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lost my love for hubpages

  1. chigoiyke profile image60
    chigoiykeposted 7 years ago

    i was once a fanatical hubber, puttin out articles and enjoying the forums until i noticed some elements were trying to hijack the forum to thenselves; they attacked you and when you respond you are suspended while they stay on. The atheist too will like to bully your opinion and push you to say something nasty, while they report you at the same time. O boy! I thought everybody should have the same priviledge in the forums but it was not so. but then, this is 2011 and am back to continue from where i stopped. I just saw a fan mail on my mail and quickly remebered HP. its been a long time btw. Prior, to this time, ve been enjoying blogging with my blog and the european journalism center. I also embarked on exhaustive freelancing. I think I should come back now, maybe to increase my hubs and also make good money out of it this year. I also want to have a good time here. So, let me say happy new year to all hubbers. lets see how it goes.

    1. Stevennix2001 profile image92
      Stevennix2001posted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Well chigoiyke, let me be one of the first to welcome you back, and I think you make a lot of good points.  I know how you feel, and I'm sorry you felt that way.  your right, forums isn't really as fun as it used to be.  Hell, I had myself banned for a couple of weeks because it seemed like forums was no longer fun anymore, and everyone that i used to call friend on here were hardly ever on or even wanted to talk to me.  therefore, i thought it was best to leave, and I wanted to try to be more socialable offline too.  lol.  however, after thinking about things for a while, I come to decide to follow my own advice. The advice that seems to be widely ignored by a lot of hubbers here; whenever I bring it up.

      That would be nobody forces you into a forum topic so if you don't like it, then don't participate in it.  Nobody puts a gun to your face, so don't participate into topics that don't interest you and you'll have a more pleasant time in forums.  People can talk all they want on how some forum topics are just plain insulting, but the reality is that those forums wouldn't be prominent if people just stopped paying attention to them.  This is kind of the reason why I get so angry with whiny parents that complain about their kids watching violent shows.  if you don't want them to watch, then change the freaking channel.  sheesh.  same thing with forums.  you don't like the topic, then don't post in it period or read it.  ignore it. 

      Anyways, I'm sorry if I'm sounding like a jerk, as that's not my intention.  However, i'm just stating an epiphany that I had during my two week absence in forums, and I wanted to get that off my chest.  lol.  Anyways, I wouldn't let a few bad experiences from this place get you down, as we all have our bad days.  Besides, you can't expect everything to always be perfect, now can we?  anyways, im sorry to hear about your experiences though, but I hope you'll stay with us this time.

      1. chigoiyke profile image60
        chigoiykeposted 7 years agoin reply to this

        I must thank you steve for taking your time to put this thing together. It's nice reading your experience. The funny thing is that some of the topics are nice so nice that you will like to pen your thoughts but then when you go against, you are in for trouble(I never cared anyway) but I thought since the forum is public, it should stay public; just pen your views according to HUBPAGES rules not anyone's. But then, since am back to see how much I can make from here this time, I gotta follow your advice. keep off from some of these controversial topics but again, if everyone does, then we will start seeing so many post without reply (quietly lol) and I guess nobody will like that. Thanks steve.

  2. Ultimate Hubber profile image64
    Ultimate Hubberposted 7 years ago


    Chigoiyke, even in the real world, some people would get more privileges due to various reasons. I was once hurt and stopped hubbing for a short while but I returned to HubPages just after a few days.
    Just don't take things very seriously and have as much fun as you can here. Good luck!

    And one more thing, what is your zodiac sign(older one)??

    1. chigoiyke profile image60
      chigoiykeposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Thanks UH. Appreciate. lol @'some people get priviledges more than others in the real world. I see. Am not much into zodiac signs because it has disappointed me when I need them most. lol. Am pisces though. 8th March specifically.

      1. CMHypno profile image94
        CMHypnoposted 7 years agoin reply to this

        Being a Pisces, you are a very sensitive soul. Just don't let the petty minded get you down and remember that all the best people on HubPages have been banned at one time or other LOL! smile

  3. Lisa HW profile image72
    Lisa HWposted 7 years ago

    Welcome back, and good luck writing successful Hubs and enjoying your writing.  That's really what HubPages is about anyway - not the forums.  I find the forums a kind of nice way to take a break from writing (or from whatever it is I want to take a break from); but, to me, "taking a little break" is a very different thing from getting into some whole, big, argument about religion or politics.  The forums have lots of other friendlier, "legitimate", or helpful discussions, so I'd say to just ignore those two subjects on the forums and do your thing.   smile

    chigoiyke, the following remarks aren't really for you, but instead for anyone who feels as you've apparently been feeling about the forums.  (You're far from alone in not being too thrilled with what you've seen going on in the forums.)

    I don't take any of it (the whole Internet-writing thing) seriously enough to let something like the forums get to me, but I have my times when I just get tired of one aspect or another of Internet writing sites, but that's going to happen anywhere.  The good thing about Internet-writing is you can take a break from it, and your writing still earns you some money.  One of the reasons I'm on HubPages is that it gives me the place to write whatever I feel like writing, rather than be thinking about what someone else wants me to write and the way they want me to write it.

    As far as any perceived unfairness goes, I think people have to cut HubPages administors/staff a little slack.  They have to try to keep everyone (like thousands of users and Google) happy.  Nobody's ever going to be able to keep everyone happy all the time.  hmm

    Anyway, chigoiyke, happy new Hub-year (and new HubPages start) to you.

  4. Pandoras Box profile image65
    Pandoras Boxposted 7 years ago

    You can try Edweirdo's forums filter. They work very well. But even outside of the P&R forums, there's still a lot of pettiness going on in the forums. I guess it's just human nature. Writers I've always heard have big egos.

    It helps to keep things in perspective. Why do you come to HP? I certainly hope you wouldn't say it's for the thought-provoking P&R debates. If so, yer definitely in the wrong place.

    If you come here to write, that's great! HubPages is a fantastic tool for internet writers. If you came here for the forums, you're wasting your time.

    Good luck! and welcome back!

  5. paradigmsearch profile image93
    paradigmsearchposted 7 years ago


    This link resulted in making the forums fun for me again; there is now a forum filter that auto-deletes the topics you don't want to see.


  6. viryabo profile image87
    viryaboposted 7 years ago

    Welcome back Chigo, and a happy new year to you too. Here's to better hubbing days ahead.

    Best of luck. smile

  7. chigoiyke profile image60
    chigoiykeposted 7 years ago

    thanks to y'all. y'all are wonderful. thanks for the time?

  8. Jane@CM profile image59
    Jane@CMposted 7 years ago

    Loving that link!