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I am currently homeless in the Old Town area of San Diego. For a time I was without any outlet for my artistic needs. No supplies etc. This brought me to a project I pray will catch on and roll forward. A Spirit Inspired Artist Outreach will be a non-profit that will provide art and music supplies to the poor, vets, children and the homeless. I believe that an artist unable to create is dead inside. Anyone agree and have anything to say, give, contribute please contact me and lets bring light to those lost in the dark!

I live to create pretty things to touch the spirit and inspire all who take a moment to stop, feel, and see the beauty that is art.

I am 53, Christian, a mixed media artist, writer, mother, grandmother, traveler, and student of life. I have lived a very strange life! I've worked as a mental health and chemical dependency counselor, owned a few businesses, and held a wide variety jobs. I've traveled the USA extensively in an RV, personal vehicles, 18 wheelers, and hitchhiking. (at times with nothing but the clothes on my back! I learned a lot from those experiences!) I love life and all it has to offer as I know that whatever comes my way makes me stronger. God is at the helm so I do not worry over things much. I seek peace of mind and to stay connected to my spiritual beliefs. After all is said and done, what matters most to me is that I am a Christian woman...ever seeking to stay in God's light!

Many of my poems are copyrighted to my old pen name "Kyrah Selene Tribas". I use my real name now and I am attempting to correct this. So I am in fact Becky Jo Gibson aka Kyrah Selene


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