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Nibiru Planet X, June 23, 2013 Follow the Money for Proof!

Updated on June 1, 2014

Swiss Franc Banknote

Clearly the Swiss are willing to at least keep their own people aware of Nibiru Planet X's orbit through the conditioning of seeing it on their own money everyday.
Clearly the Swiss are willing to at least keep their own people aware of Nibiru Planet X's orbit through the conditioning of seeing it on their own money everyday. | Source

Recent Gallup Poll

A recent Gallup Poll in the United States shows that the public in the United States no longer trust the mainstream media. Considering that the US Supreme ruled in 2003 that news stations were no longer required to tell the public the truth this should not come as a surprise to anyone.

The results of this Gallup Poll were revealed on the website Storyleak by writer Anthony Gucciardi show that of the 16 institutions used in the poll that Americans had the most confidence in the military at 76% at the top of the list and that only 10% of America had confidence in the US Congress.

Television News Stations and Newspapers came in at 23% confidence rating respectively, while the US Presidency came in at 36%. The US Supreme Court the highest law in the land came in at just 34% slightly below that of the Presidency.

What this shows us is that of 100 Americans polled only 23 people have confidence that Television News stations are telling them the truth. This is a clear indication that more and more people are seeking alternative news sources for their information and might also indicate a broader agenda into actually researching news for themselves.

I can say for my part that I turned my cable off over five years ago and actually gave my TV away and don't miss it one bit.

However what I also found interesting in this recent Gallup Poll is that only 19% of Americans trust Health Organizations which might finally indicate that Americans are waking up to the constant lies we are being spoon fed about treatments for diseases.

Health Scare

I personally believe the American Health Care system is one BIG SCAM!

See results


While there is a great deal of information and disinformation on the so-called mythical Planet X, one almost sure fire way of finding the evidence is to follow the money, literally. In my thirty years of researching this topic, from the ancient Sumerian clay tablets revealed in the book The 12th Planet by Zecharia Zitchin to reading the website Zeta Talk (1995 to present), I have found one prevailing theme over and over again that there is and has been a long standing coverup of reliable information on the subject. In this article Nibiru Planet X, June 23, 2013 Follow the Money for Proof, I will share with my readers recent stories in the news caused by Nibiru Planet X but being blamed on natural disasters, accidents and climate change.

Before I get into all the recent stories that reveal the presence of a large planetary body in our solar system, let's take a quick look at the Swiss Franc bank note (pictured to the right, I added planet identification for clarity) depicting our solar system complete with the orbit of Nibiru Planet X. Zeta Talk has revealed this information more than once in recent years but I feel it needs to be closely examined for any that may have missed it or do not subscribe to the Zeta Talk website. The Swiss have always remained a neutral party in Wars and politics but to print a depiction of Nibiru Planet X on their money shows at least that they are willing to take a stand against the world wide coverup of this planet.

The illustration on the banknote clearly depicts our solar system with another planet in an oblong orbit that is contrary to the rest of the planets natural rotation on the elliptical plane. This could only represent Nibiru Planet X as described by the ancient Sumerians. For the Swiss to boldly put this on their money shows that not every country agrees with America's stance on the censorship of information about this planet and that it is indeed real.

For clarification let me be clear, the rich elite of this world have always feared what the public's reaction would be to news of a large planetary body intruding into our solar system that could possibly affect the world as a whole in the form of rising sea levels, climate change, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, sinkholes, building collapses, transportation issues, food distribution and loss of livable coastal areas.

Their concern is not so much about the common man's welfare as it is about loss of revenue.

When the public recognizes the very real public safety issue in living in coastal areas at or around sea level and begin the massive migration inland, the rich elite are afraid of losing revenue due to loss of manpower to staff jobs in busy ports and harbors that cater to shipping and the infrastructure involved in transporting goods. Without a doubt this is a real concern for everyone, as without the manpower to staff these jobs food distribution will suffer, not too mention all the other goods we rely on to maintain our lifestyles.

However had the threat been explored back in 1983 when NASA initially found Nibiru Planet X on the fringes of our solar system (see Washington Post and New York Times articles) we as a society could've taken steps to ensure an orderly migration and compensation for those willing to remain in at risk jobs. Now as it stands, many people when they do awake to the sad truth about impending disasters due to rising sea levels from a Polar Shift and the realization that they have been lied to for a very long time they will no longer trust their government officials and rightfully so.

The Reagan Administration upon learning of the threat of Nibiru Planet X returning to our solar system, imposed a National Security law censoring all information about this planet from being released to the public. This is one of the reasons the public has been kept in the dark about Nibiru Planet X but another which is not highly recognized is that many world leaders and countries agreed with this policy of censorship and have conspired with the United States to keep all information confidential in the interest of National Security.

