Why doesn't HP enable a copy & Paste blocker for our readers?

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  1. ziyena profile image93
    ziyenaposted 2 years ago

    To make myself more clear, there are some websites that can block readers from copying and pasting entire passages of text or photos. I know this will not stop all the article theft from plagiarism, but it may thwart some because they’re too lazy to spend the time to copy by hand. They’re more likely to move on to an easier site just like ours ... just an idea since there is such a huge influx of this type of activity. 

    Anyone else have something to add or feedback on this idea?

    1. OldRoses profile image93
      OldRosesposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      That's a great idea.  Chasing down websites that steal my article consumes way too much of my time.

    2. bravewarrior profile image88
      bravewarriorposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      I think it's a great idea, too. Especially since we're now on the Maven platform, which has more professional sub-sites, such as Sports Illustrated.

      With so much information available on the Internet in our current times, it would behoove the site owners to implement software that thwarts plagiarists from violating the rights of the original authors and diminishing value of the site and subsites.

      Excellent idea, Ziyena!

    3. Madeleine Clays profile image95
      Madeleine Claysposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      That is a great suggestion. I do think HP and Maven need to do more to stop these bottom feeders from stealing our work, especially since it hurts their bottom line when they don't. I go after each bottom feeder when I notice they steal my work, and I am usually successful in getting them to remove it, especially since I started to fine them.

    4. gerimcclym profile image96
      gerimcclymposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      I agree with you, Ziyena. Plagiarism is a crime, period. I am usually successful in having my stolen work taken down, but I wish HP would do more to address this problem.

    5. Thelma Alberts profile image91
      Thelma Albertsposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      That is a good idea. I hope it will be implemented here.

    6. Miebakagh57 profile image73
      Miebakagh57posted 2 years agoin reply to this

      ziyena, I not only like the idea, but welcome it.                                           Very excellent and suggestive. I think also that a type of water-mark should be placed on all our publish articles on both the main site and niche sites.

  2. theraggededge profile image96
    theraggededgeposted 2 years ago

    I wish that would happen too. I just spent an hour chasing down and reporting someone on Facebook who has stolen my best performing article. She even had the bloody cheek to say at the end "It took me a long time to put all this information together, guys."

    It's gone now.

    Edit: Facebook are still going back and forth... they keep asking me which photo or video I am complaining about. They don't seem to understand the concept of an 'article'.

    1. ziyena profile image93
      ziyenaposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      Wow.  I'm sorry to hear that.  You're making me think I'd better start checking mine.  Do you have any tips on how to go about that?

      1. theraggededge profile image96
        theraggededgeposted 2 years agoin reply to this

        Yes, it's easy but soul-destroying.

        Copy a short section of the article, paste it into Google. Check the results.

        But don't stop there. Copy another section and do it again. I usually check three or more times.

        There are some you can't do anything about, esp if they are Chinese or Russia sites. Some people paste it in the middle of gobbledegook for some unknown reason. Those pages can't hurt yours.

        Then you find the webhost of the infringing site by going to whois.net. Then submit a DMCA, either on their own abuse form or by email. If you need help with that, come back to the forum and ask.

        As a last resort, if you can't get it taken down, you can file a notice to Google to have it removed from search results.

        Nice hubbers try to contact the site owner first, but I'm way past that now big_smile

        1. ziyena profile image93
          ziyenaposted 2 years agoin reply to this

          Thank You Bev for the indepth process.  Very much appreciated.

    2. eugbug profile image97
      eugbugposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      That's because "the computer says no" and can't find the text or images smile Sometimes the people who process these reports don't seem to have the cop on to compare both articles and find matching content manually.

  3. ziyena profile image93
    ziyenaposted 2 years ago

    I'm wondering if this is wishful thinking.  Having worked in corporate with knowledge of the cost of implementing new features can get quite expensive. But, if in the long run it saves HP and its writers from headaches, losing time, money, and manpower.  Then, why not?  On occasion, I build websites for businesses and this is a practical feature. 
    I hope this might be a consideration.

  4. psycheskinner profile image81
    psycheskinnerposted 2 years ago

    I know how to get past copy-paste blockers in 30 seconds, so I imagine actual scammers do it even quicker. And the blocker is an impediment to page-readers and translators that many users depend on.  It's a waste of resources and a bad look for any hubs where people are trying to speak about the internet or tech with authority.

  5. bhattuc profile image83
    bhattucposted 2 years ago

    It might help to some extent but not a solution. These copycats should be punished by disabling their copied content in internet. I think Google is already on that job once it gets a complaint.

    1. CYong74 profile image96
      CYong74posted 2 years agoin reply to this

      Not so much since last year. DMCAs can take weeks to attend to. Sometimes, they will revert and say they don't see enough proof of plagiarism.

  6. ziyena profile image93
    ziyenaposted 2 years ago

    Well.  The idea is out there.  Perhaps there's something that can be done.  Not necessarily my suggestion, but something else to help better the situation.  It's obvious by the feedback that there's a concern, and it's been passed on to the powers that be
    You all have a wonderful day
    Peace out


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