Should Anonymous Hubbers with no Hubs be allowed to comment?

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  1. Nell Rose profile image90
    Nell Roseposted 13 years ago

    I have read quite a few hubs recently where people have been upset by disgusting or just plain rude comments directed at their work, mainly by anonymous hubbers with no content, and also  stealing other peoples hubs. My question is, do you think they should be allowed to join and stay anonymous so that they can do these things? what about a rule that says to join you must give hubpages your address or town obviously not shown to us but just for security, and you can't comment on other peoples work until you have written at least one hub.
    What do you think?

    1. bayoulady profile image70
      bayouladyposted 13 years agoin reply to this

      I have a problem with any hubber staying on this site if they are as you said "stealing other people's hubs." They don't belong.But I waited a few days before I published, and I think I was commenting before. I did have an avatar and a full profile write up though.(Probably too full!),

      1. Nell Rose profile image90
        Nell Roseposted 13 years agoin reply to this

        Hi, a couple of us had our hubs stolen completely recently so that was one of the main points, but it is also upsetting when people hide behind their anonymity to insult people too, there is no way we can find out who they are, so it was a bit disturbing.

        1. bayoulady profile image70
          bayouladyposted 13 years agoin reply to this

          Nell, I totally agree!

          1. Nell Rose profile image90
            Nell Roseposted 13 years agoin reply to this

            Hi, thanks it just freaks me out when someone steals or insults me and I can't see or get any info on them! creepy!

            1. anonimuzz profile image59
              anonimuzzposted 13 years agoin reply to this

              It's very easy to lie anyway, so it's not like having detailed personal information would necessarily help. People just lack education and respect,  and obviously, that eventually affects persons that don't deserve any kind of mistreatment.

    2. profile image0
      ryankettposted 13 years agoin reply to this

      Are you talking about having to sign up to post a comment?

      To be honest, I wouldn't be too happy with this. I really enjoy taking comments from people who find my hubs via the search engines, it signifies a highly successful page.

      You can pre-approve all comments if you choose to, perhaps that is an option for you?

      I agree that you should need to publish a certain number of hubs and be approved following those hubs to allow forum posting however.

      1. Pcunix profile image92
        Pcunixposted 13 years agoin reply to this

        Agreed.  No need to restrict comments unless the hubber themselves wants to.

      2. Nell Rose profile image90
        Nell Roseposted 13 years agoin reply to this

        Hi, sorry I missed this, no I don't mean outside hubpages I love getting comments from google search etc, I just meant that if someone signs into hubpages, doesn't show us who they are, and then because they are on here they can steal our hubs completely in one go including the pictures which happened to me,and put it on their hubpage! sorry if I didn't explain it properly

      3. Marisa Wright profile image88
        Marisa Wrightposted 13 years agoin reply to this

        I agree.  Just set the comments capsule so you have to approve all comments, and don't publish the insulting ones - people will soon give up if they find their comments aren't seeing the light of day.

        But I do agree there should be some kind of qualification to take part in the forums, except for the Help and Makeover sections.

    3. relache profile image73
      relacheposted 13 years agoin reply to this

      Why not just set your comment capsules to only allow comments from registered users?

      1. Nell Rose profile image90
        Nell Roseposted 13 years agoin reply to this

        Hi, I don't want people to stop commenting from other sites, that is not the point, the point was that people join hubpages and hide behind their anonymity to hurt people, so i love outside comments and obviously hubpage comments, but not hidden people with an agenda comments! lol thanks

  2. wilderness profile image94
    wildernessposted 13 years ago

    People don't need to join to comment on a hub at all, if that's what you mean, and I don't have a problem with that.  To require at least one hub to participate in the forums, except maybe for help, might not be a bad idea in that it might help eliminate those that seem to think HP is just another social site.

    1. Pcunix profile image92
      Pcunixposted 13 years agoin reply to this

      It could also cut down on some of the sock puppetry. 

      I like this idea.

  3. Flightkeeper profile image67
    Flightkeeperposted 13 years ago

    The forums were intended as a place to just talk in between the main business of hubbing.  If that's the intention, maybe there could be a requirement that a hubber publish at least 5 hubs before they go on the forums.  That way, they might also consult "help" when it comes to their first hubs instead of the same questions being asked over and over again.

    1. Pcunix profile image92
      Pcunixposted 13 years agoin reply to this

      Wow, second time we agree on something :-)

    2. sugz profile image68
      sugzposted 13 years agoin reply to this

      although you have a valid point flightkeeper.. i don't actually agree that we shoudl ahve to have 5 hubs.. if that was the case, i would never have bothered making any at all because it was the forums that actually got me inspired to even attempt my first hub.. which i deleted not long after but thats besides the point.. a criteria should be placed but not a stipulation of number of hubs.. how else are people going to learn about the ins an outs??? signify a number of posts for new users, perhaps 5 per day as a limit until they create their first hub.. then add another 5 posts per day until they reached a number of say 6 hubs with no limits at all..
      but the questions and answers.. definaltey put a hub limit on those.. a minimum of 2 hubs for 3 questions and so on.. it might help control some of the spamming going on.