While the website Zeta Talk is a great source of information on the subject of Nibiru Planet X, once armed with the conviction this planet is real and is here, now, it becomes child's play to discern recent news stories that reveal it's presence, let's take a look at a few shall we?

Censorship Lives

The censorship of natural disaster stories prevent the public from making the connection to the true reasons for them.
The censorship of natural disaster stories prevent the public from making the connection to the true reasons for them. | Source

Natural Disasters

Clouding the issue is the censorship of links between volcanic activity, earthquakes and floods and the true reasons for them.
Clouding the issue is the censorship of links between volcanic activity, earthquakes and floods and the true reasons for them. | Source

Natural Disaster Due to Nibiru Planet X

According to a recent article in the Dhaka Tribune, India 80 villages and over 80,000 people have been forced from their homes and marooned due to rising sea levels due to and I quote . . .

"According to sources, sea water level increased about two metres than the normal height due to influence of full Moon."

Wow, does anyone else find this explanation just a little fishy? Sorry, I couldn't resist the pun. According to the website Zeta Talk the Indo-Australian tectonic plate will pull most of India and Bangladesh under the ocean and is the trigger for all of the other of Earth's tectonic plates. This area of the world has already suffered more than it's fair share of flooding with no end in sight.

On June 14, 2013 just fifteen miles from the huge Ascension Parish sinkhole in Louisiana, USA another chemical factory explodes and yet no mention of this connection is made in the many news stories about this blast. The day before this 'incident' another chemical plant suffered a similar 'accident' in the same area and yet these two 'accidents are not being linked to the constant instability in the area.

At least seven people were hurt in the blast Friday, The (New Orleans) Times-Picayune reported. It occurred a day after an explosion and fire at the Williams Olefins plant in Geismar, also in Ascension Parish, killed two people and injured more than 100.

As the tectonic plates of the Earth continue to shift more and more of these kinds of stories will surface and yet so far the reports have been careful not to link any of these 'accidents' to tectonic plate movement lest the public begins to suspect the true reasons for them and link them to the increase in earthquakes, tremors and sinkholes in the area due to Planet X Nibiru.

Many recent stories about flooding in Europe fail to mention all of the earthquakes in the area and rising sea levels. As seal levels rise, rivers such as the Danube and Elbe are unable to dump their water into the sea and begin to back flow, coupled with any appreciable rain fall, the rivers then overflow their banks causing flooding that is then blamed on the rain.

Tens of thousands have been evacuated and at least a dozen people killed in floods that have hit Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Poland and the Czech Republic in recent days.

Because the general public has been conditioned to have a two week attention span these and other stories are quickly forgotten and replaced by other news. These rivers are 5 meters or 16 feet or more above normal capacity, this kind of flooding is not due to moderate rainfall but back flow from rising sea levels.

According to a Reuters story all this flooding world wide is due to rising temperatures from pollution caused by the Industrial Revolution and yet no mention is made of shifting tectonic plates or rising sea levels due to the increased Earth Wobble from Nibiru planet X.

On June 7, 2013 a story in Yahoo.News reports that Hungary evacuates 2,000 people due to rising flood waters along the river Danube as a precaution and yet no mention is made of the 4.3 earthquake that damaged almost 100 buildings 24 kilometers northeast of the river Danube in a relatively close proximity to these evacuations. This is exactly the kind of censorship prevailing in the mainstream media today that is preventing most of the public from making the connection to flooding and earthquakes.

Volcanic activity is on the rise and yet all of the stories reporting them are careful to downplay the significance of these events such as the recent massive explosion that rocked the Popocatepetl Volcano in Mexico less than a 100 miles south of Mexico City on June 19, 2013. Of course, this eruption is not linked to the 6.0 earthquake that struck Mexico City three days earlier and caused widespread power outages, just a coincidence.

Nowhere is this kind of reporting more evident than in the stories coming out of Alaska concerning two volcanoes less than 100 miles apart. A story in Yahoo.News is careful to downplay any link between the Pavlov Volcano and Veniaminof Volcano which both began to spew ash plumes 20,000 feet into the atmosphere in the second week of June of this year.

The eruptions of the two volcanoes are coincidental, said McGimsey a geologist at the Alaska Volcano Observatory.

Two erupting volcanoes less than a 100 miles apart are just a coincidental event and nobody should be concerned this is a trend or in anyway linked, things that make you go Hmmm! This kind of reporting clearly shows the coverup of geological events and the lack of any links to natural disasters or the true reasons for them. The mainstream media has obviously shown their complicity in covering up any events that could be linked to the increase in the Earth's Wobble due to Nibiru Planet X's return to our solar system and the coming Polar Shift.

