No Adsense on my hub.

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  1. profile image56
    TechSecDudeposted 16 years ago

    Hi, one of my hubs no longer displays ads. The hub is... … rn_Blocker

    Ads are set to 'High'. I'm sure there used to be ads on the page.

    Any ideas?


  2. darkside profile image68
    darksideposted 16 years ago

    The inclusion of the word "porn" could be the reason the Adsense Ads are disabled.

    Of course your reference to it is the polar opposite of why it should be blocked.

  3. profile image56
    TechSecDudeposted 16 years ago

    I thought that might be the reason. Are you suggesting Hubpages is detecting the word 'porn' and therefore not displaying the ads? Or is it something to do with Adsense itself?

  4. Jason Menayan profile image59
    Jason Menayanposted 16 years ago

    It is true that we have not flagged this Hub in any particular way; in fact, it's quite a good Hub.

    AdSense, for whatever reason, has chosen not to display ads on it. It could be due to certain "poison words" (like porn) or because they do not have an appropriate advertiser to match up with it based on topic.

    You could consider putting eBay and/or Amazon offers as well, if you think there might be some appropriate product matches.

    - Jason

  5. SunSeven profile image61
    SunSevenposted 16 years ago

    Well, it isn't fair, is it?

  6. pauldeeds profile imageSTAFF
    pauldeedsposted 16 years ago

    I wouldn't say fair or unfair, just the way it is.

    Presumambly google has an algorithm designed to prevent the running of ads on content that violates its terms.  It is fairly hard to detect that kind of content with an algorithm so mistakes will be made.   I can't blame them for erring on the side of caution.

    Anyway, there isn't much HubPages can do about it right now -- there is no obvious way (for us) to know ahead of time whether AdSense will render an ad or not.

  7. profile image56
    TechSecDudeposted 16 years ago

    Thanks for the replies. At least I know it's AdSense and not HubPages. It's a bit strange as I know Google carry ads for web filtering software and was displaying relevant ads when I first published the hub. I'm pretty sure some of those ads also contained the word 'porn'. I might try editing the hub to cut down the number of times the word appears. The problem is that my target keywords were 'porn blocker' or 'porn filter' so if I cut down these words I won't get the target traffic. Catch 22!

    Any other suggestions would be welcome.

    Thanks again for the input.


  8. profile image56
    TechSecDudeposted 16 years ago


    I just checked again and there were two ads at the bottom of the page but none in the ad spots higher up. The ads were generic 'non-relevant' ads that sometimes appear when you publish a new page. I guess Google's algorithm strikes again! I'll keep an eye on it and see how it goes.

  9. SunSeven profile image61
    SunSevenposted 16 years ago

    I think, perhaps, hiphonating the words will help. Ex. porn-filter, porn-blocker

  10. Wino profile image70
    Winoposted 16 years ago

    My wine-making hub isn't showing any ads either. And there's no porn words at all. Maybe homemade wine is a no-no with Google? That would be funny since the best ways to find porn or wine recipes is Google.

    1. pauldeeds profile imageSTAFF
      pauldeedsposted 16 years agoin reply to this

      I don't know if wine falls under the AdSense prohibition on  "beer and hard alcohol" or not.   If it does (ask google) I would recommend turning ads off or labeling that page as adult.

      It is up to each author on HubPages to individually ensure they aren't in violation of google's adsense publisher policy.

      I've quoted the pertinent section below.

  11. SunSeven profile image61
    SunSevenposted 16 years ago

    Thanks Paul. I guess that really clarifies a lot of things.

  12. Stacie Naczelnik profile image70
    Stacie Naczelnikposted 16 years ago

    I have google ads on my hubs about wine.

  13. Wino profile image70
    Winoposted 16 years ago

    Mine was new and I probably had not waited long enough for approval.

  14. Angela Harris profile image68
    Angela Harrisposted 16 years ago

    I'm confused as to what 'sales or promotion of beer or hard alcohol' means. Does this mean prohibiting sites that attempt to sell beer or alcohol? Because technically any site that is about alcoholic drinks would 'promote' alcohol.

    I checked out the 1st and 2nd page results of sites with the search phrase 'mixed drinks'. These sites were solely about alcoholic mixed drinks and how to make them. I'm sure with them in the top search results that Google is aware of the content. About 90% of them contained Google ads. And the Google ads themselves were about cocktail drinks, etc.

    I have a few Hubpages about mixed drinks and now I am somewhat worried. I have a decent amount of pageviews showing on Adsense reports, but a 0% clickthrough, which is odd. The Google ads are still appearing on my Hubpages, though. And of course I can still log on to my Adsense account. Just coincidence, do you think?

    1. pauldeeds profile imageSTAFF
      pauldeedsposted 16 years agoin reply to this

      The best thing to do would be to ask google, or research other publishers' experiences.  I think google would look favorably on a proactive approach should an issue ever come up.

      My impression is they are somewhat lax in the enforcement of their policies (especially if most of your content is ok), but if they catch you the punishment can be severe (and some might add arbitrary).

  15. Angela Harris profile image68
    Angela Harrisposted 16 years ago

    Thanks for the advice. Do you recommend that I turn ads off that contain content about alcoholic drinks until I get a response from Google?

  16. pauldeeds profile imageSTAFF
    pauldeedsposted 16 years ago

    I would say that you might as well stay on the safe side and turn the ads off while you wait for a response.

  17. Angela Harris profile image68
    Angela Harrisposted 16 years ago

    Thanks, Paul, that is what I decided to do. The ads are turned off.

  18. Angela Harris profile image68
    Angela Harrisposted 16 years ago

    Just an update for anyone that is interested. I got an email from Google stating that my hubs were fine for Google Adsense. So, I'm putting my ads back up. Hooray! And thanks, Paul, for the recommendation.

  19. Wino profile image70
    Winoposted 16 years ago

    I also got a nod from Google, but it's funny. My hub is about making wine and all the ads that appear are for dog food. I'm not sure where the correlation is between homemade wine and dog food.


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