe.

    2. Titia profile image95
      Titiaposted 16 months agoin reply to this

      I hope those lot of hubbers won't do that for several reasons.
      1. It certainly wouldn't be an evergreen topic (I hope)
      2. There will be as many different opinions as there are people
      3. You can't write from your own experience, unless you're a survivor.
      3. It's not ethical to earn money on a pandemic disease like this one.

      Just my two cents.

    3. Everyday Miracles profile image87
      Everyday Miraclesposted 16 months agoin reply to this

      Just another thought, but there's going to be a ton of competition for these topics in the present climate. You're getting off focusing on topics people will use to get through the lockdowns and quarantines than on health, especially where those topics intersect your area(s) of expertise.

      1. Titia profile image95
        Titiaposted 16 months agoin reply to this

        Exactly, even the best experts don't know yet and each case is different, circomstances are different and the rules in different countries are different.

  15. Sue Adams profile image98
    Sue Adamsposted 16 months ago

    Some fun things to do for those stuck at home with young children: … 676308046/

  16. paradigmsearch profile image60
    paradigmsearchposted 16 months ago

    Just my thoughts about writing about COVID-19. For sanity's sake, I no longer write about any subject that causes negative emotions or that reminds me of the negative aspects of life.

  17. PaulGoodman67 profile image97
    PaulGoodman67posted 16 months ago

    I'm interpreting "ad spenders will be re-evaluating their campaigns in light of the COVID-19 situation" as that income from HP Ads will decrease! sad That could be pretty grim for those of us who rely on their online income to a large degree. I know that many are in a tough spot right now, but still worrying. Amazon earnings are up for me but not dramatically, so likely won't fill the gap if there's a big fall. I'm also hoping that HP/Maven as a business can absorb any drops in advertising, as they rely on it.

    Best wishes to all at HP/Maven, hubbers and staff. We are living in strange and troubling times.

  18. Isivwe Muobo profile image85
    Isivwe Muoboposted 16 months ago

    I have written a few COVID-19 articles, however, as the panic continues to increase I have decided to slow down on this type articles as seeing them myself serve to increase the fear and panic I feel.

  19. hclpd profile image95
    hclpdposted 16 months ago

    Is anyone else noticing the dismal CPM rates?

    1. CYong74 profile image98
      CYong74posted 16 months agoin reply to this

      They have been tragic since Feb.

    2. PaulGoodman67 profile image97
      PaulGoodman67posted 16 months agoin reply to this

      I don't think CPMs have got particularly worse since the virus lockdowns. The virus hasn't fed through yet, as most advertisers work in quarters. It will be interesting to see what happens in April.

      1. janshares profile image95
        jansharesposted 15 months agoin reply to this

        Hi Paul, here we are in April and it hasn't gotten any better. This is the worse time not to receive payments. I don't anticipate payout for a while. It's getting sad. sad

    3. PaulGoodman67 profile image97
      PaulGoodman67posted 16 months agoin reply to this

      The CPM thing is not as strightforward as it seems. It seems like a solid thing but it's made up of lots of different advertising campaigns, each targeting different specific topics. I've figured it out a bit over the years as I have multiple accounts and so have some opportunity to compare them. If you have some articles with high CPMs that get a lot of traffic and they fall in views, then your overall CPM for the account will go down, even if the other articles in your account are doing very well. It can work the other way too sometimes - if you have articles with low advertising value that do really well with views, then your overall CPM often goes down, because proportionally you are getting a greater low value views. It's the proportionality that affects the overall CPM. Effectively, each article has its own CPM (which we don't see individually and can only guess using something like the Google Keyword tool). Sometimes the earnings on an account depend on just a handful of hubs so can vary a lot according to the (relative) performance of those hubs.

      My accounts are up and down. So one writer's may be okay and another's will be in the dirt, according to what they write about and advertising values. As views are affected by virus, I tind it difficult to get a handle on CPMs, but no massive fall so far for me.

  20. daydreams profile image97
    daydreamsposted 16 months ago

    My traffic is up and CPM so far seems the same as it was earlier in the year.

    I think it depends a lot on what you write about and whether you write about things that people stuck inside are likely to be looking for (for some subjects my traffic is down, but overall it is up)

  21. EricFarmer8x profile image98
    EricFarmer8xposted 16 months ago

    Sounds good. I hope things go well for HubPage staff.