So far I have mentioned the increase of the Earth's Wobble several times in this article however what I want to make clear is that this increase is due to the magnetic influence Nibiru Planet X is having on the magnetic force of the Earth. Because Nibiru Planet X is larger and more dense than the Earth it exerts it's considerably stronger magnetic force on this planet, which has increased the planet Earth's Wobble.

This wobble increase is what is causing the climate change being felt world wide by altering the jet stream and pushing colder air from the North Pole south while allowing warmer air from the equator to move north. This is affecting the migration patterns of birds, fish and animals and is having widespread affects on vegetation, especially crops used to feed our populations.

All of the radish plants in my garden have already gone to seed that were planted less than a month ago, this is not a coincidence.

In the next segment of this article Nibiru Planet X, June 23, 2013 Follow the Money for Proof we will take a brief look at how the Earth's increased wobble is affecting our environment and potentially our lifestyles.

Alaska's Clear Skies

This satellite photo shows a rare sight indeed clear skies above Alaska.
This satellite photo shows a rare sight indeed clear skies above Alaska. | Source

Kimberley, WA, Australia

WA Kimberley:
Kimberley, WA, Australia

get directions

As you can see by this satellite image this part of Australia is a dry and arid region which should not get a lot of rain.

Climate Change Due to Earth Wobble

Alaska and Australia are two prime examples of how the increase in the Earth Wobble is affecting their environment's. Both regions of the world located near their respective poles (North and South Poles) are breaking heat records on a continuous basis. Both regions are experience extreme weather and an increase in earthquakes and volcanic activity due to moving tectonic plates in the area.

Let's look at Alaska first, a recent story in Yahoo.News asks the question that is on everyone's mind, are rising temperatures a fluke a worrisome trend? On June 17, 2013 the temperature in Talkeetna, Alaska (100 miles North of Anchorage) reached 96˚F which has created an increase in wildfires and glacier ice melting.

As the ice breaks up this causes animals such as Polar Bears to move inland in search of food that they used to get roaming the sea ice in search of seals their main diet. The largest bear in the world is now encroaching on human habitats causing a growing concern for locals and their animals.

To put the effects that melting polar ice has on the environment into a understandable perspective one needs to read an article entitled What the Ice Is Telling Us from Yahoo.News. Essentially the melting Polar ice caps will raise ocean levels which will threaten coastal regions world wide while providing the extra water vapor to increase extreme weather events globally.

Less than 25% of the Arctic Ocean is covered in ice, this is a 50 percent drop from 1979. The temperature in the Antarctic has risen 10 degrees in the last fifty years which is home to 90% of the world's ice. Both pole's ice caps are the Earth's natural coolant system and these are dwindling at an alarming rate unprecedented in written history.

What is even more troubling is that as the ice melts it lessens the weight of the Earth's crust which allows it to expand, allowing more magma to reach the surface, which in turn creates more volcanic activity, which releases more ash and pollution in to the atmosphere not only warming the air but as the ash returns to the Earth it covers the glaciers and ice, making the ice less reflective, which allows it to absorb more heat and melts faster.

Permafrost covers over 25% of the Northern Hemisphere, in it's frozen state it traps layers of methane gas under it. When the permafrost melts and it eventually will, it will begin to release large quantities of methane gas trapped beneath it. Methane gas is twenty times more efficient than carbon dioxide at trapping heat in the atmosphere and deadly to small animals, such as birds and fish.

All that being said, just as Alaska's temperatures are rising and the climate is becoming unstable so to is Australia's. Only a couple of weeks ago a 5.7 earthquake rocked the southern region of Australia's Northern Territory. While this may seem somewhat ordinary to most people, what needs to be understood is this region of Australia has only recorded one other earthquake (similar sized event last year) before this one in over fifty years.

Now the Northern Territory is getting more rainfall in one day (173 mm) than they do for the entire month of June since records started being kept almost 150 years ago. The heaviest rainfall ever recorded for the month of June has been 140 mm and yet that mark was shattered in one day.

What must be understood is that this region of Australia has suffered through droughts for years and now are getting record rainfalls that do not allow the parched earth to absorb the moisture causing widespread flooding. The feast or famine type of extreme weather is being felt all over the world not just in Australia and is creating havoc on the world's food supply.

Because droughts are causing a shortage of feed for cattle, cattle herds worldwide are shrinking, raising prices. But because of the feast or famine type of extreme weather mentioned above the biggest concern world wide and here in America according to a FEMA report is flooding along coastlines and rivers. In this report published this year FEMA expects sea levels to rise on average four feet and that almost half of all the coastlines in America are at great risk of flooding.

