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  1. figment profile image76
    figmentposted 13 years ago

    What was the best thing that ever happened to you you?  What was the worst?

    1. profile image0
      kimberlyslyricsposted 12 years agoin reply to this

      best; my angel did appear, I then in tears,

      worst; my angel was ripped from my arms for good causing much harm

      1. figment profile image76
        figmentposted 12 years agoin reply to this

        awwww sad

    2. InspiredHippy profile image71
      InspiredHippyposted 12 years agoin reply to this

      Hello Fellow Hubbers...
      The worse thing that ever happened to me was finding Kevin (my love since I was 19) and Linda (my roommate and supposed friend)in a hotel...naked in bed. ~2006~ My poetry speaks to that...OUCH

      The best thing...Giving birth to our daughter Rauscha ~1981~ Adding to that is the birth of our grandson Mason ~1999~...WOW that was amazing...

      Peace and God Bless...Inspired Hippy

  2. Cagsil profile image74
    Cagsilposted 13 years ago

    WOW! This thread was never answered. yikes

    Well, in 2004 I won thousands from the lottery over the course of a year. The worse event to have happen, would be one of two things (a) my Dad's death(1986) or (b) my motorcycle accident, which hospitalized me for several days(including 6 hours of surgery).

  3. h.a.borcich profile image60
    h.a.borcichposted 13 years ago

    The best thing ... knowing I am loved by those I love.
    The worst isn't worth noting in light of the above smile

  4. profile image0
    sandra rinckposted 13 years ago

    My kid!  I know I talk about her all the time but she is the joy of my life, the heart of my soul, the key to my survival, the hop in my step, the hope for the future, the light in my life, the love that is real and I don't care if one day she decides I am the craziest person she ever met and hates me (which I know she wont) I would still say that she is my everything. smile

  5. profile image0
    Home Girlposted 13 years ago

    The worst thing - I came to Canada to live.
    The best thing - I came to Canada to live.

  6. PaulaHenry1 profile image68
    PaulaHenry1posted 13 years ago

    Having family
    Having family

  7. Bill Manning profile image66
    Bill Manningposted 13 years ago

    When I was 22 I dated a true nymphomaniac! I dated her for two years, best time I ever had. big_smile

    My only regret was that I was,,,,22,,, ya know,,, jackrabbit,,, no control,,, yaknow?? hmm hmm

    1. PaulaHenry1 profile image68
      PaulaHenry1posted 13 years agoin reply to this

      OMG lol smile

  8. Pearldiver profile image69
    Pearldiverposted 13 years ago

    The Best Thing For Me Was: Sky Diving From 36,000' - Just absolutely amazing how much your lips hit your ears on the way down from that height big_smile

    The Worst Thing For Me Was: That the Aliens who pushed me out of their UFO... didn't let me wear parachute because they had tied a 34,000' string to my... you know.... my foot! yikes

    Sorry... Just pulling your leg! smile

  9. profile image52
    nomorerackposted 13 years ago

    the best thing that happen to me is when i was promoted to be a supervisor even though i have tough competitors and the worst was when i blew off one account that i handled..

  10. richtwf profile image60
    richtwfposted 13 years ago

    The best thing was marrying my wonderful and beautiful wife.

    The worst thing losing my English mother and not having the chance to say good-bye to her, and for her not to meet my wife.

  11. figment profile image76
    figmentposted 12 years ago

    I forgot about this thread... great stuff... thanks! big_smile

  12. prey profile image67
    preyposted 12 years ago

    I am sappy tonight roll

    You doing okay?

  13. Rafini profile image73
    Rafiniposted 12 years ago

    The best thing to ever happen to me, I'd say would be...being born, or simply being alive.  Honestly, being alive is the best thing to happen to me - and it happens on a daily basis!

    The worst thing to ever happen to, too many to count, so I'll let that one be. smile

  14. Pearldiver profile image69
    Pearldiverposted 12 years ago

    Hi.. Just came back to say that... the string tied around my foot broke!  sad
    So the worst thing that happened to me was... That I Didn't Bounce!! yikes

  15. profile image0
    Toby Hansenposted 12 years ago

    Having my Grandmother with me in body for the first 12 years of my life and in Spirit for the last 29.
    Being told I have NF2, an incurable neurological condition at 38.

  16. prey profile image67
    preyposted 12 years ago

    This thread is emotionally toying with me


  17. SomewayOuttaHere profile image60
    SomewayOuttaHereposted 12 years ago

    ...i'll let you know both answers when i reach the end...i'll know better then what was best and what was worst....

  18. Fluffymetal profile image77
    Fluffymetalposted 12 years ago

    the best thing for me was the birth of my daughter.... the worst, losing everything i had to depression including my pride.

  19. profile image58
    PJBessposted 12 years ago

    The Best ------my son......

    The worst----Just when I think the ulitmate has happened something else does, so I don't think I can say yet!


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