  22. Kain 360 profile image95
    Kain 360posted 16 months ago

    Can I still get articles published? I noticed twice the amount of traffic for videogames.

    1. samanthacubbison profile image88
      samanthacubbisonposted 16 months agoin reply to this

      You can submit whenever you want!

      1. sallybea profile image97
        sallybeaposted 16 months agoin reply to this

        'Practicing kindness and compassion'.  I have seen so many examples of this over the past few weeks and it has been heartwarming.
        Circumstances have taught me to enjoy my own company over this past year but for those of you who are struggling with isolation, there has never been a better time for you to get creative, to teach yourself something new, work on some of the things which you have always longed to do.  My hope is that you will find the courage to do exactly that, stay safe and come out of this as better people, kinder and more compassionate people.

  23. paradigmsearch profile image60
    paradigmsearchposted 15 months ago

    Just a word to the wise. The virus doesn't even make the top 10 news searches anymore.

  24. TimArends profile image89
    TimArendsposted 15 months ago

    I think it is necessary to write on coronavirus, it’s implications and its aftermath. Nancy Pelosi has now come out saying that another great depression is a distinct possibility. This is a very, very serious issue that cannot be ignored.

    People tend to be very poor at predicting the future. The previous administration failed to prepare for this outbreak because it failed to predict it. It’s important that we try not to make the same mistake again.

    The Great Depression was a horrific event in American history. Millions of people lost their homes, their jobs and their livelihoods. Many thousands of lives were lost as a direct result. People were throwing themselves off buildings in despair!

    The mainstream media is afraid to discuss this issue honestly, either because of their funding, their politics and/or because they are afraid of bucking the prevailing narrative that if you care about the economy “too much,” you don’t care about the disease. That’s why independent voices such as those on HubPages are more important than ever. Let’s not shy away from this issue.

    1. Solaras profile image96
      Solarasposted 15 months agoin reply to this

      The previous administration did predict, and left a pandemic handbook behind. They told the incoming president and his team it was one of the most concerning issues the country would face.  Bill Gates exactly predicted a respiratory pandemic in 2015.

      Stop giving that knuckle dragging liar a hall pass for destroying the economy and 20,000+ lives, when his staff spent January and February begging him to pay attention to it and act.

      1. Marra profile image76
        Marraposted 15 months agoin reply to this

        Oh wow.

  25. kchak profile image52
    kchakposted 15 months ago

    Hi Samantha,
    This is Kuntal, a very recent writer on HubPages. I'm still in the BootStrap program and permitted to publish my very first article only. However, reading some posts it seems people are not getting paid using Google Adsense here. Is Adsense still an Ad monetizing platform here on Hubpages? Is there any other Ad network to sign up?
    Does the monetization start only after passing the Bootstrap program?
    Please suggest. Thanks in advance.

    1. Solaras profile image96
      Solarasposted 15 months agoin reply to this

      Hi Kuntal:

      Welcome to HP.

      There is an ad program from HP, so you can start earning once your articles start gaining views.  You can also sell products on a Amazon by in text links. But that is tricky, they want to you explain to the reader what YOUR experience with the product is and why it is recommended.  You will want to read about it in the learning center.

      Good Luck on HP!

      1. kchak profile image52
        kchakposted 15 months agoin reply to this

        Much appreciated. Thanks for the help. But, its just showing " Ad Program " is active. In that case, how to know which ad program is active now?
        HP/ Google Adsense OR both?

  26. Gyanendra Mocktan profile image81
    Gyanendra Mocktanposted 15 months ago

    Thank you very much for your update.

  27. paradigmsearch profile image60
    paradigmsearchposted 15 months ago

    Hey, folks. I consider this a positive post and my good deed for the year. big_smile

    It seems to be the consensus that the Covid-19 virus will die on surfaces (depending on what kind of surface) within two days. So I came up with the following ideas:

    Back from the grocery store? Excepting for the groceries that need to be put in the refrigerator, set aside all other bags in a corner for two days before unpacking.

    Got postal mail? Yep, toss all correspondence, packages, etc. on an out-of-the-way table/shelf/whatever for a couple days.

    Bringing anything else in from our New World Order? You get the idea. smile

    #virus #Covid #prevention


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