  4. earnestshub profile image83
    earnestshubposted 13 years ago

    Although it takes a while sometimes, I leave it up to hubpages staff to keep the site clean.
    I do flag all the spam though, as it helps the team to find them.

  5. Pcunix profile image92
    Pcunixposted 13 years ago

    We were just talking about this in another thread.

    I suggested that only the Help Forum be open until you publlsh your first hub.  RyanKett added that Extreme Makeover would open for you after that but no others until you have 10.

    I would add that maybe you lose forum posting if you haven't done anything in some period of time after that - a long period of course, maybe a year?

  6. earnestshub profile image83
    earnestshubposted 13 years ago

    It's been a while since I signed up, but I thought we had supplied our real details when we joined? smile

    1. Nell Rose profile image90
      Nell Roseposted 13 years agoin reply to this

      Hi, I don't think you have to give your address, and your e-mail address can be anything and anywhere, maybe I am getting paranoid! but I thought that if someone has to give a proper address they can be monitored so that they can be stopped from joining again.
      Just to say it's three in the morning here so I had better hit the sack! thanks for your answers and comments I will be back tomorrow to see if anybody else has any more ideas, thanks

      1. earnestshub profile image83
        earnestshubposted 13 years agoin reply to this

        I don't yet understand the joining again bit. I know at least one sock puppet here who has come back with a new profile after being banned. Came back with a totally opposing persona as well!

        I thought he and a couple of others just slipped through the net somehow. smile

  7. profile image0
    Nelle Hoxieposted 13 years ago

    There are plenty of rude people here with hundreds of hubs. If you're going to play in the forums, it takes a thick skin.

    You can always report people to HP central if it's that bad, and they can take it from there.

  8. lakeerieartists profile image63
    lakeerieartistsposted 13 years ago

    Truthfully, if someone is here to steal, they wouldn't give their actual info anyway.

  9. Starfishfelix profile image59
    Starfishfelixposted 13 years ago

    I'd agree with using comment moderation to keep unwelcome comments off your hubs - spammers and trolls usually will give up if their posts aren't being seen.

    Although I'm not an expert, the forums seem reasonably well moderated.  I don't usually travel the religious or political ones though, and from the titles I suspect they tend to be a bit less civil.

  10. profile image0
    Nelle Hoxieposted 13 years ago

    That's the price we pay for an open internet. You're not going to like 100% of the comments. If the good ones are worth it to you than you have to sift through them. Honestly, I can't be bothered, so I've disabled my comments on most of my newer hubs and am going back and deleting them on my older hubs.

  11. WryLilt profile image89
    WryLiltposted 13 years ago

    I'd hate comments to be set to only signed up users. Why?

    1. I'd miss out on a lot of comments because who wants to sign up to say something on a site you've never visited unless you're very passionate on the subject?
    2. Google likes fresh content. Comments count as fresh content.
    3. As Ryankett said, comments are a sign of the success rate of the hub. They mean a person has stayed long enough and read enough to actually want to say something or thank me - instead of hitting the back button after reading the first sentence.

  12. Randy Godwin profile image60
    Randy Godwinposted 13 years ago

    The comments from outside readers are very important to some of us here.  I answer many questions on my how-to hubs almost every day.  Not only does this allow others to learn more, but it adds to the content of my hubs!

    As others have already pointed out, you can change your comment settings if you like!  Now the trolls and spammers on the forums are a different kettle of fish!  But I don't know the best solution for handling them!

    1. sugz profile image68
      sugzposted 13 years agoin reply to this

      i get answers from people who aren't even on HP nor want to be.. but this is also on a hbu that is personal to me and i'm more than ok to accept readers outside of hp..
      i frequently share mine and other peoples hubs on my facebook an twitter pate.. i end up with comments through that. heck, i found my birth sister and her daughter through posting on facebook! if it can be this important to NOT block who can post because of no hubs..  then i'd put up with the spammers just so these people can post.
      as for the spammers.. there aRE ways to stop them, i belong to a site here in nz.. it has spam control, and it works. they have a security section where people can chose wether they want unsolicited emais etc, and people can't spam in the threads because withuot being a paid member (not suggesting HP starts charging, but we are in 2010 people and i'd pay cos i like it here)
      this other site, yeah its a dating site, and we cannot post in more than 3 threads in one day as non-paying members. those without a legit ISP email address can only post once.. no one on the site is allowed to post phone numbers until contact has been made 4 times. only so many photo's etc.. this is just an example, but thre are ways to stop spammers! it's called using initiative and acutally learning how to.....
      maybe i will do a hub on That topic.. i can probably get the info from our websites 'webby' as i know him personally.
      food for thought HP... it CAN be done!


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