I suspect someone continously voting down my hubs. What to do . . .

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  1. indigo blue ideas profile image67
    indigo blue ideasposted 12 years ago

    Some of my hubs have points up to 85 but its always voted down to 70 or 75. I might have some haters or enemies that i know off. What should I do in this situation. Should I just delete my account and re-post all my hubs? I have some good original content hubs and I find no reason for anyone to vote it down.

    Kind Regards,

    1. earnestshub profile image81
      earnestshubposted 12 years agoin reply to this

      Indigo, they go up and down on their own.

      If your hubs are good it is unlikely they are voted down, and if they were voted down by one or two people hubpages will know if it is an attack, and in any case I think it would only register once from a single IP address. I hope this helps. smile

    2. sofs profile image79
      sofsposted 12 years agoin reply to this

      All hub scores keep fluctuating as the scores are based on many factors.. I have hubs that have been at 95 and then in the low 80's.. it is all a part of hubbing . Don't worry just keep writing and I do not honestly think people here vote down your hubs for no reason.. or out of spite.

    3. recommend1 profile image60
      recommend1posted 12 years agoin reply to this

      What is happening that makes you think that your hubs are being 'voted down' ?

      1. indigo blue ideas profile image67
        indigo blue ideasposted 12 years agoin reply to this

        When I started doing hubs. I promote my hubs in lots of social networking sites. Eventually I can see lots of traffic in my account, and some were hubs voted up to 85. But now it is about 65 - 75. Anyway, I think I will just continue making hubs and just don't bother if someone is continuously voting me down.

        1. sofs profile image79
          sofsposted 12 years agoin reply to this

          Those variations are normal. You don't need to worry .

        2. recommend1 profile image60
          recommend1posted 12 years agoin reply to this

          I don't think anyone is voting you down - it is normal to get a short boost from visitor numbers but the score will drop with them when all your friends and their friends stop coming along for you.

          The score indicates pretty  much nothing except how useful it is to Hubpages and so by definition to you. It appears to be a  Hubpages 'counting machine' that simply counts the words in your hub and pictures etc to score the amount of content and then counts your visitors.  Nobody is voting you up or down.

        3. Aficionada profile image80
          Aficionadaposted 12 years agoin reply to this

          This link below gives more detail about hubscores. 

          While it does mention reader feedback (which I honestly didn't even know about until I checked it just now), it also mentions the Hubber's participation in the community as being one element in the way HubScores are calculated.  Since you, indigo blue ideas, have only 5 forum posts here so far, maybe you could raise your scores somewhat by participating more? 

          Of course, I realize that you may be participating in other ways - commenting on other people's Hubs, answering questions, etc.  But this link will give you other ideas on how to increase your scores, if they are important to you.   Please note the final sentence, though, that warns us not to get too hung up on scores. 

          Like Rosie2010, I have had some Hubs that dropped 10 or more points in a day, but then they bubbled back up again.  The best strategy is to write well and to participate and not to worry about a score unless it gets really low after it has been around for a long time.


    4. juliannekristine profile image59
      juliannekristineposted 12 years agoin reply to this

      Mine fluctuates some time but I think its okay. I read from the FAQ that  when this happens I shouldn't worry.

    5. Disturbia profile image61
      Disturbiaposted 12 years agoin reply to this

      Paranoid much?

    6. Marisa Wright profile image87
      Marisa Wrightposted 12 years agoin reply to this

      The HP team has said several times that the Vote Up and Down buttons have only a tiny effect on HubScore.  They're a hangover from the early days of HubPages and have no significant role any more.

    7. spice diva profile image61
      spice divaposted 12 years agoin reply to this

      If you do it means they are jealous...keep that in mind...some people just dislike people who are too happy, successful, beautiful and so forth...keep that in mind and keep on doing what you are doing but try to zero in on what the given topic is and fine tune your blogs...
      You might take a survey to find out how people really feel about your written thoughts...

      Thoughts from the Spice Diva  smile

  2. MelissaBarrett profile image60
    MelissaBarrettposted 12 years ago

    Hub scores vary from day to day and rise and fall with incoming traffic.  I'm honestly not sure the vote down button provides anything but theraputic release to readers. I could be wrong though.

