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Go Ahead and Hit Me! I can take it (just be gentle)

  1. L.C. Smith profile image60
    L.C. Smithposted 7 years ago

    I've been here for two weeks.  I have lots of writing ideas on my mind, but I thought I'd step back to make sure I am on the right track before diving in any further.  I've been reading about how I shouldn't pay so much attention to the Author Score, but it makes me crazy anyway.  Also, I am finding that I am logging into my account hundreds of times a day just to see if my Hub Scores are dropping too.  By the way, I had no idea how much they fluctuate!  Anyway, please sneak a peek and let me know what you think.  I have gotten a few very positive comments that have provided a lot of encouragement. (Thank you again, to those who have done so already.) However, all the comments rolled in within a two day period.  So, I don't know if people were following each other and found my articles that way - or if I need to work on my SEO/keywords.  Please help!  Thanks.

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    Website Examinerposted 7 years ago

    This is not what you are asking, but since you are here: Your profile page lacks a description of yourself. That is very important. It may be relevant to your author score. Certainly, it is relevant for internal traffic, followers. Did you know that the profile page tends to be the most frequently visited page of all? So that is where people go to check you out. I suggest you write a suitable description of yourself and your interests. This can also include links to any external sites you may want to promote.

    1. L.C. Smith profile image60
      L.C. Smithposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Thank you for the tips.  I have just updated my profile.  I hadn't even thought about doing that until you mentioned it.

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        Website Examinerposted 7 years agoin reply to this

        You are welcome. I read your profile page, which I found very presentable. (You may want to correct "Kentcky").

        1. L.C. Smith profile image60
          L.C. Smithposted 7 years agoin reply to this

          Ooops...got it!  Thanks.

  3. Ign Andy profile image57
    Ign Andyposted 7 years ago

    Personally, I'm not worry about Author score as long as it's above 75. For me hubs score are more important, since it shows you traffic and hub quality.

  4. Urbane Chaos profile image97
    Urbane Chaosposted 7 years ago

    L.C., Welcome to HubPages!

    First, there's no reason to worry about hub score or author score or any of that - those things are only relevant to hubpages and really have no bearing on anything.  They'll only give you information on where hubpages thinks you stand - which is just a small segment of where your traffic will come from.

    I would focus more on keeping track of your Adsense and Analytics reports.  Those two things will give you more of an idea as to where you stand.  Just remember, though, that it takes time for articles to get noticed.  It's rare that someone new to hubpages begins making a lot of money within the first couple months or so.. these things take time.  Once you do get noticed, it's like the snowball effect - you'll start seeing more clicks and more income on your articles.  Patience is a virtue, right?

    As far as your articles, I took a look at the one that you have titled, "Funny Types of Drivers: Are You a Safe and Courteous Driver or Are You the Driver From Hell?"

    First, and this is not a rule, I usually don't recommend starting off a hub with a picture.  I like to get as many Google ads in "above the fold" as possible.  I don't see a lot of ads on that page, so I think I would remove the picture altogether.  Of course, that's just my opinion..

    Second, your opening line, "Can you believe the idiots who have a license to drive?!", is awesome!  It offers a great "hook" into your article, which is exactly what you want to do.  Typically, you have less than three seconds to engage the reader.  A good opening "hook" is a great way to capture their attention.  Beyond that, you really keep the readers attention - which is exactly what you want to do.  Great job there!

    Third, your keywords... After you write the article, you need to take a moment and review what keywords you've used.  I use a tool called SEOQuake for Firefox that does this.  Your top three keywords(phrases) are "These drivers", "C smith", and "weeks ago". 

    Two reasons for choosing good keywords: 1.) To help Google find where to place your site, and 2.) To make sure that your article gets the right ad placement.

    Figure out what your slant is (how you present the article), and then make a list of keywords that fit with that slant. Once you do that, include those keywords where they make sense: Mainly in headings, in your opening paragraph, and in your closing paragraph.  Obviously, don't change the article so much that it's not readable, but one or two here and there work wonders.

    Finally, you're doing great!  Find out as much as you can about SEO, and you'll be set.  --BTW, that article kept me chuckling throughout.. thanks for sharing!

    1. L.C. Smith profile image60
      L.C. Smithposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Chaos, thanks for taking the time to review my hub and for providing the useful info.  I think I understand what you mean about the keywords.  It will take a lot of practice to incorporate the keywords without losing the flow of what I'm trying to say.  I am taking your advice about not using photos at the top of the hubs.  For now, I have moved them toward the end of the intro paragraphs for all my hubs.  I couldn't dump them completely because I thought they were cute.  LOL

      1. Urbane Chaos profile image97
        Urbane Chaosposted 7 years agoin reply to this

        It looks a little better, but there still isn't a lot of ads showing up..  Sometimes, that just happens.  I'd try playing around with the capsules a little until everything looks right and you can get good ad impressions showing up.  I know with some of mine, there just isn't anything that can be done.. Gotta have the pictures!

        With the keywords, don't frustrate yourself with trying to incorporate them.  Most of the time, they just come naturally.. but it's best to double check afterwards anyway.  I looked at some of your other hubs and they do have better keyword density.  There's a lot of great hubs about that on here as well,and they'll probably explain things a lot better than I can.

        You're off to a great start!  Soon, you'll be one of the top hubbers here!

  5. Mikeydoes profile image74
    Mikeydoesposted 7 years ago

    I only looked at this http://hubpages.com/hub/Holiday-Plannin … Management

    Looks good.

    Only thing is where are your Amazon ads? I am not sure if you have them in other hubs, but if you want to make money, I'd suggest getting on that ASAP.

    Good luck, welcome to Hubpages!

    1. L.C. Smith profile image60
      L.C. Smithposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      I figured out how to add the amazon ads to all my pages now.  Thank you, Mikey.