This means all areas of the world at sea level, such as the nation's capitol Washington D.C. could very well be under four feet of water by the end of the year. This would cripple the nations capitol which is actually below sea level in many areas.

Although the affects of this extreme weather hasn't really sunk in here in America, when it does it will first be seen in rising food shortages and a decrease in fresh water. Already many regions of the Earth are already facing these shortages, ironically fresh drinking water shortages are most often seen in regions that are experiencing constant flooding.

David Wilcock and Full Disclosure


The rich elite of this world have known of Nibiru Planet X for decades possibly even centuries and have been searching the heavens for signs of its return. The Lowell Observatory built in the early 1900s in in Flagstaff, AZ was designed specifically to find this so called mythical planet.

Upon confirmation of its existence by NASA in the early 1980s using the IRAS space probes, a decision was made by those in power to withhold this information from the public. To cover their collective asses, a Presidential decry was enacted called the National Security Act which prevented those with knowledge of this planet from revealing it to the public, with grave consequences if one were to do so, including imprisonment and even death.

Many have tried and many have died, which I have detailed in many past articles on the subject. However as the signs become more and more transparent and the public begins to recognize the obvious truth, there will come a time when those in power must realize that their deception will no longer work.

Already there are many factions within the rich elite that are serendipitously trying to reveal this information in the form of movies,TV shows, books and internet articles. There is some proof that President Obama and Putnin are already discussing ways to reveal the truth to the public in the form of coded letters to each other.

Be that as it may, the public is beginning to show signs that they're aware of the changes of their planet made by the magnetic force Nibiru Planet X is exerting on the Earth in the form of climate change, tectonic plate movement and natural disasters.

The real fear, beyond just a loss of revenue by the rich elite, is the loss of control of the public and their reaction when they learn the truth. This has motivated them to keep this secret for as long as possible. By learning to follow the money which is what this article Nibiru Planet X, June 23, 2013 Follow the Money for Proof tries to help the reader to recognize, one can see what those in control of the media hope to accomplish, which is to keep the public in the dark right up to the very end.

Because when the truth eventually comes out, as it always does, it will invariably bring with it the influence that EBEs (Extraterrestrial Biological Entities) have had on this planet. The connection between EBEs and Earth has been chronicled for centuries but for purposes of control this information has been censored from the public. When the public learns that not only are they not alone in the Universe but that governments have known this for a very long time, trust will become a very BIG issue and many institutions will lose all credible standing in the public's eyes.

When the public learns that they can deal directly with these beings, of which many of them are humans that live on other planets and in cities below the surface of this planet without official interference, governments will become obsolete.

If you subscribe to the theory that Earth is actually a college for our souls, a living third dimensional class room if you will, then the reason for allowing Nibiru Planet X to cause an apocalyptic cataclysmic event that everyone on this planet will learn all at the same time becomes easily recognizably.

I have often wondered what this planet would be like if everyone on it 'knew' the real truth of our existence all at the same time.

Of course, one of the main questions many will have is why haven't these EBEs made contact before or done anything to prevent Nibiru Planet X from creating havoc here on Earth in the form of a Polar Shift and my answer would be . . . who says they haven't.

The lesson of course, will be how humanity reacts to the coming cataclysms brought about by this celestial force. Will we selfishly cling to life, hoarding and defending our stash of food and supplies from each other or will we learn to give and help other less fortunate than us in order that the greater good is served?

Stay tuned I reckon we all about to find out, until next time, I must say that it warms my heart to know that so many are awakening to the truth and are willing to explore the news and recent events on their own, perhaps we have a chance after all!


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    • somethgblue profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      You mean the six 'acknowledged' planets, since the Sumerians knew of nine, plus the Sun, the Moon and Nibiru making 12, hence the titled to Zitchin's book the 12th Planet.

      Thanks for the info I shall look into it.

    • Insane Mundane profile image

      Insane Mundane 

      7 years ago from Earth

      I've read a bit about that Swiss Banknote, and I'm sure you've heard the other side of the story, about it actually being Halley's Comet instead of Nibiru. One quote I found online was: "The bank note is a tribute to Leonhard Euler. The image is his own from his book "Briefe an eine deutsche Prinzessin" (letters to a german princess) page 201 if you wish to be exact. It shows the orbit of Halley's comet and the six known planets, when Euler lived."

      Personally, I wouldn't put much weight on a banknote, regardless of what I thought. Anyway, this was yet another super elaborate Hub from you. I hope to get in a couple more garden seasons before the world collapses and falls on its ass like a lot of people say it will, so grab your nuts, polish your guns, start the campfire, and lets all go fishing...


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