    I'm not sure that I would assume any nefarious intent from anyone quite yet.  Sometimes things happen without any human interference at all.

    The hubscores don't really mean all that much anyway unless they are wicked low (in which case it's not your readers, its definitely you) or a perfect 100.

  3. Greg Sage profile image42
    Greg Sageposted 12 years ago

    For the life of me, unless a hub was dangerous or irresponsible somehow, like teaching people how to break into houses or something, I just don't understand why anyone would vote someone else's hub down.

  4. MelissaBarrett profile image60
    MelissaBarrettposted 12 years ago

    very low quality, obviously spun etc.  I've never voted one down, but I've flagged a few.

  5. earnestshub profile image81
    earnestshubposted 12 years ago

    I never bother to vote hubs down unless they are ones I find when hub hopping that are usually spun. I then go after the profile and if they are simply spammers I nail em.

  6. Randy Godwin profile image59
    Randy Godwinposted 12 years ago

    I really don't believe anyone is voting down your hubs as a vendetta.  It is apparent however, you aren't completely comfortable with the English language.  Not bad, but it dies show in you hubs.  Not sure this is your problem, but there it is!  smile

    1. MelissaBarrett profile image60
      MelissaBarrettposted 12 years agoin reply to this

      Really?  Misused words and typos must suck. wink

      1. recommend1 profile image60
        recommend1posted 12 years agoin reply to this

        typos in forum posts (and frequently in the post title) are normal and are of no interest, even not enough to bother to go back and correct them, in a hub of course they are important.

  7. psycheskinner profile image80
    psycheskinnerposted 12 years ago

    Settling down into the 70s after the initial burst is quite normal.  I doubt anyone is deliberately doing it to you, unless they are doing it to a lot of other people too.

  8. Rosie2010 profile image67
    Rosie2010posted 12 years ago

    Indigo, my hubscores also fluctuates specially the ones that don't get much views.  Some had gone from 80's down to 70's even 60's and then back to 80's, like yoyo.  Try to tweak them a little if they go down really low.  I do that to my low scoring hubs.. just change or add a sentence or two, add or update a picture, change the summary, etc.  I find that after I tweaked a hub with a low 60's hubscore, it zooms up to the 70's in a day or two.  Keep on writing and best wishes.

  9. Cardisa profile image90
    Cardisaposted 12 years ago

    I have maybe voted a hub down a maximum of three times, no more, maybe two.

    One occasion I can remember someone was talking hate, I believe that if I don't like hate then I cannot in good sense promote it.

    I don't remember the other reasons that I voted down.

    I have flagged one or two because of bad grammar, really illegible. I could not make sense of the content at all. I ask my fiance and a friend to tell me what they thought and they agreed with me.

  10. 2uesday profile image67
    2uesdayposted 12 years ago

    I agree that it is probably nothing to do with people voting and more likely to be programmed into the system.

    The scores fluctate so often here that unless it is extreme it is not worth worrying about it. Mine seems to not even to reflect a  link to the amount of visits they are getting when they go up or down in score. You will find that even before you publish a hub the score will alter over a few days.

    If you want to remain 'sane' here it is best to learn to ignore the scores on Hubs or on your profile unless they start to drop dramatically low.

  11. melbel profile image93
    melbelposted 12 years ago

    I don't think anyone is voting down your hubs, either, but I do think there are some ways to improve them. A lot of them are product hubs and those tend not to do so great if they don't have a lot of words to go with them. Also, there seem to be some typos in one of the hubs of yours I read.

    If you would like, I could help you with one of your hubs and help you spruce it up a bit with some extra writing and perhaps some tips on getting it to perform better.

    If you're interested, shoot me a message and I'll be glad to work with you to show you some ways to get those hub scores back up by helping you edit and polish a hub.

    Alternatively, post one of your hubs here:
    There are tons of hubbers who like helping other hubbers and this is a great way to figure out some of the things you can do to not only improve your hubscores, but get more visits to your hubs.

    If you're looking for more of a DIY approach, check out the learning center:

    I seriously learned a TON in the learning center and still find some interesting nuggets of information there. Best of luck getting your hubs looking awesome!

  12. indigo blue ideas profile image67
    indigo blue ideasposted 12 years ago

    Thanks for all your advices, I think I will polish my hubs soon, and make good hubs later on.


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