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    authorfriendlyposted 7 years ago

    OK I am still a newbie, and while I have been here two months I am only approved for adsense  for that last couple weeks..I think I have the mechanics down and am starting to get a a little money built up in adsense and think I am doing everything right except understanding it. Any help is appreciated and if this gets too complicatred we could take it to email or phone with some helpful soul. Several questions for someone who "gets" adsense, as it relates to hubpages.
    1. When you look at adsense's reports etc it says it pays 68% of the revenue google gets. Is that amount (68%) then what is payed to hubpages and then hubpages takes its share from the 68%, or is that 68% after hubpages takes its share?
    2. A related question, is the amount owed to me (still less than $10, I know, but I wanna understand) before or after hub takes their cut?
    3. Here is where I get in to real trouble trying to understand adsense. I also am about to go live with my own web site, and want to monitize it. It is not a "parked domain" or I would know what to do (i can follow those instructions..) but since it is a site that is, already, in its rudimentary form already up (and about to be updated and expanded), where do I get my google account set up for that webpage? Would that be something that google still calls content (their first option on that page?). And if that is so, surely I would not use the same code I use for hubpages for my own site, or do I?
    4. Similarly perplexed about what to do with other content management sites like infobarrel..
                              Thanks in advance..

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      1) In general you get a 60% share of advertisement impressions, you get a 100% of that 60% share. 

      2) That value is after Hubpages has taken it's cut

      3) You can set up Advertisements in the Google Adsense interface, it will give you code which you need to insert in the correct areas of your website.

      4) Info Barrel is an article directory not a content managemetn system, Infor Barrel uses a Content Management system. Each of these sites is slightly different so I cannot walk you through them all, try looking for the help section on each site.

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      The money that appears in your AdSense account is 100% yours.   The 32% Google takes for providing their service is reflected in that data.  HubPages gets its share by placing your AdSense Publisher Id into your hubs 60% of the time (and their own 40%  of the time, or less in some circumstances).    You only earn when your Publisher Id is in the page.

      On HubPages the AdSense ad locations are managed automatically.  If you want to add AdSense to your own site, just set up an ad slot, and then place the javascript code into your page at the location that you want the ad to appear.  If you want to track the earnings from different sites separately, the easiest way is to setup URL channels (instructions for doing that for HubPages here).